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  • Sixty Seconds - TLC
    "Damian dame, qt (left eye), & boz (t-boz) (appears on damian dame's self-entitled album) Yo what up Hit a q.u.e.s.t.i.o.n. Oh about the war? The war? But I'm sayin' yo D-damian dame What is goin' on Because"
  • Symphonie pour un dingue - K-Maro
    "Yeah yeah c k-maro baby, cet fois faut voir tout le monde debout les mains dans les airs.Yo on le fera une fois comme ca, faite un maximum de bruit. K-maro yeah ou sont mes dingues ou sont mes ladys..."
  • To Tha X-Treme - Devin The Dude
    "Man I'm so high, I haven't landed yet Don't know if I will, ever come down from this buzz that I feel And I also got some kill yep, as if you didn't know Nine times outa ten I'm ready, steady stayin' blowed After"
  • Where R U Going? - Field Mob
    "Artist: Field Mob Album: From Tha Roota to Tha Toota Song: Where R U Going? * send corrections to the typist (Verse 1) Ah..ah two times Comin up, and I feel you and I done it up together Crushed"
  • Cuddle Up - Pretty Ricky
    "Ooooh, let's not make love Let's just cuddle up Take me in your arms And squeeze me tighter I love it when you next to me Got me numb like butter from your body heat Spectac got the recipe, how I make"
  • Do You Need - Tyrese
    "(1st Rap) Peter gunz you know that cat with the rolex from the BX pushin the GS Lex yes playas still all him Lex cuz he's flea X any borough in the montero headed to Queens on the triboro you see my shortie"
  • Candy Pop (D.I.'s 'Let It Bump' Remix) - Heartsdales
    "(Diggy) I SEE YOU (Jewels & Rum) You see me (D) I GOT TOO MUCH CANDY POP IN ME CHUMIMII-N!! (R) RUM (D) Diggy (J) JEWELS (Bro. Hi) Bro. Hi (D) ON THIS T.S' TRACK HERE WE GO!! (R) HA! to, tomaru isshun"
  • Lovers & friends - Pitbull
    "(feat. Ludacris, Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz, Usher) Usher LiL Jon Ludacris yea, man once aqain, iTz on y0u kn0w we had 2 do iT aqain ryqhT we had 2 do iT aqain boii wanT y0u 2 sinq 2 These"
  • CANDY POP (2003) - Heartsdales
    "(Diggy) I SEE YOU (Jewels Rum) You see me (Diggy) I GOT TOO MUCH CANDY POP IN ME !! (Rum) RUM (Diggy) Diggy (Jewels) JEWELS (Bro. Hi) Bro. Hi (Diggy) ON THIS T.S' TRACK HERE WE GO!! (Rum) ! feel the(UH"
  • Blood Is Thicker - Mase
    "What what For my family, nigga This for my family, nigga H-World in here (Yeah) All Out in here (Yeah) Bad Boy in here (Yeah) Some nigga's don't never learn Don't never learn, uh You know we used to see"
  • Waltz Darling - Malcolm McLaren
    "written by: Malcolm McLaren/David Lebolt INTRODUCING LOURDES & PRETTY FATT A sweet tuxedo girl you see Queen of ball society Fond of fun As fun as fond can be When it's on the strict Q.T. I'm not too young I'm"
  • Get You Right - Pretty Ricky
    "Yeah Yeah Yeah Baby let me lay ya down On the carpet when I come round Get rug burns when I tear ya down On the ground all I wanna hear is that ooh ahh sound I'ma push up on ya slow Get ya right by the"
  • Real ni'as - Qb's Finest
    "Ruk: Ill Will...yeah Yeah Yo...queensbridge Niggas...crud Love Baby.. Verse 1: (Ruk) Aiyo, I Zone Out Feelin' Like I'm in Capone's House Starin' At Manhattan and the Bridge With the Chrome Out Ki's On"

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