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propoganda ya takaya t��umaczenie

  • Prosto Takaya Sil'naya Lyubov' - Zveri
    "Betsya serdce, skorost nabiraet Kilogercy serdce razryvayut Skoro, skoro, skoro ya ne skoro Svetofory po nulyam pribory Pripev: Prosto takaya silnaya lyubov Ty eshche ne znaesh Prosto takaya silnaya lyubov Ty"
  • Propoganda - Sepultura
    "Why don't you get a life and grow up Why don't you realize that you're f**ked up Why criticize what you don't understand Why change my words, you're so afraid You think you have the right to put me down Propaganda"
  • Propoganda Mind - Impellitteri
    "Fat cat in a suit A fist full of loot Making claims we don't understand Got the money, the power Took a greenback shower Broke your law cause your more than a man You're tax exempt a D.C. pimp Another"
  • Rolodex propoganda - At The Drive-In
    "Pinch history feel the pinch blistering pinch me in my dreams 'cause i'm still not listening X marks the spot on your calendar days a beard half eaten smiled crawling with legs temper tempered temperature"
  • Ya - Emilio Navaira
    "Ya se acabaron tus besos para m Ya ni tus abrazos no puedo sentir Ya perd la fe, la fe para vivir Ya prefiero, prefiero morir CORO: T te fuiste sin mi amor Explcame porque por favor Ahora no tengo a nadie"
  • Ya Mam - Alabina
    "Ya Mam ya Mam, ya Mam ya Mam Ya Mam ya Mam, amor de verdad Ya Mam ya Mam, ya Mam ya Mam Ya Mam ya Mam, amor de verdad Mam que me das cario Que me das calor Solo t me das consuelo Si tengo dolor T"
  • Ya Dig - C-Murder
    "(talking) Back again for the first time TRU Records, it's like that, heeey Respect us, all my dogs And all of y'all, what, check it out, what One time just don't bother me All my homies come follow"
  • Basta ya - Camela
    "CuntameDime qu es lo que te pasa,No me dices nada,Ni siquiera una palabra,Pero mrameLlevo toda la semanaSin saber qu hacer.Hblame,Por lo menos me merezcoUna explicación,No soporto este silencio,Yo quiero"
  • Ya ves - Marta Sanchez
    "Las nubes, el cielo, la msica del viento, el sol y el mar ... Son mos, son nuestros. No se compran con dinero. Valen ms, muchsimo ms. Lo mejor y lo ms bello no tienen precio; oh, no; oh, no. El calor de"
  • Throw Ya Hands Up - T-Bone
    "From my days of a juvenile Raised in the church but lived thug style Back in the day in my hood gettin buckwild Runnin wit felons that be servin keys to O.G.'s And real pimps spittin game to ladies Drop"
  • Ya habibi Yalla - Alabina
    "Yalabina yalla ya habibi yalla nifrah win col masha Allah Yalabina yalla ya habibi yalla nifrah win col masha Allah De Granada a Casablanca enterr mi fantasia Uuna guitarra y una gitana canta, canta mi"
  • Why Ya Wanna - Jana Kramer
    "out of all the places in this little town you had to come walkin’ in here and sit down I am hidin and hopin’ my face ain’t too red since we’ve been over I’ve been tryin’ like crazy to get you out of my"
  • Never Forget Ya - Obie Trice
    "Yes I understand I done came a long way From huggin them corners to appearin on TV From choppin up nicks, like this here feeds me To makin 'em hits, like this shit's easy But it's not, it's a whole lot"
  • Sho Ya Right - Backbone
    "Hey, hey, stay sharp as fuck Tell 'em, get that right and straighten that up Fat Face, the man of hundred grand Work the mic with precise precision, knahmsayin'? At 36, on the bean, come clean I'll bring"
  • Never Foget Ya - Obie Trice
    "(Verse 1 - Obie Trice) Yes I understand I done came a long way From huggin them corners to appearin on TV From choppin up nicks, like this here feeds me To makin 'em hits, like this shit's easy But it's"
  • Ya Me Cans - Camela
    "Ya quisiera descubrir que ronda en tu cabeza: No es normal. Pasas de mi y perdona, pero agotas mi paciencia. No empecemos Mira que no quiero discutir contigo ms No intentes confundirme Con excusas que"
  • Honey Please, Can?t Ya See - Barry White
    "Ooh, girl, you know like I know, uh-huh What your lovin, girl, has done for me Like a Mona Lisa hangin on a wall, uh-huh Youre a lovely sight, lovely sight to see, mmm, hmm The way you give me your"
  • Clap Ya Hands - Lil' Romeo
    "(Chorus) If you wit me and you know it clap ya hands, (clap ya hands) Everybody throw em' up clap ya hands, (clap ya hands) If you wit me and you know it let me see you boys do it, C'mon get up let me"
  • I Luv Ya - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Jeffrey Steele, John Hobbs, Michael Dulaney) You wake up, your hair's a mess You're all legs in my old t-shirt Ah, that's when you look the best Oh, I luv ya Fuzzy slippers, coffee mug Rubbin' your"
  • Skweez Ya Ballz - King Tee
    "[ Baby S ] All of y'all sit back, relax, I take you to the olden time When rap rhymes wasn't the only thing I had on my mind Pushin nickel sacks of stress, oh how can I get rich? Hm - turned on the mic"

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