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pretty reckless

  • Reckless Burning - Jesse Sykes
    "Pretty thing, i've got you Right where i used to be We ride across this city Starting fires recklessly And everything is closing But tonight, we'll stay awhile And if this darkness lingers I'll"
  • Reckless Blues - Madeleine Peyroux
    "When I wasn't nothing but a child When I wasn't nothing but a child All you men tried to drive me wild Now I'm, now I'm growing old Now, now I'm growing old And I've got what it takes to get all of"
  • Reckless Boy - Blackfoot
    "Verse Never was a choir boy, I'll never be a saint, Got a taste for the fast life enough to make you faint, Got myself a simple dream, that just fits my style, I'm looking for a better land, cause I'm"
  • Reckless - Sammy Hagar
    "Reckless Look out baby, I'm comin to town I'll tear it up, and I'll tear it down Reckless I play long, I play hard I play for keeps, with no holds barred And I rock and I roll And I do it out of control I'm"
  • Reckless - UB40
    "You make me reckless, reckless everyday You make me reckless Standin' by the disco floor Spot this girl My heart jump and move Yeah, yeah Walk over said to her Lovely things She said I was a fool Oh no She"
  • Reckless - Afrika Bambaataa
    "You make me reckless, reckless everyday You make me reckless Standin' by the disco floor Spot this girl My heart jump and move Yeah, yeah Walk over said to her Lovely things She said I was a fool Oh no"
  • Reckless - Clifford T. Ward
    "Why have you moved the furniture? Why is your case in the hall? Where have you taken the children? What's all this drama for? I know I've been careless But this is reckless Yes I've been careless But"
  • Reckless - Papa Roach
    "Please forgive me while i turn out the lights Watch this haunted day turn into a wasted night So cut me off-throw me down Cause i'm reckless, goddamn son of a bitch! I'm reckless So reckless God save me"
  • Reckless - Jamie Walters
    "Nothin's changin' but the shadows on the wallI wish I could leave myself at the end of the hallAlways pushin' pushin' away what I need the mostWell here I go again but this time we got so closeChorusI"
  • Reckless - Alabama
    "Let's Roll the windows down turn the radio up Let the wind blow through our hair Love is reckless, lets get reckless tonight There ain't nothing out here but a big, tall Texas sky There's a red sun painted"
  • Reckless - Ice-T
    "Intro Hey, boy! Verse 1 Once upon a time a DJ's task Was just to play records, what more could you ask? But then came remixes, scratching and cuts Which was too much for many, drove some DJ's nuts But"
  • Reckless - Lacuna Coil
    "tonight it’s coming down to hell whit all the innocence the signs are all around I’ve had enough wasted too much time afraid to cross the line enough whit alibis you make me reckless destroy let’s wreck"
  • Reckless - Stray Cats
    "Well I met you in the backroom You had lipstick on your face With your see-through backless frilly dress You were every mom's disgrace Well I'd like to understand you But I couldn't even if I tried Like"
  • Reckless - Pacewon
    "Yo yo yo, let's go smoke Yeah, down there by the train track Got this half pound - knahmsayin? And on the way there let's set off car alarms YouknowhatI'msayin? {*boom*} Ey - yo! Known to get wild, Pacewon"
  • Reckless - Madison Beer
    "Hey, this is a story i hate And telling it might make me break But i’ll tell it anyway This chapter’s about How you said there was nobody else Then you go tup and went to her house You guys always left"
  • Reckless - Judas Priest
    "No one can stop me now I'm like a human dynamo Live wired and chargin' out with power This time I won't hold back, I'm rarin' to get up and go Fuelled up and growin' by the hour Look out, I'm blastin'"
  • Reckless - The Midway State
    "Follow, you were always one to call out and always one to hold on for your life. You're reckless; reckless you're not waiting, waiting for the red lit young street light. But I don't remember a time when"
  • Reckless - Australian Crawl
    "Meet me down by the jetty landing Where the the pontoons bump and sway I see the others reading, standing As the Manly Ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay Hear the Captain blow his whistle So long she's"
  • Reckless - Steel Dragon
    "Love is a hunger burnin' way down Deep in my soul I'm on a roll I'm on fire Insane is the name of my game I'm like a runaway train right through your door Heads up cuz I'm tough and It's rough On The murder"
  • Reckless - Aaron Watson
    "i still think about us in the rush that we felt with the rag top down and the radio blasting you were riding shot gun in nothing but a bikini and a seat belt looking better than the law should have been"

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