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pusicat dools

  • Iris - Goo Goo Dools
    "And I'd give up forever to touch you Cause I know that you feel me somehow You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be And I don't want to go home right now And all I can taste is this moment And all"
  • Voodoo - King Diamond
    "Saturday evening A narrow path runs along the river From the burial ground you might see it Leading to a temple of secrets Where they meet once a week...to dance and feast Lula is dancing to the voodoo"
  • Digging Graves - King Diamond
    "Lucy, you stay here...the tomb is warm Why don't you play with the dools... The dolls on the wall I am not the guy I used to be, not since he put me away I left half my brain behind, back in that crazy"
  • Little Lotte/The Mirror (Angel Of Music) - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "A tour de force! No other way to descibe it! What a relief! Not a single refund! Greedy. Richard, I think we've made quite a discovery in Miss Daae! Here we are, Monsieur le Vicomte. Gentlemen, if you"
  • Rattla - Ciara
    "It's anotha one It's anotha one Yea anotha one Yea anotha Dre' and Vidal Ciara Hit the showcase slow Cop and slam that doe' Gotta spark those seats Matching paint and 24's Hit the shocks Run the wires"

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