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  • Zmiany (ft. Raca) - DonDe
    "Ref. Nie potrafię zmienić siebie nagle w jeden - dzień, Wciąż toczę walkę - Ty - a to co we mnie jest I masz dość tego(Ty) ja mam dość, dość tego, żeby dojść do czegoś musze mocno zmienić się. Zmiany,"
  • Race - Prince
    "Lie down, fair 1, and come away Till the rain is over and gone G-G-Gimme the beat now (Face the music) Lead line (Face the music) If the air is a little thick in this room 2nite I reckon it's the result"
  • Race - Jasmine Guy
    "It's not a race i hope you knowSo stop the rush babyYour not inbtweenagood lineBabe if i was you i'd be changingQwickly your results seem to be lowAnd all you do is race a headYou think raceing is goodFor"
  • Race - Bleach
    "Youve not seen the white smoke for years It seems to me youve stripped out Stripped out all your gears You know it will whip you a bit Dont know if you can handle it But you can taste it, you taste the"
  • Race - Milk Inc
    "I'm not the kind that walks awayBut in my mind I knew this day was done too soonThe spark inside, the lights gone darkShimmered and I realise my heart is cold as the moonIt's not the first, it's not the"
  • Race - Leaves
    "In my race, to have it all To nail it all, I have become A useless bag, a dead man's sack All these things find me now But I get myself a good night's sleep I don't know what to do about you now Sometimes"
  • Human Race - Bride
    "Born into iniquity No one is immune Die to the grave Everyone the same One race the human race It's no discrimination One race the human race It's moral deterioration Hate mongers Know no peace Chaotic"
  • Another Race - Eiffel 65
    "It's another race from outer space. It's another race away, away. It's another race from outer space. It's another race away, away. It's another race It's another race They seem to walk on air, And they"
  • Rat race - Bob Marley
    "Ah! Ya too rudeOh what a rat raceOh what a rat raceThis is the rat raceSome a lawful, some a bastardSome a jacketOh what a rat race, rat raceSome a gorgan, some a hooliganSome a guine-gogIn this rat race."
  • Sub Race - Undercroft
    "A sub-race of human race It comes back With the eyes Flashing by blood! A sub-race of human race Sowing the panic With the existence Of sick faces! From the dusk reborn Of ancient time Titanic Shadow Black"
  • Rat Race - Kruk & Wojtek Cugowski
    "first thing when you wake up in the morning a sip oc coffee than you wave your kids godbye stuck in the traffic jam and once again you own your way to Paradise Time is burning when you reach your fascination you"
  • Another Race - Eiffel 6Plus
    "It's another race from outer space. it's another race away, away. it's another race from outer space. it's another race away, away. they seem to walk on air, and they act pretty strange. they live around"
  • African Race - The Abyssinians
    "We are the slave descendants of the African race, African race, the African race. We are the slave descendants of the African race, where proud is no disgrace. Our forefathers were taken away, taken"
  • Rat Race - Baha Men
    "Well, I wake up in the morning Each and every day And I sit down at the table And I hear my daddy say Life is nothing, it's a nothing Life is nothing but a slap in the face Life is nothing, it's a nothing Life"
  • Rat race - UK Subs
    "Do what you want and don't give a damn There's a price to pay And you keep on paying and paying and paying And it never ends You pay in the end, my friend You drown yourself In a barrel of beer But when"
  • Race card - Ice Cube
    "Did You Get Your Race Card?i Didn't Get My Race Carddid You Get Your Race Card?hell No, I Didn't Get My Race Card!did You Get Your Race Card?homeboy, Where'd You Get Your Race Card?did You Get Your Race"
  • Downhill Race - Sahara Hotnights
    "Hey you little wreck over there Have I got news for you The walls up in my room are pretty cold Oh can you feel it Like a ... bat after nightfall Who will crack a good joke Who is ready to smile Who will"
  • Rat Race - Billy Idol
    "Wake me from my sleep A cautionary tale A walk in infancy A way to derail I wanted to be free And I wanted only you The walls are falling down And somebody says Give a little love, give a little love But"
  • Superior Race - Atrocity
    "They come across the sea from the island of eternity Dark ships with banners high the whole world in their sight The are the godly race suppressing every place Occult powers reign of fear invincible technology The"
  • Rat Race - Avantasia
    "There'll be fireworks tonight Everybody's on their knees Admiration for the one Riot in a dead-end street Don't be afraid to hear his voice Tells you lies you wanna hear You just listen and obey Got the"

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