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  • Freestyle Over Raekwon "Incarcerated Scarfaces" - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Charli Baltimore and Cam'Ron) Uh, uh, yo, yeah Yeah, Funkmaster Flex, final chapter Yeah, it's Killa Cam baby Volume Three Killa Cam, Harlem World baby Uhh, aight.. Charli Baltimore"
  • Freestyle Over Raekwon "Ice Cream" - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Canibus) Get acquainted to the one and the only The future, hip-hop king Forever, the Canibus... (The Funkmaster Flex is coming!) Yo, yo For all you niggaz sayin that my shit is sick, just"
  • Freestyle Over Raekwon "Glaciers Of Ice" - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Mobb Deep) The illustrious, ashes to ashes and dust to dust If you fuck with us, it' a must we bustin If you stand with us, nine times out of ten son He might get bucked Is we marked for death?"
  • More To The Story (feat. Raekwon) - Lil Wayne
    "Oh, you ain’t hurt Dope man aain’t cool no more Cause dop man tried to chargé him Double for the usual Damn You just don’t hear good news No more After i tell a story I gotta kill who i told Okay There’s"
  • Knowledge God - Raekwon
    "Intro: Raekwon, Ghostface *sniff* *drumbeat* *long sniff* Plug, *sniff* word yo *snort* word yo, *s-snort* YouknowhatI'msayin? *sniff* You know, you know we had the baddest motherfuckin *long sniff* unit"
  • Incarcerated Scarfaces - Raekwon
    "Intro: He looks determined without being ruthless Something heroic in this man, there's a courage about him Doesn't look like a killer Comes across so calm, acts like he has a dream Full of passion "
  • Rainy Dayz (Dalvin Remix) - Raekwon
    "(Blue Raspberry) These rainy days... (Raekwon) Doin this for nineteen ninety-six Revolution is a trick, be aware Verse One: Raekwon Yo, yo, yo I run with rich rap cats who run corners They run"
  • Criminology - Raekwon
    "Intro: Raekwon (plus sample of Tony Montana having an argument) "I told you a long time ago you fuckin little monkey not to FUCK ME." "Hey hey, who the FUCK you think you goin for huh??!" "Who the"
  • Nasty Immigrants - Raekwon
    "Intro: Raekwon Yeah yeah, that's us Hit me hit me hit me, I ain't got nothin to do with none of that Besides, whatever Louis Rich Diamonds (yeah) 12 O'Clock, Gambinos Those crazy boneyard boys is back"
  • Ice Water - Raekwon
    "Intro: Ghostface Killer Tommy Hil' rockin ice niggaz Tommy Hil' ice rockin niggaz who fuck... Mira, afrente Take a one on one to this shit y'all (yeah) Get your nostrils clear (yeah) Come on, sniff your"
  • Fuck Them - Raekwon
    "Method Man: Yo, yo, yo, yo Fuck you Chorus: 2x What you wanna be when you grow up You wanna be thugs You wanna be pranksters You wanna sell drugs You wanna be gangsters Thats what silly boys are made of Raekwon: Aiyyo,"
  • Can It All Be So Simple (remix) - Raekwon
    "Intro: Raekwon, Ghost So that's it kid, youknowhatI'msayin? Right here, lights out Yo yo hold up let me talk to this cat Yo kid, whattup Starks, whattup? Ay ay, whassup? Whassup baby? Ay yo yo yo kid,"
  • Can It Be All So Simple (Remix) - Raekwon
    "(feat. Ghostface Killah) Intro: Raekwon, Ghost So that's it kid, youknowhatI'msayin? Right here, lights out Yo yo hold up let me talk to this cat Yo kid, whattup Starks, whattup? Ay ay, whassup? Whassup"
  • Keep It Politics - Raekwon
    "I’m in my lawn, seen my brother Lebronn Up in the Chinese saloon, shooting dice Lee at the 5th and a thong On a sexy little bitch named Left Both sides of my arm, he must have paid About a million in bonds No"
  • Glaciers Of Ice - Raekwon
    "Intro: Yeah Yo son we gotta take it and go get the Clarks man Yo, check it out, yo Yo, I got a new, wooooo!!! Niggaz don't even know son Yo check the joint Boom, yo I got a crazy idea how"
  • Heaven & Hell - Raekwon
    "* originally featured on the _Fresh_ soundtrack Intro: Raekwon, Ghostface Yo what what, yo Exotic type shit Ninety-four, we must go to war fast With the pen and the pad God damn, shine like gold"
  • Rainy Dayz - Raekwon
    "Intro: Blue Raspberry Summer's dream inside Of how I'm gonna get mine I'm thinkin bou-owowow-out so many ways Of how to conquer, these raihahahahahny days... [ I sang for him, and he isn't here] *birds"
  • Forecast - Raekwon
    "Turn me up (feel me like) let me get a feeling of who love me And who I love (that's what it's all about though) You understand? First you got to know how to move (the forecast calls for...) Then you"
  • Rakim Tribute - Raekwon
    "Yeah, what, what, yeah Shout out the 18th letter, you know? Word up... we gon' do it like this And pay homage to the most livest Yeah.. yo... I ain't no joke, I used to let the mic smoke Now I slam"
  • Ice Cream - Raekwon
    "Intro: Method Man (Johnny Blaze) Hey mom, can I have some money? The ice cream man is coming! Chorus: Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe Even"

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