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protest song anti flag

  • The Protest Song - Anti-Flag
    "Anti-Flag Miscellaneous The Protest Song ft. The Donots And so the time has finally come. The bourgeosie has signed the war decree with proletarat blood and that blood which flows from"
  • Protest Song - Anti-Flag
    "And so the time has finally come, The Bourgoisie have signed the war decree with proletariot blood. And that blood which flows from their pen, Is the closest that they've ever been to the people... You've"
  • Basic Protest Song - Harry Chapin
    "CHORUS: So your 13 and there's a silent scream out there, And you can hear it. Just your basic protest song. Now your 16 and there's a danger in the air, And you can see it. Just your basic protest song. Turnin'"
  • Anti flag - Calmando Qual
    "fushoku shita GOMI tame no you ni akushuu hanatsu kono sekai no naka wa waga tomodomo ni kudaranai cheap na risou wo oshitsuke ni kuru bourgeois no buta tomo ni kobiru proletarian no kinzokuon wa kokoro"
  • Protest - Buck 65
    "The sun is shining on full blast, it's garbage day Air in my tires and all my cares are far away I'm looking like a million bucks, feeling good and sort of frisky Plus enough money in my pocket for a quart"
  • Protest Song - Give Up The Ghost
    "Well some things never change... You'll never see this face again, I'm out sleeping with the stars in the shallow end. 'Life' ('love') is just a word I don't want to say, I don't care if tomorrow is a"
  • Anti - Vandals
    "Always speak my mind the truth is what i say i shout it out in black and white no smegging shades of gray you've got to be defiant that's what i always say you'll never never hear my silence but that's"
  • Flag - Stage
    "if i would die tomorrow and you were finally free i wouldn't feel a difference if you would die with me 'Cause i'm already sad and i'm already sad now that the war is gone and the bodies left to die a"
  • Protest Song '68 - Refused
    "To sing you must first open your mouth, you must have a pair of lungs, and a little knowledge of music It's not necessary to have an accordion, or a guitar The essential thing is that I want to sing then"
  • Protest Singer - Kevin Devine
    "I stopped today to see myself in subway glass and I was scared of the way I look now I knew the only thought behind my eyes please don't believe in me I don't want to let you down and I'm convinced"
  • In Protest - War of Words
    "no don't look for me to raise a flag when your cities collapse and no i won't shed a tear for the thousands who don't care about me never thinking twice about the millions dying everywhere 'til one day"
  • The Anti-Song - Showoff
    "These guys can't be punk-rock They sing about love and Brendan says they're not But they've got egos this big, I bet that their Mothers got them this gig- Because this is the anti-song Everybody sing along."
  • Anti Country Song - Various
    "And I'm sitting alone with my guitar slightly out of tune and it's a loving night in June and I try to write a song with a happy summer melody like I have tried so many times before But I couldn't really"
  • Anti Love Song - Raven-Symon
    "You might be expecting To hear me saying things Pertaining to love Me emotionally, I've been through so many other things, But I'm not wasting My time or energy On another sad love song, babe I love you,"
  • Anti Pop Song - Blink-182
    "I'm sick of always hearing all those sad songs on the radio All day it is there to remind an oversensitive guy That he's lost and alone yea I hate our favorite resturant our favorite movie our favorite"
  • Anti-Nazi Song - Chumbawamba
    "We're told that after the war The Nazis vanished without a trace But the Italians are facist Still dream of a master race The history books they tell Of their defeat at '45 But they all came out of the"
  • Anti Pop Song - Blink 182
    "I'm sick of always hearing all those sad songs on the radio All day it is there to remind an oversensitive guy That he's lost and alone yea I hate our favorite resturant our favorite movie our favorite"
  • Anti love song - Cold
    "I saw the preacher but i won't be there on sunday, everyone came again, everyone loved her, no one got used to this, these motherfuckers raped me, everyone came again, and everyone fucked you. its not"
  • Anti Love Song - Lenny Kravitz
    "Skin No I don't want love you, 'Cos I know who you are, That's why I've been staying away from you, That is why I ever call, Huummm, I know that you could possess my body, And I know you could make me"
  • Anti-love song - Snow
    "My old suit still seems to fit I'm crossin' my fingers and bitin' my lip I check the mirror, say what a trip Cuz I still go it (I still got it) Don't you think a day I missed The way we fought and the"

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