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pretty baby

  • Pretty Baby - Brenda Lee
    "(Baby of mine, pretty baby) (Baby of mine, pretty baby) Everybody loves a baby, that's, why I'm in love with you Pretty baby, pretty baby And I'd like to be your sister, brother, dad, and mother too Pretty"
  • Pretty Baby - Dean Martin
    "Everybody loves a baby that's why I'm in love with you Pretty baby pretty baby And I'd like to be your sister, brother, dad and mother too Pretty baby pretty baby Won't you come and let me rock you in"
  • Pretty Baby - Buddy Guy
    "Whoo your love pretty baby, I have in store for you Whoo your love pretty baby, I have in store for you You know I love you baby, I hope you love me too Whoo your kisses pretty baby, that I'm holding"
  • Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton
    "You light me up and then I fall for you You lay me down and then I call for you Stumbling on reasons that are far and few I'd let it all come down and then some for you Pretty baby, don't you leave me I"
  • Pretty Baby - Eric Benet
    "Baby what you searching for I'm pretty sure that you just don't know 'cause You're looking with your body, not your head You're brilliant and beautiful But they don't see when they take you home 'cause You're"
  • Pretty baby - Blondie
    "Stars live in the evening but the very young need the sun Pretty baby you look so heavenly A neo nebula from under the sun I was forming some say I had my chance The boys were falling like an avalanche"
  • Pretty Baby - Spin Doctors
    "Look around your world Pretty Baby Is it everything you hoped it'd be The wrong guy The wrong situation The right time to roll to me Roll to me And look into your heart Pretty Baby Is it aching with some"
  • Pretty Baby - Red Blonde
    "With every word that I tell You tell me there is no point That I'm talking in vain But I won't stop, I won't stop Until I make you understand This smile will kill the pain So you just have to believe"
  • Pretty Baby - Di Cataldo Massimo
    "Hey pretty baby, meno male che ora ci sei tu io lo so non mi credi, ma senza te non ne potevo pi c' un'aria nuova intorno me che non respiravo mai se mi domandi che cos'... ti dir pretty baby che quell'ossigeno"
  • Pretty Little Baby - Connie Francis
    "Pretty little baby, (Yah, yah) Pretty little baby, (Yah, yah) Pretty little baby, You say that maybe, You'll be thinkin' of me, And try to love me, Pretty little baby, I'm hoping that you do-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo! You"
  • Hey Pretty Baby - Ricky Nelson
    "Hey pretty baby, I need your love Underneath the stars and moon above Oh let it be tonight, tonight, tonight Hey pretty baby, just want you to know You kinda like me 'cause I've been told Come on and"
  • Pretty Baby Scream - Lords Of The New Church
    "(Bator/James) A pretty angel flew close to the ground Angel crashed and was never found Singed her wings on the neon lights A deadly love affair with the night Chorus Pretty baby scream, sing me a lullaby Little"
  • Pretty Little Baby - Marvin Gaye
    "(Clarence Paul/Marvin Gaye/Dave Hamilton) Darling, please stay, don't go away (If you leave me) What a heartache, for heaven's sake (Don't you need me?) Don't leave me blue of wanting you (How could I"
  • Bethamphetamine (Pretty, Pretty) - Butch Walker
    "hey little party girl where do you wanna go i didnt come from your scene so many people i should know like every door guy in this city only lets you in cuz youre pretty and the boutique girls and"
  • Pretty Little Baby Child - Don Williams
    "(John Jarvis/Bill Rice) Pretty little baby, lying in a manger Staring at the strangers, who've come so many miles They were told to follow the star up in the heavens And it brought them to the stable"
  • Welcome Back Pretty Baby - Chuck Berry
    "Hello, pretty baby How did your vacation go ? You know I long to be with you Because I really missed you so You must have many things to tell me But only one I yearn to know Shall we dance, pretty baby And"
  • Thank You Pretty Baby - Brook Benton
    "The Boll Weevil Song - Artist: Brook Benton as sung on "The Satin Sound Brook Benton" - Suffolk Marketing-SMI 2 - peak Billboard position # 2 in 1961 - NOT to be confused with the Fats Domino-written"
  • Plays Pretty For Baby - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "I feel her smooth skin slightly Brush against the back side of my arm I need the song started over Your crying made me miss my favorite part I hear the explanation point! Wah! Her eyes are so there, theyre"
  • Plays pretty for baby - Saosin
    "I feel her smooth skin slightlybrush against the back side of my armI need the song started overYour crying made me miss my favorite partI hear the exclaimation pointHer eyes are so thereThey're greenerLay"
  • The Lament Of Pretty Baby - Cursive
    "I saw something I was not supposed to see A ghostly memory that keeps on haunting me (The kitchen door was open a crack, So naively we peeked inside) Oh, darling sister, have they hurt you, have they"

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