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power of the horde

  • Power of the Horde - Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain
    "Storm, Earth and Fire, heed my call! I am the son of the wind and rain, Thunder beckons and I heed the call. If I die upon this day, In battle I will fall. Hear me brothers gather up the wolves, To battle,"
  • Heathen Horde - Ensiferum
    "Too many times has moon travelled across the sky, Since our fathers sailed out for glory and honour, It's time to fulfil the vow once given, Forge your plows to swords, send the word, Raise an army countless"
  • Wrath Of The Antichrist Horde - Lord Belial
    "Humans screech in sorrowfilled pain The last breath of the dying humanity Angels speak their comfort in vain Heavenly sedated by the lies of christianity The earth shall be as black as Our souls Winds"
  • Revenant Horde - Yyrkoon
    "Revenant Horde From here to there In those places of suffering Several faces are moving silently Through the night A green and shining fluid seems to run along their wounds And their light feverish groans Resound"
  • Satan's Horde - Hate
    "PRAISE SATAN! Masters from the bottom of hell Goats that butt the heavens with thier horns Evil knights and nasty dwarfs All they are waiting for your f**king corpse The lost age - this means your death,"
  • Engulfing Horde - Vile
    "(Lyrics: Urteaga, Strong Music: Davis, Strong) With great force they conquer viciously Sweeping through in hoards engulfing They make their way across the oceans Raining death upon this shallow land In"
  • The Goatriders Horde - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "Feeling the march of the fury unleashed Impaling the soldiers of God Smell of sulphur hot on the wind Left by the Goatrider's Horde The thundering roar Of the cloven hoof The Goatrider's Horde Descends"
  • Tales From a Blackened Horde - Enthroned
    "Immersed in my hypnotic slumber I wander through the paths of a cemetery In an unhearithy night, the high storms break the fire of sky I hear the call as I go to a grave the crypt of the demons is calling"
  • The Hunter's Horde - SuidAkrA
    "In the dark woods In the dead of night The hunter's horde is stalking In the dark woods In the dead of night The hunter's horde is out for blood Crawling, stumbling in the shadows A fallen legion's last"
  • Horde In Devolution - Psycroptic
    "Confined within an archaic shell One not offering protection It is the epitome of imprisonment No heed taken to the ever cracking facade Slowly collapsing Unable, or unwilling to seize the truth Apathy;"
  • Horde of the Stolen Sun - Beheaded
    "A solitary descent amid the twisting depths Tracing the downward spiral trailed by the dead On the merge of desperation, inhaling pain Suffused in ruins and never to rise again Devoid of hope - injected"
  • Horde Of Angry Deamons - Dies Irae
    "The shadows crawling all over your body Making ununderstandable signs You know that they wish To say something to you But your hermetically closed mind Let's in only rational The great unknown Like a"
  • The Ultimate Horde Fights - Enthroned
    "Here you are fallen, angel of doom Almighty star, son of the dawn Vanquisher of nations, you said in your heart: "I'll go in heaven, dress my throne above the skull of god, sit on the mountains of darkness"
  • Power - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Power... power feeds you long, loving hours I can give everlasting power Flower... the world opens you need simple flower A feeling, a feeling all so sour Drain me, now drain me from power Drain me, now"
  • Power - Raekwon The Chef
    "Take it off, sho' 'nough kid Take it off We gon' take it from the East to the West to the North to the South Show y'all what it's about Don't make me throw no gun in your mouth You know? How long is your"
  • Power - Eternal Decision
    "The King was born in Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene. The Cornerstone begins His ministry in Galilee. Power from above. Power to rule with love. Prophet, teacher, savior. Gods begotten Son. He heals"
  • Power - Kansas
    "Sometimes a smile can deceive the one who has made you promise Suddenly you can't believe, the truth only leaves you cold Sometimes the answers you fear are there on the face in the mirror Something the"
  • Power - Tears For Fears
    "Last years rivals share their blood Sailor sworn to secrecy Ride the waves and stem the flood The tides of endless enmity Power now is all the rage Sons and daughters of the gun Hungry babies come of age"
  • Power - Bust A Groove
    "Hey who's got the power? 2 bads got the power (repeat) Diddy down diddy down down about the power 2 bad's got the power every second of the hour cool and like ya never seen before kickin it bacha, kickin"
  • Power - Clawfinger
    "You're politically correct no matter what you say Convincing us all in every single kind of way Cos you frame the words so that we really believe That there's a depth in the message that you're trying"

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