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radio killa 66.6 fm

  • FM - Massey (feat.donGURALesko)
    "Wróci potem skurwielu to co było przedtem To jakbyś leciał w te i z powrotem jambojet'em Te rymy wściekłe jak pacjenci jestem legendą A oponenci byli są i będą smutni, pojechani To jak skun mi wiruje naokoło"
  • FM - Ann Beretta
    "We'll always have the radio blasting out the songs that we sang long ago, There was a time when I tried to believe that there was something left inside for me. Whoa oh, And I was told, You'll always have"
  • Incident At 66.6 FM - Public Enemy
    "Public Enemy - ah, in their music ah, kinda rabble rousing. They, ah, talk about, ah, well things like - You know the white media has been very upset abou On the air- Hello? Yes, hello? Yes? "
  • My Radio (FM Mix) - Stars
    "It's hard to remember days Mornings lost in a chronic haze Breath is fast and the trains are slow I barely feel it though All day long I fantasize In the dark behind other people's eyes And then they"
  • AM/FM - !!!
    "You can turn up the radio But you can't drown out the wind If there's one thing that I know You'll never hear the song the same way again Nothing in the rear view mirror Except a trunk full of reasons Driving"
  • Niki FM - Hawthorne Heights
    "Let's go down nowinto the darknessof your thoughtshurry up nowwe're waiting forus to fallfall to pieces nowa broken mirrorin your lifeSilence in black and whitefalling forward as shewalks towards the lightRIGHT"
  • City Zen Radio 1990, 2000 Fm - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "City Zen citizens walking past Head down heading for Nowhere fast Keeping ahead Keep business busy Making bizarre schemes To make us dizzy Now I don't know What's right or wrong I'm too rapped up In philosophical"
  • Radio 5G FM (ft. Buszu, Dejan, Borixon, Sitek) - Kajman
    "Szanowni państwo, witamy na antenie radia 5G FM Dziś poruszymy palący temat roślin łatwopalnych na początek przyjrzymy się reprezentantowi gatunku - Szczytus kajmanus którego zapach można poczuć i na"
  • You’re Now Tuning in to 66.6 FM with DJ Rapture (The Hottest Hour of the Evening) - $UICIDEBOY$
    "Sink back in that fucking spine, second-guessing crime 7th Ward where I snort a slug and cross the fucking line West Bank/Northside 'till the coffin ride Who am I? I am God; I am Basquiat Trap-a-holics"
  • Fm - Junior Boys
    "Let's leave tonight one last time before it gets to cold just one more round in that tourist town with another home for sale and then one more year becomes one more year and you'll forget me soon i fear through"
  • Radio - Eazy-E
    "(DJ: This is radio K-EAZY-E. Hi, this is Greg Mac. Mac Attack And we're gonna go to the phones right now and find out what's goin' on. Hello, who is this ?) (Guy1: Yo, what's up ? This is Lorenzo Patterson) (DJ:"
  • Bitch Made Nigga Killa - MC Ren
    "1995 and Compton's still up in this motherfucker Yeah, this album's dedicated to all you real niggaz But most of all it's dedicated to you bitch ass niggaz Who is it? The bitch made nigga killa I'm swingin'"
  • Killa - Cherish
    "Yo joc?Yea I dont think they ready for this one who... Cherish They make me wanna lose control Yea You know who it is I'm in a white beater, two seater cruise control Pull up and ya girl might lose control"
  • Sound System FM (ft. Junior Stress) - MadMajk
    "Cały dzień soud system Nadaje nasze reggae radio SoundSystem FM Bez ściem sygnał ten To nasze reggae muffin radio Teraz ze mną nawija MadMajk, Junior Stress ze mna też jets Łap vibe Głośny vibe Nasz"
  • Readymade FM - Pizzicato Five
    "(konishi) Translators: andrei cunha Bonjour Bonsoir Bonne nuit Vous etes bien A l'ecoute de Quatre-vingt quatorze Point neuf Readymade fm Restez avec nous Pour un moment De plaisir et De detente Toujours"
  • Summer fm - Glay
    "Itsuka no natsu no you ni kimi wo umi made tsureteku yo Zuibun kawatta keredo terikaesu taiyou wa onaji Maribu no saki made kyousou shiyou yasumi wa kore kara sa Kimi no kokoro no naka no love song Yurusu"
  • Dawn FM - The Weeknd
    "This part I do alone I'll take my lead, I'll take my lead on this road And I need something (Something) to hold (To hold) Make me believe in make-beliefs 'Cause after the light, is it dark, is it dark"
  • Fm Rebeldia - Ney Matogrosso
    "Um dia eu tive um sonho Que havia comeado a grande guerra Entre o morro e a cidade E o meu amigo Melodia Era o Comandante-em-Chefe Da primeira bateria L do morro de So Carlos Ele falava, eu entendia"
  • FM Doll - Queen Adreena
    "(I turn my back on my mother's milk But I want it back, it was already spilt I said get behind me cos the devil is on my tail So to speak I said someone's going to jail) Take my doll puton her pretty"
  • Fm Business - Seo Taiji
    "njebuthonga nan ne yonghonul ne sojunghan sorie gumegul megyo palgirul shijaghesso that's one do manhi palgi wihan section chegyejogin system gurigo item Momchwoborin ne shisone chojom gophum gadughan"

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