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rain ground

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rain ground

  • Ground - Rivermaya
    "Could you sleep tonight And be dreaming tight in your heaven? Your warm heaven Would you be feeling right When children cold outside dream in rain? Dream in rain Would you come down From"
  • Ground - Assemblage 23
    "Be still though chaos reigns around you now only so much rain can fall at once Breathe in and let the air envelope you and slow and sure serenity will come Close your eyes try to breathe feel the ground beneath"
  • Ground - Celtic Frost
    "I am hatred, seeping blood. The rain, the flood, the grief. I am rage becoming flesh. A dismal, ravaged life. This is pain, a wall of tears. And my tears are my truest friends. This, my heart, a dying"
  • Burning Ground - Van Morrison
    "And I take you down to the burning ground And you change me up and you turned it around In the wind and rain I'm gonna see you again In the morning sun and when the day is done And you take my hand and"
  • Rocky Ground - Bruce Springsteen
    "I'm A Soldier! /2x We've Been Traveling Over Rocky Ground, Rocky Ground /4x Rise Up Shepherd, Rise Up Your Flock Has Roamed Far From The Hills The Stars Have Faded, The Sky Is Still The Angels Are Shouting"
  • Hallowed Ground - WASP
    "Come and take me down the dark beyond And take me there where I come from Take me down to the place where I'll kneel And let me lay my shadow down In through the eyes of a child's inner me No pain to heal"
  • Hallowed Ground - W.A.S.P.
    "Come and take me down the dark beyond And take me there where I come from Take me down to the place where I'll kneel And let me lay my shadow down In through the eyes of a child's inner me No pain to heal"
  • Solid ground - Ricky Skaggs
    "One man built his house in the sand Another put his house upon a rock When the floods of tribulation came you can understand Why one house remained and the other one did not. So let's built our house on"
  • Higher ground - Jennifer Rush
    "Youve been my inspiration And Ive loved you or so long And in my times of desperation I was weak and your love made me strong So in those times when you cant stop The rain from falling When you raise your"
  • Perfect Ground - Just Jinger
    "Can you feel the something? Can you feel the something new? Can you feel it? Rain down Are you on to something? Are you on to something else? Are you on it? Why not share, take me there And lay me down"
  • Hallowed Ground - Cole Jude
    "Through the shadows, dark as shame I can still hear your voice falling down with the rain Washing memories from the trees 'Till this road's covered over and lost in the leaves Careless children, fresh"
  • Holy Ground - Traffic
    "(Winwood/Capaldi/Spillane) What are we doing to this holy ground, this land that God gave to us all 'Cause everywhere I hear that crashing sound that trees make when they fall Why can't we understand"
  • Losing Ground - Eternal Reign
    "A thousand times I trusted you - my Love Let you into my world, no one else has seen before Turned myself inside out for you - my Love My fear, my hopes and my twisted state of mind, yeah Took a look inside"
  • Higher ground - UB40
    "Moon and stars sit way up high Earth and trees beneath them lie The wind blows fragrant lullaby To cool the night for you and I On the wing the birds fly free Leviathan tames angry sea The flower waits"
  • Pleasure Ground - Fatal Flowers
    "theres a bitter rain, an acid pain raging through my head and when I close my eyes theres too many fights too many questions asked, too much said see the pretty little girl walkin down my street, spring"
  • Ground Zero - Diplomats
    "(Juelz Santana) Yeah Y'all know what this is we back at it (uh huh) Come on It's that nine eleven music right here man We in the building man Welcome to ground zero everybody Juelz Santana Dipset Hell"
  • Rain, Rain, Rain - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli I'm feeling really down... today. I'm feeling really... under the weather; And it is no problem, or lack of pleasure. It's just the weather. Rain keeps coming down around, And I can feel"
  • Rain - Priscilla Ahn
    "Well it's raining and it's pouring and my old man, well he is snoring rainy day stay well my brother, he builds a puzzle on the blue rug with lazy bubbles rainy day please stay rain rain don't go away,"
  • Rain - Yoko Kanno
    "I don't feel a thing and I stopped remembering The days are just like moments turned to hours Mother Used to say if you want, you'll find a way Bet mother never danced through fire shower Walk in the rain,"
  • Rain - Feeder
    "Don't you think it's sad? Happiness is dead, our rain has gone Building up the walls Just to see them fall away Which way should I go? Further up as I float Trying to understand Keep my feet on the ground And"

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