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problem wake for me second me

  • PROBLEM - Natalia Kills
    "Sweat Dripping down your chest Thinking ‘bout your tattooed knuckles On my thigh boy boy boy Cold Shower… you got no Power to control How I make you my toy toy toy My hips rocking As we keep lip locking Got"
  • Problem - Method Man
    "You don't want no problems, problems You don't want no problems, problems Yeah... real man... with ya stinkin' ass Come on... that's my nigga right there... let's do it Never count me out, nigga, just"
  • Problem - The Rakes
    "Hello? Yes, I've already told your colleague, but it's my iPod; the battery only lasts for half the time it's supposed to, and I, yes, I've tried turning it on and off. Okay, well, tell me what to do,"
  • Problem - Beanie Sigel
    "B-Sieg in this motherf**ker holla at ya boy, yeahhh Beat novacane, AKA Mr. Miami, AKA get the f**kin job done (Beanie Sigel) Yeah.. When I cop it's 4 doors I'm too big for a coupe nigga And when I go"
  • Girl Problem - Her Space Holiday
    "Here is the point Where I fall apart For the second time in a week It could be from All those chemicals That I pump into me You have been gone For what feels like The longest winter break It's just three"
  • Drinking Problem - Rehab
    "I've gotta drinkin' problem man one mouth and two hands And an empty can I ain't got no loochie loochie I'm feelin' that funny feelin' again within Walkin' me to the kitchen for that early morning gin"
  • Wake Me - Day Of Fire
    "Just a mother and sons living under the gun Bruises on their backs were just another Sign of the push & the shove & the lack of the love On the side of the tracks that they were brought up Now they're"
  • Drinkin' Problem - Rehab
    "(feat. Denny aka "Steaknife") I've gotta drinkin' problem man one mouth and two hands And an empty can I ain't got no loochie loochie And yall don't understand I'm just a simple man Doin' the best I can"
  • Wake Me - Moist
    "What'd you come here for All the pills and powders got me high All the way And I don't feel right The pain it slowly got me by All the way I'd like to like to disappear You've got to wake me wake me I'd"
  • Wake me - Linkin Park
    "Should I have a taste of this Run across your lips And start all over again Could this all just be a dream If I should fall to stormy weather Wake me, wake me Maybe this time I can do it all right Without"
  • Problem Child - Jadakiss
    "(Jada)Load Up (Hook) Why can't you be man enough (ahahaha) to tell me where your coming from (oh oh) (yea where you at nigga?) (load up nigga) (whooo ahahaha) (Verse 1 = Jada) Yo, can't really figure"
  • From The Second I Wake Up - Valencia
    "Things have been getting kind of heavy these days Trying to figure out what road to take There's many decisions to be made And the only time I feel ok Is when I'm in your arms Dana baby girl you've got"
  • From The Second I Wake Up - Promise Of Redemption
    "well things have been getting kinda heavy these days trying to figure out which road to take there's many decisions to be made and the only i feel ok is when i'm in your arms dana, baby girl, you've got"
  • Wake - Wild Strawberries
    "Wake by Wild Strawberries Transcribed by Gerrit (webmaster@endor.org Tell me what I need to hear And I'll believe you We've been doing this for years And it shows I don't care what people say All I"
  • Wake - Skinlab
    "You're stumbling Wake Yeah, you motherfucker, stumble Wake You're stumbling Wake Yeah, you motherfucker, stumble Yeah, my region's mine so I'm living of hatred You didn't suffer as long as she"
  • Wake - Brightwood
    "Sixteen years and you're still on my mind I know you hear me I fall awake, and you're so far away I need you to be near me Come back for you Quiet I'll wait Will you find me here, Underneath the raging"
  • Problem Me - Modwheelmood
    "Come with me Staying here would change what you should be A parody of all the things that you supposed to be Let it go Even when it hurts like you don't know Reality: It's never quite the sweetest"
  • Problem - Jackyl
    "You want the truth! You want the truth! In my hands I hold a problem It has a will It has a mind of it's own I got a problem (problem) As it stands I got a problem (problem) In my hands You want the truth! You"
  • Problem - Remy Zero
    "Inside it's you feel so tired Your minds move too fast Until you're knocked back on the ground. Feelings that will linger around Summer here and the sun will find you Falling out with the world around"
  • Problem - Girlicious
    "If you tell me somethingDid your own thingNow your causing trouble oh yaTelling me you catching feelingsKind of unusualTelling me your my one womanNever seen this side of youI'l admit you had me goingThinking"

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