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  • Why I Still Love You - Missy Elliott
    "I keep comin' back to you and i ask myself: why? hey, i quess i love you nigger too much just don't waste my time! * Official Lyric Video"
  • En Pleine Face - Harmonium
    "Une autre page de tourne Dommage pour cette journe Fais fonde ta glace Ou ben change de place Fais fonde ta glace C'est mo qui est tomb en pleine face Quess y faut que je fasse On a plus rien se donner Plus"
  • You're Not sorry( Prod. Francuz) - Veronica Glapa
    "Well I dont need your Kind Well I dont need to try Try to get us clip together again I burnt our eyes at all I changed my mind of worth And Im not going to keep believing Well I dont need your"
  • Mr. Sleeves - Relax
    "It's something that you can't deny cause I feel. The more I feel, the more i make u believe Ain't nothing yet, I got some more on my sleeve So be warned I quess it's on Shit ain't wrong Feel my phon Approximatly"
  • Boardroom Walk - 22 Pistepirkko
    "What I'm looking for Quess I was in fiftyfive Don't blame me from my rewinds Hope I was in sixtyfive Sometimes I play with files Millions for James Dean Gimme a Jayne any day Gimme Jayne in any way Now"
  • Down Louisiana Way - George Strait
    "I'm goin' down Louisiana way I'm going back as of this very day Don't worry about me cause I'll be okay I'm goin' down Louisiana way I will miss all my old Chicago friends And think about you San Francisco"
  • Why Do You Love Me - Charlotte Lawrence
    "I hat eyour friends I hate yyour mom and dad I hop they hate me back I quess for once I;m being honest gotte be a lot is wrong with you to wanna be with me it’s kinda sweet when we we fight until someone’s"
  • Hero - Michael Kiwanuka
    "am I a hero am I a hero now? am I a hero am I a hero now? please don;t shoot me down i love you like a brother is it on teh news i quess ytjey are killed another am I a hero am I a hero now? to die"
  • This Is How (We Want You To Get High) - George Michael
    "so you raise another glass looking for a different space I was leaning on the grass dreaming of a sunnier day oh it never came, how could it have baby where the present meets the past it’s hard to be more"
  • Outro: Ego - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "i go back every day to my of yesterday to the life of giving up I let myself go away but in this world, you know there are truths unchanged time rushes ever forward there’s no ifs burs, or maybes almost"
  • I'm On My Way - Bob Sinclar
    "Every time i sit and watch the news Said a prayer for a few I quess the rest is up to you I can feel their pain and suffering We though it out and rough it in But it is all or nothing When it comes to"
  • Baby's Lookin' Hot - Jeff Healey
    "You're sitting there all messed upped girl and you just keep leading me on, you're looking over my shoulder child but, don't you make me wait too long Anything could be possible like quess she see the"
  • I Met A Friend Of Yours Today - George Strait
    "Yes, I know I'm late gettin' home tonight Can supper wait, I quess I lost my appetite Yeah you can fix me a drink, oh anything's okay Oh, by the way I met a friend of yours today I was workin' on the"
  • Les Grands Remous - Richard Desjardins
    "Les mtores et les comtes percent la nuitLe vent du nord a perc mon jacket,Des heures et des heures qui passentsans qu'une auto s'arrte embarr dehors.Je sens tout d'un coup que l-basun homme m'envisage"
  • Purgatory Temptations - Noctes
    "Midnight-from starlight caressed by silver shades of the mon the nightfall-my darkness to sway As I lay undivulged-embraced in the darkest of tombs to spawn the purest of wombs With claws of darkness"
  • Bob Dylan - Fall Out Boy
    "when they say you and waht army? i guess they’re talking about you and me baby, nobody would love you nobody would love you like, like I do I quess that’s half true come down /3x from your holy mountain I"
  • Don’t Shut Me Down - Abba
    "A while ago I hard the sound of children’s laughter Now it’s quier So i quess they left the park This wooden bench is getting harder by the hour The suni s going down It’s getting dark I realise i am"
  • Fr - Kevin Parent
    "Chu coeurer de boire Mon foie veut pu me parler Mon haleine de bavard me pus au nez Mon t-shirt sent la bire Mes jeans sentent le sambuca Une sorte de shooter cheep que j'men rappelle mme pas J'ai la george"
  • The noise about boys - Olsen Twins
    "They say boys will be boysWell that's not overblom'Cause thei're forever all together any different timezoneWhat could be more enoying then thisHang around and some moreand you try to have a big listHow"
  • willow - Taylor Swift
    "I am like the water When your ship rolled in the night Rough on the Surface But you cut through like a knife And if it was an openlshut case I never would’ve known from look on your face Lost in your"

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