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  • Leaving In Coffins - Psapp
    "You used to come, come around the house Now everything you've got, it's gone cold And everyone who I have ever loved Everyone is getting old You go, go And you don't come back I used to see you driving"
  • Make Up - Psapp
    "eat up your shame you did not choose to be this way these names live on your lips but you cant help how bloodlines slip I could never fall for an empty page anyway I wouldn't like it you cant haggle"
  • Tricycle - Psapp
    "You know and I know How we work and how we hope We get all tied up You made some magic You didn?t even try Fell out of your eye And I did to You canda tennon one hand today My fingers get in"
  • Tiger, My Friend - Psapp
    "You're always the same, you're always the same You're always the same, you're always the same You're always the same, you're always the same You're always the same, you're always the same You're always"
  • Rear Moth - Psapp
    "Hmmmm� You're a lovely fade out You're the last part of a now Only when I�m sleeping do I see Oh I want for nothing It's the hardest part of all What can keep me up and let me fall Hmmmm� Sometimes"
  • Kevin Paccashio - Psapp
    "Back when I was in the seventh grade, We used to live on, um, Beaumont Drive. 1100 Beaumont Drive. And I used to take the bus to school every day To Brooks Junior High, Which was about twenty minutes away. Anyway,"
  • Eating Spiders - Psapp
    "There's a man in the street Who tells me that he loves me God is everywhere He says he lives above me I know more about this man Than i know about you Further than we go In what we go through We are small We"
  • About Fun - Psapp
    "Take me to a big park Take me to the zoo I want a bowl of cold milk A different point of view Let's have a bite of raw meat Be silent for a day Let's decorate a dreidel I made it out of clay I need a"
  • Upstairs - Psapp
    "Teach me the way To be humble and good To be quiet when I should To be great I am not what I was Or what I will be There is no one guessing for me There?s a draft like a well And a warm wet smell"
  • The Words - Psapp
    "Oh Do you remember All the seconds You are awake Yes We take a lantern And we go back To your place Oh I won't abandon My foolish notion It's too much fun Though You say it's all right You do not ask me"
  • New Rubbers - Psapp
    "Come now, come and mourn me It's so easy Now I'm gone My old bones are growing new bones All the moments That you send I say that I don't need you Don't come and tell you What I should And I'll break"
  • Hill At Our Home - Psapp
    "We've left our homes, for the dusty road, though it weighed us down, to go. Now, see, burning in the sun, fire in our bellies. Today ate us up, and never chewed. Though we still rolled along, cause 'a"
  • Dirt Is Falling - Psapp
    "Leave our things Leave them wrapped in dust Protect our things Wrapped in a film of us Touch them sometimes To remind them whose they are And let the layers build up Dirt is falling in the dark Commit"
  • Cosy In The Rocket (Tradu - Psapp
    "Voar, voar em um foguete e restaurar o fusvel para ir, ir , ir... Cabea, comeo, confortvel no foguete e eu necessito ir, para ir, ir ir... Derrubar, alto pronto para o cu e voltar Tick, tock pronto para"
  • In My Head - Psapp
    "one step just behind me one stretch is out of hand some walk just beside me some already dead I fumble in time keep walking just beside me I want to watch the tread you're always in my head always in"
  • Always In My Head - Psapp
    "One step just behind me One stretch is out of hand Someone just beside me Some already dead I found bull of time Keep walking just beside me I want to watch the tread You're always in my head Always"
  • Side Dish - Psapp
    "From your point of view Things look skewed Like when you're wearing the wrong glasses (glasses) But you're not (you're not, not) You're the main event (main event) Not the center-spread You are a punchline You're"
  • King Of You - Psapp
    "Where's the bone, where's the sack? Where's these things of mine? Pack them up, put them out, Coz there's not much time. Oh, I didn't know That you had feelings, too. Oh, I never thought That I was king"
  • Hi - Psapp
    "Hi Hello get out the abacus and count this a funny story with a dark twist the target's so big that you can't miss me you're cumpulsive and every page I turn I want more I never know the next thing in"
  • Chapter - Psapp
    "Give me back my album The shapes change though we're always the same Season bleeds on season Somewhere you slip That is the way, that is the way What would I do without you A waste of time after all that"

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