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radio 5 GFM

  • Caller #5 - 5 Days Ahead
    "Alone in this room I sit. my radio sings to me in songs of regret. what friends do I have? its convienient when they go out. its me they forget. nice guys finish first. thats the biggest lie I ever heard. you"
  • Radio - Goldfinger
    "It's 9 o clock she's late for work She hates her job her boss is a jerk. Her boyfriend never let's her play She thinks shes wasting life away At 5 o clock she gets in her car She's drivin fast but never"
  • 5 Letras - Alexis & Fido
    "Entra al cuarto Subele el volumen al radio Q nadie se entere de lo q vamos a hacer Shh, callao Metele caliente Cuando te miras al espejo Dime como te sientes Q el after party lo montamo En el motel Shhh"
  • 5 Letras - Alexis Y Fido
    "Yup we back Ha los reyes del perreo nosotros somos el duo Sobrenatural la "A" y la "F" tu sabes Entra al cuarto subele el volume al radio que nadie se entere de lo ke vamos hacerrrrrr (shhh)Callao Metele"
  • Eye-5 - Jawbreaker
    "In unbearable traffic. Radio and it's deafening static. I got my dick in my hand. Super sanitary garbage man. Bearing down the interstate. Feeling hate for hate's sake. The gun felt good in my hand. Like"
  • 5 Letras Blinblineonet - Alexis Y Fido
    "Yup we back ah los reyes del perreo nosotros somos el duo Sobrenatural la "A" y la "F" tu sabes Entra al cuarto subele el volume al radio que nadie se entere de lo que vamos hacerrrrrr (shhh)Callao Metele"
  • Mexican Radio - South Park
    "roll cadilacs never ly on raps smok killer herbs til mi lungs collapse lost 2 grand last nite shootin craps then i hit the rits and bought a few laughs just got a letter from mi old best friend doin 25"
  • Radio Plays - O.C. Supertones
    "(Verse 1) All down the AM and all up the FM Tired of hearin' songs about nothin' at all Beauty that's skin deep Love that comes so cheap They're singin' so pretty 'bout nothin' at all All day long I hear"
  • 5 - Ultraspank
    "5 Falling apart I'm sickening I'm sickening Losing my heart I'm sickening I'm sickening Retract Trying to forget Trying to protect 5 Crawling this far I'm sickening I'm sickening Soiled and scarred I'm"
  • 5 - Alex Britti
    "5, le cose che vorrei capire in questo mondo che non parla ma quando vuole si lamenta e quando vuole si fa sentire 5, minuti di malinconia che poi non serviranno a niente perch se vivo nel passato"
  • 5 - doli
    "męczy wiele rzeczy dlatego mnie teraz słuchasz jestem zagubiony w chU8 nadal serca swego szukam oddałem je tamtej pannie która woli tego zioma ode mnie no kur* ładnie skarbie zachowaj krzyki sobie w gardle wydrap"
  • 5 - De Kift
    "Zeventien maanden schreeuw ik al, Roep ik je thuis en val De beul te voet om jou, zoon, Mijn afgrijzen. Voorgoed is alles in de war En woon ik waar je weten moet Wat niemand weten kan: Wie er een beest"
  • 2 (Plus) 2 (Equals) 5 - Radio Head
    "Are you such a dreamer To put the world to rights I'll stay home forever Where two and two always makes up five I'll lay down the tracks Sandbag and hide January has April's showers And two and two always"
  • My Love - 5/31/'00 - Counting Crows
    "My love lives out at the end of the road takes what you give her and goes Says things that everyone knows She's only willing to kiss me again Lights me on fire sprays me with water and she lights"
  • Salt Shaker (Radio) - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Kaine:) Hahnnnnnnnnn (7x) (Kaine - Intro:) (Kaine (D-Roc) - Chorus:) Ooooo...Shawty crunk on the floor wide open Skeet so much it's all up in the ocean Roll, like a 18-wheeler That hoe fine, but this"
  • Just 5 - Just 5
    "Hej! Jesteście gotowi!Już za chwilę JUST 5Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Wszyscy razem! Odjazd!Lalarilalila! Równy szyk! Cała Piątka! Power!Lalarilalila! Musicie zostać z namiLalarilalila! Jesteśmy! Dla was"
  • Colony 5 - Colony 5
    "Civil wars over the world, powerful unions interfere It's a dangerous situation for us all Atomic bombs are ready to be launched It's time we unite it's time we scan the universe We had to move on We"
  • Jackson 5 - Jackson 5
    "Wow Mommas kissen Santa Clause I saw mommy kissing santa clause(kissin kissin santa clause) Underneath the missle toe last night She didnt see me creap Downstairs to have a peak She thought that i was"
  • 5 A.M. In Amsterdam - Michelle Shocked
    "It's 5 a.m. in Amsterdam And this is how I know Not by the voice on my portable radio The batteries are old It's 5 a.m. in Amsterdam And this is how I know Not by a digital watch I don't even own one It's"
  • 5 x 5 - Ballard Ashley
    "Ballard Ashley Get In The Booth 5 x 5 All systems operational I'm so alive Everything is 5 x 5 Got me feeling like there's no gravity trying to look at the space between you and me boy just trying to"

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