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rahim darkside

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rahim darkside
  • CrazyTown Darkside
    "Dreamlands of danger darkside pleasures bad behavior dreamlands of danger darkside pleasures At there best (x2) Punk rock, shell toes horns and halos wicked white wings and pointed tails devil's eyes"
  • Unwritten Law Darkside
    "Wont you come with me, lets go to a little place i know, it's to the west and we are all red eyed, it's where it raige kings all night in the darkside, yaa, SO just trust in me, take my hand and let me"
  • Faith Or Fear Darkside
    "It was the birth of my darkside Uncertainty in the air Wanting to take a chance Suppress my fear of the dare I choose to live a life of pain Refuse - instead I live insane Darkside - the violence runs"
  • Gothminister Darkside
    "I see you stuck in here And you will fall apart The maggots eat your hopes, if any Can you feel sadness come Beyond a fear unknown Is love as strong as death? I`m gonna take you away Out from this world Into"
  • Centinex Darkside
    "(Music: Schulman) (Lyrics: Schulman) Darkside recalls my name Abyssal gates are open wide My darkened soul is baptized in blood Ancient lord, demon of blasphemies Darkness prevails, Lucifer's"
  • Kisschasy Darkside
    "start with a bang it's a dead end, so hang on for your life it's too late for me, but you're still alive where did the darkside take me? i've taken the easy way out, all night there's fire in the breeze a"
  • Crazy Town Darkside
    "Dreamlands of dangerDarkside pleasures Bad behaviorDreamlands of dangerDarkside pleasures At their best(X2)Punk rock, shell toes,Horns and halos.Wicked white wings and And pointed tails.Devils eyes and"
  • Mutya Buena Darkside
    "Baby boy I got a dark side I've done some real bad things If you ever saw my dark side You wouldn't look at me the same again And on some of them dark nights I just get out of control Baby boy I got a"
  • Pulley Darkside
    "I could never do enough for you You took all i could give To leave me outside in the cold Am I supposed to forgive? Go your way and I'll go mine There's nothing left to say I'm better of without"
  • Christ Agony Darkside
    "[ Eternal ] Father of eternal life Creator of darkness and light You exist absent Inside each of us Father of eternal life Giver of sin and bliss Conscence and determinant of the truth Father of eternal"
  • Tanya Donelly Darkside
    "From the dark side of the sunMy supernatural oneYou fell into graceMove slowly if not carefullyThen in silence sometimesBlighted and soloThis is where i come in reelingOur future waits on the field of"
  • Kisschasy Darkside (Acoustic)
    "start with a bang it's a dead end, so hang on for your life it's too late for me, but you're still alive where did the darkside take me? i've taken the easy way out, all night there's fire in the breeze a"
  • Ash Darkside Lightside
    "Remembering the warm summer nights When everything is gonna turn out right When all the answers lie behind your eyes And everythings gonna turn out right All I want is to see you smile All I want is to"
  • Visions Of Atlantis My Darkside Home
    "Blinded by the tears I shed while Pricking my soul with needles From out your eyes Can't imagine it's too late I could have seen it coming Now I realize It's not what it should be Drowning in my memories I'm"
  • Bruce Dickinson Darkside of aquarius
    "The first hellrider came On wings a-plenty in the dark Hauled out his poison And he blew away his mark The fascist from the east is coming Mothers, hide your sons The second hellrider came From flaming"
  • New Eden Freezing my darkside
    "Reflections of dark times Frozen are my memories Reaping only misery When will I learn from my flaws I put myself in this danger The consequence is now overdue Now I must pay the toll Frozen inside my"
  • Buka Danse Macabre feat. Rahim
    "Chodź, zatańczymy dla Nas ten ostatni raz. Tu na zgliszczach świata, Piękna, noc uniesie Nas do gwiazd i zamalujemy wszechświat Nasz bez używania farb, akompaniamentem tętna rytmu serca nagich prawd. Chodź,"
  • Pawbeats Schizofrenia (ft. Rahim, Pih, Buka)
    "Mój skarbie Utknąłem na farmie zmartwiej Wysyłam przeciwko nim armię Nim skończą żywoty marnie Niech utoną w czerwonej farbie Lub spłoną żywcem w pogardzie Na pomoc walczę ofiarnie O honor Nawet w najgorszej"
  • Kleszcz Dużo nie wiem (ft. Rahim)
    "Ref.: Płynie czas dzień za dniem – dużo nie wiem Noc, kolejny sen – dużo nie wiem Im dłużej w skórze tej – więcej nie wiem i Mieć czy być, nie rozumiem nic (x2) Centrum wielkiego miasta Swąd, szum, chaos,"
  • Hanzel Und Gretyl Hail To The Darkside
    "Das ist dunkel das ist kalt Sauf das alle sauf der macht Das ist dunkel das ist kalt Hail to the darkside! Das schmeckt gut das ist stark Sauf das alle sauf der macht Das schmeckt gut das ist stark Hail"

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