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  • Quarrel - ZAMILSKA
    "Utwór instrumentalny."
  • Meaning - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous Meaning Near my place through the forest and the wood chopped You can see everything from a fenced-off hill top From rolling hills through soaking gills From the gravel path,"
  • Meaning - Collapsed System
    "The good times are over - for me - Welcome back, to realityIm all alone, again, the end was turning inmy head, but I was paralysedI couldnt change my fate!What is the meaning?What is the sense of being?What"
  • Meaning  - Gavin DeGraw
    "Hail to the light that my baby watches me In the darkness of the window I can hardly get to sleep Wish for the hour that The nighttime soon shall pass And the morning dew will bring us To a day our souls"
  • Meaning - Gavin DeGraw
    "Hail to the light, that my baby's watchin' me. In the darkness of the window, I can hardly get to sleep. Wish for the hour, that the night time soon shall pass. And the morning dew will bring us, to a"
  • Meaning - Aga Zaryan
    "When I die, I will see the lining of the world The other side, beyond bird, mountain, sunset The true meaning, ready to be decoded What never added up will add up What was incomprehensible will be comprehended And"
  • Real meaning - A-ha
    "Dont change me Im gonna break if you try Dont change you You know the tears Im gonna cry And I sure will Miss us when were gone Youre the real meaning of the sun It shows you off to everyone Youre the"
  • No Meaning - Venin Noir
    "(Music: Santos/Dias Lyrics: Dias/Frade) ("People who are used to living their lives searching for a meaning in everything tend to suffer more. Some deeds we just have to do without asking, some fears"
  • Another Meaning - Gerry Rafferty
    "And when I take a look around me I wonder how the sun's so sure He knows the way And why he doesn't stray And if he spends the day Looking for another meaning Still don't know what I really believe"
  • The Meaning - Supertramp
    "Just look at the comfort that you call your home, Just kidding yourself that you're never alone; Well, maybe there's something, just one thing, you shouldn't have said, So, you better beware. And, you"
  • Another Meaning - Stealers Wheel
    "(Egan) When I take a look around me I wonder how the sun's so sure, he knows the way, And why he doesn't stray, and if he spends the day Looking for another meaning. Still don't know what I really believe"
  • The Meaning - Lillix
    "How far do You see this oh My truth is spoken whether Or not you want to hear it I'm sorry, I worry though Don't you ever say never Or turn away Say it all but not at all Don't want to hear what you're"
  • Meaning Of Loneliness - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) Lost in a strange city Nowhere to turn Far cry from the streets that I came from It can get lonely When you're travelling hard But you can even be lonely Standing in your own back yard Nobody"
  • Words without meaning - 3T
    "You told me you loved me You told me you cared You told me you needed me But I guess those were words Without meaning You said I could trust you You said all was fine You said that you spoke the truth"
  • Meaning Of Life - Kelly Clarkson
    "baby. I’ve neem living in the dark the only friend I’ve got here is my broken heart feeling like I’ve finally had enough living like an animal can be so rough I’ve been waiting so long for you to come"
  • Meaning Of Love - Take That
    "Deceit and lies, is all I've taken Let me surface to breath No sacrifice, no inspiration Can you understand me? Why should I ask you, Why should I worry? You never worry about me Why should I ned"
  • Meaning Of Love - Bob Catley
    "With your dreams I could climb every mountain With your love I could tear down the walls With your heart I could fly like an eagle Break these chains when you call You feed the fire that burns deep inside I"
  • Meaning Of Life - Monty Python
    "Why are we here, what is life all about? Is God really real, or is there some doubt? Well tonight we're going to sort it all out, For tonight it's the Meaning of Life. What's the point of all these hoax? Is"
  • Meaning In Tragedy - As I Lay Dying
    "I have traveled so far to find so little meaning in tragedy or tragedy in the search for the meaning dark clouds have lead me here confined freedom guides us to security what if everything I have been"
  • Words Without Meaning - Rosicrucian
    "Are you around when I am crying I cannot trust the words that you say Are they just not the signs of your greed the day will come when you must repay I believed in your soul and the things that you said but"

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