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psychic tv');

  • Sister Psychic - Smash Mouth
    "Sister Psychic won't you tell me Does it ever get better Can you really see the future Or just predict the weather Are we in our finest hour Or headed for disaster Use your super powers and rescue me We"
  • Psychic - De Heideroosjes
    "I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud (3x) They haunt me They strangle possess me, o God I can never"
  • Psychic - Heideroosjes
    "I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud I know things I feel things I see things I can never speak out loud (3x) They haunt me They strangle possess me, o God I can never"
  • Psychic - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Sometimes I feel his love, sometimes I don't There's times when he proves it then times when he won't Its time I know the deal about how he truly feels I guess what's killing me is just not knowin My"
  • Psychic - Ampop
    "Sight, she enters the night with pride and joy She filled into the gap which I lay in trapped Since I want it to be like this I want you to see I want you to see the same things I always see I"
  • Psychic Energy - Kaori Yano
    "The Psychic Energy The R-3 Machine leads me to the enemy. The Psychic Energy leads me to the dream world. The R-3 Machine I get power in the sky. The Psychic Energy I get a chance"
  • Psychic Cat - Kelli Ali
    "put on your hat psychic cat tell us the news as we cruise where do you go? when we blow you look so fine who do you know? ooh la la la lost on 3rd street promenade lost on 3rd street promenade even"
  • Resist psychic - Bikini Kill
    "Your world not mineYour world not oursYour world not mineYour world not oursI will resist with every inch and every breathI will resist this psychic deathI will resist with every inch and every breathI"
  • Psychic Man - Artificial Joy Club
    "What's up, am I on chat line? my name is Sal and Capricorn is my sign I like Start Trek and Brad Pitt I watch kung-fu B movies and shave my armpits My brain is a sewer where you dump your garbage Read"
  • Psychic Vacuum - Voivod
    "Still twisting and suggesting Some passengers Play with my nerves It paralyses dexterity Inculcating anxiety Can compromise my reason Reach out of trance How could I stop the entrance Over the stress I"
  • Psychic Trauma - Cloud Nothings
    "You'll never be here, it's hard to explain Psychic trauma, returns with age There's nothing new here, no room to relate I don't know what you're trying to say Try to stop it, try to feel something But"
  • Psychic Caramel - Nada Surf
    "take a look at what's been done the killing wound is the thousandth cut a dead turtle on the beach puts my happiness out of reach sea sun sand self. psychic caramel dimulants, they're good for the undertow better"
  • Psychic Suicide - Sonic Syndicate
    "I recognized your scars, because I have them too It cured my contamination to speak of each other's misery Can't deny that you were a substitute of a greater loss But after all you reminded me of... You're"
  • Psychic Pain - Franks Enemy
    "Utopian visions of a dream world Quickly fade into dust You finally seize the golden prize And see it's really rust Obstacles are overcome but followed by another test Finally settling in the sun still"
  • Psychic Hearts - Cat Power
    "( Thurston / live ) I know you have a fucked up life Growing up in a stupid town Your mother was a mixed-up chick And your father he just fucked around A little too much for his own good I'd kill"
  • Psychic Torture - Project Pitchfork
    "A screaching sound inside of my head What am I doing here? Shiny needles in my eyes and nowhere to hide Angels cry from above They're not reaching me Darkness all around me I'm yearning for the light The"
  • Psychic Jugglers - Unexpect
    "A dialogue between paradoxes Feuding perceptions in the everlasting scales-tipping war Subconscious foreword Goblins, Imps and Farfadets of this cerebral reality Mischievous children of the elusive"
  • The Psychic - Crash Test Dummies
    "She knows the future like the palm of your hand, She knows your past like the lay of the land, The first time she met me she saw right through me, Some cards and a cane in her hand--and she said: All"
  • The Psychic - Deceased
    "A place full of futuristic insight with those who share a magical gift Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man Safely in their"
  • Psychic Horns - Mayhem
    "Subordination to another will Sophisticated subtle techniques Mind psyche wide opened Stimulated triggers Thought forms of malevolence and fear In the veins of the floating genocide Robot of voids by ultrasonic"

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