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puf the magic dragon

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puf the magic dragon

  • Magic Dragon - Sodom
    "Camp duc lap calm before the storm They fight with drowsiness Rubbed their eyes must stay awake Stared into the darkness Disastrous noise from far behind Imminent attack splits their minds Forces proceed"
  • Magic Dragon - Gloryhammer
    "Riding my steel into faraway lands searching for dragon to claim back the throne into the forests of deepest Strathclyde where time no centuries has been foretold A mighty warrior questing to valleys"
  • Magic Dragon Theatre - Utopia
    "Look at all the advertising Some kind of show, come if you're going Patronize the Magic Dragon Walk through the door, kiss off your boredom Tuning up the orchestra, bringing down the ceiling lights All"
  • Puff (The Magic Dragon) - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee, Little Jackie Paper loved that rascal Puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy"
  • Puff (The Magic Dragon) - Seal
    "Yeah... Puff, the magic dragon, Lived by the sea And frolicked in the autumn mist In a land called Honah Lee. Little Jackie Paper Loved that rascal Puff, And brought him strings and sealing wax And other"
  • Junk The Magic Dragon - Marilyn Manson
    "Mellow yellow acid kiss Warhol painted callio-trips Spining, spining, spin again Coke, tar, crystal methane thrill Cash in dime for a ride My brain like eggs is cracked and fried Cash in dime for a ride My"
  • The Elder God (My Dragon Magic) - Abigor
    "I am thine inmost self I gaze out upon thy world of coloured lights from the darkness The darkness behind thine eyes I am the most ancient one, the creator of the gods I am the changing and the changless"
  • Dragon Slayer - Pegazus
    "Wielding a sword forged in fire and brimstone Wearing an armor and shield of steel Possessed the heart of a giant A mortal man stands alone and stands fall With no magic or powers to aid him Only with"
  • Dragon King - Iron Savior
    "Listen to the story Of the dragon and the knight The quest for the ancient The last one of his kind Hidden in the mountains Across the seven seas In oblivion Bold and defiant The brave knight did embark On"
  • Red Dragon - Swollen Members
    "From the lungs of an original member, Savagest traveler, Pick my teeth with the bones of Kadavor, Ravage and magic there's Swing with Battle Axe cuz I can't stay average Roll with the maverick Down with"
  • Dragon - The Beta Band
    "Jumpin up & down & foolin around Is it ever any wonder that you get knocked down Comin down fast gonna pass you on the right I loved you before but now I turn in the night Why you never seem to try"
  • Dragon - Grave Digger
    "A savage dragon in the dark cavern mouth A rancid below pours from it If you are spatterd with his venomous poison Beware and protect from his swishing tail Kill kill the dragon Kill kill - the beast"
  • Dragon - Paolo Conte
    "You are, you are you are a long, long train we go away we go away You are, you are you are a rail road wind we go away we go away ouha - ouha - ouha - ouha ... Tu vuoi farmi un ritratto in forma di piano... e"
  • Dragon - La Crus
    "You are You are You are You are a long train You are You are You are You are a long train You are You are You are You are a long train Se vuoi farmi un ritratto in forma di piano E tu me lo vuoi fare"
  • Dragon - Tori Amos
    "Don't tell me A woman did this to you Candy lies Candy lies Candy lies You touched my hand I felt a force You called it dark but now I'm not so sure Just stay awhile Stay awhile Stay awhile Why don't"
  • Dragon - Pete Townshend
    "As I walk out on the street, the lamps are shining bright, and the rain begins to fall; gonna be another wet night. And I stand with my back to the wall, waiting for your call, then I'll know you love"
  • Dragon - Ghinzu
    "I remember the envelope and the trace of itself destruction Secret orders in human blood letters gone in smoke I was given a porno kamikaze ninja mission Locate, dislocate, ladies and gentlemen the Ghinzu"
  • Dragon - Killer Mike
    "*heart beats* *woman sings in background as the Intro begins* (Intro) Ryan pump blast shattered glass in the classroom Penny tried to hide in a bathroom, Homicide scream from the hand held dragon Mental"
  • Ride The Dragon - Manowar
    "Demon's blood and dragon fire, falling on my wings Racing to the battle in the sky Ancient gods are calling me I hear them when they sing Of all the heores who wait for me to die Beneath the cloak of"
  • The Island of the Dragon - Lorien
    "The Island of the Dragon ar away in time A land of wonders existed It was the centre of everything. During ten thousand years The Empire reigned on Earth. This was the place Where the dragons slept many"

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