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  • Prom - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "Everyone in highschool will worship The fucking ground I walk on If it was up to me I'll never be a target I'll never be a fucking virgin But it's not up to me You make me hard You make me hard You make"
  • Prom - Sugar Free
    "puso kong di mapalagay pwede ba kitang tabihan kahit na may iba ka nang kasama ito na ang gabing di malilimutan dahan-dahan tayong nagtinginan parang ating ang gabi para bang wala tayong katabi"
  • Prom Tonight - Ben Folds Five
    "Jake: I wish I didn't make that bet Thats not the guy I want to be If I could just turn back the clock Then Janey would still be with me Janey: Tell me mom, what should I do? I love this boy but he has"
  • Prom Nite - Fahrenheit
    "Pick you up in my limousine Fuck the tux, I'll be wearing jeans Your tight red dress oh! You're ready to rock This will be a nite that you'll never forget I'll teach you smoe stuff that you won't regret Let"
  • Prom Queen - Insane Clown Posse
    "Won't you be my prom queen? (another morning) Won't you be my prom queen? Everybody has a real good time Won't you be my prom queen? (must take for my senior prom) Won't you be my prom queen? Everybody"
  • Prom queen - ICP
    "Won't you be my prom queen? (another morning) Won't you be my prom queen? Everybody has a real good time Wont you be my prom queen? (must take for my senior prom) Wont you be my prom queen? Everybody has"
  • Prom Queen - Lil Kloroxxx
    "I’m in love I’m in love with the prom queen I’m in love with her she’s my dream she’s my dream thank the Lord, that she’s 18 she’s my dream she’s my dream thank the Lord, that she’s 18 she’s my dream she’s"
  • Prom Queen - Lil Wayne
    "I love the fancy underwear I sit behind her every year Waitin' for the chance to get To tell her Im the one she should be with ouw! Shes popular with all the guys So innocent in my eye I could see her"
  • Prom Night - Zombina And The Skeletones
    "This night is a very special one for me, you gotta understand For the first time, in a crowded room, I'll be seen holding his hand I can't wait, I just can't wait for my prom night When I get to the door"
  • Prom Night - Drowning Fish
    "Prom night I couldn't find someone to go with Broken-hearted I went by myself Then I saw her Standing alone across the room Shining brighter than a full moon Yah she was so beautiful Walked over and asked"
  • Prom Queen - Greenwood
    "Misunderstood like a prom queen, keep on saying what you don't mean as they watch as you go out the door and in the door and out the door. You've got to put on your makeup for all the time that you take"
  • School Prom - Abreal
    "solo 1; from the day we met you saw right through me like i was just invisable i always dreamed that you'd be mine for once to see me at the school prom and for some odd reason you asked me to dance chorus; i"
  • Prom Song - Every Time I Die
    "strung by vein to running mouth your whispers are the catalyst somebody please breath lies my blood's not thick enough I can't hear my heart beat when you shut up still waiting for last rites still waiting"
  • Militance Prom - Idiot Pilot
    "These our the words to our song (so its going down) We enforce out what's sound (helps to write down) Well do you think they'd mind (I guess we'd have to find out) I don't think we've got much time (What's"
  • Prom Song - Depswa
    "They're more than just words They're colors To paint my feelings for you And I know how That there's no way to show you Just how much I care And I feel it oh so deep within me And I know that there's"
  • Prom wahad - Nieznani
    "Słowa i muzyka: Robert Kolebuk Nasz statek pływał tylko między Dover a Calais Towary różne szły przez kanał - we w tę no i w tę Z Calais do Dover i z Dover do Calais Mogliśmy przewieźć wszystko co dało"
  • Out prom time - High School Musical
    "Refren 1: Yeah,Yeah,Yeah Throw the cheers into the air It's coming closer; Time to dance, It's our prome time Our night to share Troy: Book the ride, Choose the suit Get the flowers; Check 1,2,3. (All:1,2,3) Ryan: Bring"
  • Prom na Wi - Marek Grechuta
    "Prom tu pracuje dość regularnie,co piętnaście minut,w tę i w tę, w tę, i w tę.Wyspecjalizował się,czasami tylko przypomina Arkę,gdy furgonetka wiezie prosiaka albo gęś z dala.Konie z wozem pełnym siana"
  • Prom do Sztokholmu - Big Cyc
    "1. W laboratorium są chemicy Oni robią biały proszek Już niedługo na granicy Ktoś przewiezie wszystko w torbie Młodzi Szwedzi, głodni Szwedzi Zaczynają już coś bredzić A polska witamina"
  • Back to Prom - Volbeat
    "Forever and ever, even today and after I kept our picture forever Back in the late 50's we went to the prom and kissing But you went home with Tom Ripley Throw the guy a meat bone, put him on a train That's"

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