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preying stor
  • Dead To Fall Preying On The Helpless
    "You took everything in a single action Caring only for your instant gratification You smashed their world and took Everything away Preying on the helpless, children The consequences are reaped for your"
  • Phantom Preying With The Mantis
    "(Taylor, Green) Plumes of smoke are rising from the city streets below Stainless steel and candle wax cast a sickly glow Let us prey Death will stalk the streets tonight in leather faded grey The echoed"
  • LaFee Stor ich
    "Ihr seid nicht ganz dicht Ihr seid schon verflucht Habt euch daran gewhnt An unertrglich dicke Luft Ihr hrt mir nicht zu Egal was ich auch mach Ihr seht mich nicht mehr Und zieht in eure Schlacht Tag und"
  • TZWM Adrenalina (feat. Pato Pooh, Stor; skrecz DJ Gondek, beat DNA)
    "(…) Adrenalina, hardcore na 100% TZWM, Pato Pooh, Stor Weź to doceń! Oceń to jak chcesz Dla mnie to jest bez znaczenia Ten z wielkiego miasta nie szuka potwierdzenia Wiem sytuacja Adrenalina wzrasta Wkurwiasz"
  • Mai Hoshimura Story
    "Atatakana hizashi abite yawarakana kimochi Tsubomi wa yagate hiraki Atashi mo seichou tokeru no uh...yeah Hoshii mono zenbu nakutemo iin ja nai? Sonna arifureta shiawase tsukamou yo Soto ni tobidashite"
  • O.C. Story
    "Timmy wanted a name, tryin to gain fame like a skeezer Robbed the spot and stole ice from the freezer He's a fool, cause he went in without a mask on Now he's on the run so he dipped to Nebraska Hasn't"
  • Maroon 5 Story
    "Do you mean all the things you are? Are you pleased with the way things are? Wear that dress to protect this scar, That only I have seen. Do you give just to please yourelf? Do you wish you were somewhere"
  • Edna's Goldfish Story
    "You told me a story of how things used to be You scold me it's boring I don't pay any attention I'm sinking I'm thinking I'm drinking It's myself that I'm second guessing I'm yelling I'm shouting"
  • XXANAXX Story
    "Let say that this is a story pat About people that we barely know They don’t know much about themselves And they don’t know if they’re cool And that’s that __ park In her deep blue eyes And there are"
  • Mrozu Story
    "They’re making money I sit back in my seat alone. See me coming I'm speeding on, a city road when lights go on wind came up action, camera even though when the lights made up went on We know excatly where"
  • Lene Marlin Story
    "I heard about your story from a friend To let go and make an end, that's what you did You left some words saying now it would be good You knew they'd cry, but you hoped they understood Things you've had"
  • Mustafa Sandal Story
    "I remember when you called me and you were crying Cause you knew that she'd been lying even now when she says that she loves you and you think you still love her too take a minute and look inside yourself"
  • Mainstay Story
    "I'm sick and tired of blending in and never telling anyone how You set this sinner free You found me living without hope and then You drew me to yourself and Your mercy made me clean I will tell Your"
  • Allure Story
    "Oh, no, no, no, no, oh Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh He was a memory I can't erase Like a dream come true from out of the night When I first saw you our eyes met face to face I knew right then"
  • Legend Maker Story
    "Moving step by step, Our obstacles are slowly crossed. Lyke bards we'll journey throught on our own roads. We'll follow our destiny. In time we'll confront deep misfortunnes and true misunderstandings. We"
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson Story
    "wance upon a time jus like inna nursery rime before piggy tun swine mi did wear mi fear pan mi face like a shiel like a mawsk an evrybody tink mi cool an deadly nottn"
  • Lovex Story
    "Why didn't I embracethose days you spent with mefor now I know when I look back in timeit's so easy to seeWhile I lived my dreamI was seeking a fantasyand here I am all alone againleft with memoriesNow"
  • S.E.S. Story
    "Nae gaen nuh moo seul peun sarang yae gi ee ssuh Hahn il nyun juhn jjeum ae buh ryuh juht dduhn Ee byul yae gi yah kkwae oh raen shi gahn eul hahm kkae hahn Geu ae gae dah reun yuh in ae hyang gi reul"
  • Lazy Town Story Time
    "Let's all read a story Let's all read a story I'll read you a story And then let's make beleive Story, story, let's all read a story Millions of stories Places you've never seen A beautiful princess A"
  • Erasure Neverending Story
    "Turn around, look at what you see, in her face, the mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere, hidden in the lines written on the pages is the answer to a neverending story, neverending story. Reach"

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