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rain falls

  • Rain Falls - Nega
    "ano ame wa yami kogoeru nureta karada koboreta namida... mizutamari ni nijinde... asu wa harete namida kawaku no? nani mo mienai kono me* ni wa... kumo wa kiete niji ga kakaru no? nani mo motomenai kono"
  • Rain Falls Down - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "I knew down deep inside that something wasn't right Enough to grip my heart and wake me in the night But the weather looked so good in the morning That I failed to heed the flash flood warning And the"
  • When The Rain Falls - Suede
    "Come out tonight in the puddles Splash some love across the sky Just you and I bursting bubbles As the sky is about to cry When the rain falls There's magic in our lives When the rain falls We're happy"
  • Rain Falls For Wind - Sleepy Jackson, The
    "I've been drinking and I've been thinking of you Now I know, I know the snow will let me know, I been trying but I've been lying to you, Now I know, I know the time will get me through. But any time"
  • Tender Falls The Rain - Randy Crawford
    "Tender Falls The Rain Tender falls the rain As I speak your name And what it means to me Tender falls the tears As I think of all the years And all the joy we shared Leaving me this way Theres just"
  • The Rain That Falls - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "Alone I wonder in this misty forest In this my (own) world of darkness There are no lights that show me the way The screams from my past surround me The rain that falls tastes like blood The blood that"
  • Still Falls The Rain - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry/Manzanera) Dear Hyde - No more can I Explain, I've tried With words in vain They pass you by Like falling rain From perfect skies Still falls the rain Inside Hey brother don't be square Here it"
  • When The Rain Falls - Zetta Bytes
    "Oh oo oo I don't understand This should be so easy To just reach out my hand And know the world is free But nothing's, as it seems I can tell you freely Touching's not the only way to feel When the rain"
  • When The Rain Falls - Pixel Perfect
    "Oh'oo oo I don't understand This should be so easy To just reach my hand And know the world is free But nothing's, as it seems I can tell you freely Touching's not the only way to feel (Chorus:) When"
  • As The Rain Falls - Atmosphere
    "As the rain falls and the bordom awakes make some calls to cheer up my day still nothin to do but stare at the skies gray please lonliness leave me astray Throw on some tunes and play guitar for a few to"
  • Still falls the rain - Alphaville
    "The rain against the windshield endlessly for many years i cruised around the world i've finally disembarked my ship of fools a hero then, a stranger to return i'd trade my goldrush 'gainst your silvernets"
  • Still falls the rain - Black Sabbath
    "Still falls the rain,the veils of darkness shroud the blackened trees, which, contorted by some unseen violence,shed their tired leaves, and bend their boughs toward a gray earth of severed bird wings."
  • Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) - Klangkarussell
    "I look up to the sky above Full of sweet release From the days that I waste Trying to fight for space Well I know what my heart believes I won't run when the storm clouds come I won't turn away Cause"
  • Now When The Rain Falls - Damhnait Doyle
    "She knocked upon my door and I let her in I knew nothing of her little sin A trail of blood followed her until the end She was helpless as she's ever been It was a fleeting thought, a shooting star She"
  • Now When The Rain Falls - Linda Eder
    "Now when the rain falls its heavy and gray it tumbles and pitches through space I can remember when rain was soft when you kissed the rain from my face Now when the wind blows i run from its touch when"
  • As The Cold Rain Falls - Tiger Army
    "As the grey sky opens my heart sings I carry a torch as the New Year rings And I still feel the same after all this time A future of past on my mind And I'll wait for you As the cold rain falls The Earth"
  • Niagara Falls - Sara Evans
    "Song Title: Niagara Artist: Sara Evans Standing at the edge of this cliff Gravity being what it is I'm afraid that I might stumble 'Cause I've never been this high I'm so carried away by this place And"
  • Rain - Savoy
    "Rain..... rain..... falls down Empty streets And I'm falling Thru the trees And they're calling Out for rain..... Rain...... and it's plain to see Rain..... what it does to me Yeaf, rain..... rain....."
  • Rain - Joey MacIntyre
    "I wonder how I get along I wonder where I might be loved losing your way is easy to do wandering around without a clue If there's a way, I don't know where If there's a why I'm standing here Losing my"
  • Rain - Van Canto
    "Thirst is slowly crawling through roads of life. Awaiting someone who will hear a call for resurrection in heartless times. Waiting for someone who will undo the fear. Please surrender my fate. Give me"

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