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quiet riot

  • Quiet Riot - Chieko Kawabe
    "wake mo naku tameiki ni kumoru kokoro no naka de sotto mimi wo sumashitara koe ga kikoeru HANPA na mama itazura ni kono mama nagasaretara tatoe donna mirai mo kono te de wa egakenai *Silent screamin osaekirenai"
  • Quiet Riot - Hell Is For Heroes
    "I pull back the blinds, taste the air, Time to return to the warmth they gave you, All looks the same, feel so strange, time passes by In a silent vacumn... I push back the night, step out into the echo, You've"
  • Riot - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Riot, the words on the streets, get out of your seats, there's a lot of looting for us to do. Riot, everybody run amok, that's unless you own a shop. Throw a brick, who will know it's you ? Riot, if"
  • Riot Reunion - Quiet Riot
    "What time is it, I want to know It's late and we're feelin' great Well the time is now, we're ready to go Gonna make it right tonight, oh yeah Come on, come on, to the riot reunion Come on, come"
  • Start A Riot - Riot 99
    "I'm sick of peace and quiet all we want, riot, riot, riot we don't need an excuse all we need is pills and booze see the coppers standing there riot shields, I don't care bovver boots and petrol bombs they'll"
  • Runnin' Riot - Cock Sparrer
    "Running riot for you Things you say and things you do sure worry me, When were out on the street making money for you and your society. It seems to me the time is right, for another generation and another"
  • Supermarket Riot - Drowningman
    "Your radio can't hear me. You turn me down and tune me out. You signal can't reach me, your station can't feel me. The signal, the station. The last 20 seconds of hesitation. You can call me up if it starts"
  • Teenage Riot - Sonic Youth
    "You're it No, you're it Hey, you're really it You're it No I mean it, you're it Say it Don't spray it Spirit desire (face me) Spirit desire (don't displace me) Spirit desire We will fall Miss me Don't"
  • Be Quiet - Pitbull
    "(Intro:) Shakespeare Mr. 305 This is to them boys that be in the club that talk a whole lot of nothing (Chrous:) Shhh... Be quiet Keep it cool, you don't wanna start a riot Shhh... Be quiet Keep it cool,"
  • Awfully Quiet - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "(Mighty Mighty Bosstones) I like noise, that's why I'm livin' where I am. I like the noise and confusion of a traffic jam. I like the sound of a jet as it's shakin' my dwellin' I like ragin', rampagin'"
  • Quiet Niggas - Nas
    "(feat. Bravehearts) Where my real niggas at Theres a lot of real niggas out there Theres a lot of real niggas everywhere Thats why you don't fuck with just anybody A lot of niggas is just on the low,"
  • It's A Riot - Kane & Abel
    "Somebody let me outta here they're goin to fuckin kill each other Nigga this Kane and Abel And you're listenin' to the motherfuckin no limit soldiers compilation All the cowards better get the fuck to"
  • Work Or Riot? - The Business
    "The winter of discontent's nearing Thatchers got trouble with her hearing The voices of many are going unheard I'd try to laugh if it wasn't absurd (Chorus:) This generation won't keep quiet Work, work,"
  • Saturday Nite Riot - The Pink Spiders
    "Hey hey this is everything today When you've got nothing to complain about You've got nothing to say So this had better be good or you'd better be quiet Cause baby I'm not standing in your way We could"
  • Dot's Quiet Time - Animaniacs
    "I love cheap, romance, horror Thriller novels, quiet All I want is quiet No reason to deny it I can't take that riot Quiet, quiet, quiet Let me clarify it The noise, I can't defy it I simply will not buy"
  • Riot - Casualties
    "Riot! Riots in our cities fucking Riots at your schools Riots in this country we fucking Riot just for you Riot! Riot! Riot! Riot! Riots in your city fucking Riots at your schools Riot! Riot! Riot! Riot! Riots"
  • Riot in the city - Antidote
    "I'm clicking the remoteBut there's nothing on tvI wanna have some actionSo I go out on the streetsPeople stare at meThey give me angry eyesI'm the only punk in townAnd again i realiseIt's quiet in the"
  • Riot - Three Days Grace
    "If you feel So empty So used up So let down If you feel So angry So ripped off So stepped on You're not the Only one Refusing To back down You're not the Only one So get up Let's start a riot A riot Let's"
  • Riot - Spiderbait
    "Body one Body two Skin and bone Me and you All the heat From the street In a heap Get a seat Take it out to see the riot Take it out to see the riot Take it out to see the riot You can go right out and"
  • Riot - The Sounds
    "Right or wrong, it's just for fun. And who really cares, we could have a ball.Well high or low, our hearts are cold. Well thats the only life we know.Just because we don't trust, don't get down your knees"

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