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  • Last Train To Niagara - Procol Harum
    "Spoken: a man gets on a train and starts having thoughts about his past, and a lot of references to old procol harum songs go through his head.) 'i'd been wandering around manhattan for a couple of days,"
  • Kaleidoscope - Procol Harum
    "Jostle, hassle, elbow bustle in a swirling rainbow tussle Caught and frozen, broken sheen now unites for one brief scene Lonely in the dark I grope the key's in my kaleidoscope Confused faces change"
  • Salad Days (Are Here Again) - Procol Harum
    "You come to me at midnight and say, 'It's dark in here.' You know you robbed me of my sight, and light is what I fear I tell you that I can not see but you persist in showing me those bangles that I"
  • Good Captain Clack - Procol Harum
    "Still scowling black good Captain Clack must eat his humble pie His bed is made the colours fade his eyes once wet are dry The naked muse who sits and chews tobacco off a tree removes his shoes"
  • Homburg - Procol Harum
    "Your multilingual business friend Has packed her bags and fled Leaving only ash-filled ashtrays And the lipstick, unmade bed The mirror, on reflection Has climbed back upon the wall For the floor she found"
  • Quite Rightly So - Procol Harum
    "For you (whose eyes were opened wide Whilst mine refused to see) I'm sore in need of saving grace Be kind and humour me I'm lost amidst a sea of wheat Where people speak but seldom meet And grief and laughter,"
  • Taking The Time - Procol Harum
    "I was standing on the mountain top staring at the sun I was trying to act the hero's part not fooling anyone I was living for the moment but the moment never came Taking notes and stealing quotes, trying"
  • The Unquiet Zone - Procol Harum
    "They seek us in this unquiet zone They chase us on from hole to hole They hunt us down like carrion crows They search us out like frightened moles We huddled close against the ground Scared to make the"
  • The Final Thrust - Procol Harum
    "It's the final throw The final blow Break or bust We must make our thrust Lose or win We can't give in Right or wrong We must go on There's no time for doubt We must fight it out Lose or win We can't"
  • I Keep Forgetting - Procol Harum
    "I keep forgetting you don't love me no more I keep forgetting you don't want me no more I keep forgetting that you told me that you Didn't want me around anymore But these stupid old feet Just head"
  • Without A Doubt - Procol Harum
    "I'm going downstairs to be a poet Got a great idea: gonna write a sonnet A verse or two of fearless prose A priceless quip to gild the rose I'll make my fortune overnight My work will set the world alight Just"
  • One More Time - Procol Harum
    "Good to get your message So you're coming back home again Just can't wait to see you No need to explain A friend of mine told me That you've found yourself a new man I'm feelin' really good for you"
  • A Dream In Ev'ry Home - Procol Harum
    "Remember when you felt it first? The bitter taste of love The hand that reached inside your purse The fist inside the glove Remember how it felt to be The only one who cared You peeked behind the"
  • The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / C.Thompson) When you're out in the dark nothing to believe in And you can't find a way back home There's a man with a secret There's a visionary sister Who knows what's right"
  • The King Of Hearts - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / M.Noble) There was trouble in the air Just a subtle hint of danger And a woman dressed in black out lookin' for a stranger Well she took me to her room Where she offered me"
  • All Our Dreams Are Sold - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / R.Trower) Rings upon your fingers Bells upon your toes Ev'ry day's a game of chance Ev'ry body knows In the king's apartment Heavy lies the crown There must be a thousand"
  • Perpetual Motion - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / M.Noble) Rings around the crescent moon Passions rise from basement rooms Fountains play and worlds collide We gently swing and sway from side to side Dancers in perpetual"
  • Learn To Fly - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / M.Fisher) You and me got a chance to make things right The writing... the writing's on the wall You and me got a chance to turn things 'round We got no time... the future's slipping"
  • The Pursuit Of Happiness - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / M.Noble) One into one won't go Two out of three don't know Time and tide in man's affairs Trouble always comes in pairs Wonder where the picture went? What we got ain't worth"
  • The Long Goodbye - Procol Harum
    "I know I've done my best But that's no consolation I s'pose I should have guessed When I saw the invitation you told me love was blind But you were only joking I know you've changed your mind But I still"

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