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rainfall everyone

  • Rainfall - Taio Cruz
    "Rainfall I like to know what's going on,In this world we're living onSo much poverty all around me,This is sanity that surrounds meDistant worlds seem so far awayPeople's lives changin everyday,You know"
  • Rainfall - The Apples In Stereo
    "Downtown is like a slot machine shine neon signs and stoplights turn to green sit down, the moon is in my hair it shines upon the rainfall in the air I see you everyday I watch you as you talk away I"
  • Rainfall - Bruce Cockburn
    "Rainfall on rolling green wavy lines and peacock sheen rainfall on rolling green prettiest world i've ever seen. Faces and places in a highway land beads strung on a silver strand quick silver in a callused"
  • Rainfall - Kottonmouth Kings
    "The sent of god is here and I can smell it What the future holds there is no tellin Thats why I come out strong and twist me ends Let the rainfall Come and wash these tears away Let the rainfall Brings"
  • Rainfall - The Vines
    "We were hiding from the rain and the thunder I've been staring out for days As I wonder a long day around So here we are again we're outnumbered The feeling is a wave that I'm under But I heard it call"
  • Rainfall - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "(M. Score, E. Berner, D. Pichette, A.J. Mazzetti) since you've been gone it's been raining hard like crystal teardrops to the floor it's even raining in my heart I'll close my eyes and let it pour now"
  • Everyone - Van Morrison
    "We shall walk again down along the lane Down the avenue just like we used to do With our heads so high smile at the passers by Then we'll softly sigh ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Everyone, everyone, everyone,"
  • Everyone - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Black & Blue Everyone backstreet boys - everyone We've been through days of thunder Some people say they don't belong They try to put us under But can we stand together and a million strong? Let's"
  • Everyone - Uh Huh Her
    "Long lives the fear we'll be forgotten It's a sad sad world we're in to not believe something And we'll stop the world from falling just to stay alive And I say don't ask me why do I disbelieve, tell me Everyone"
  • Everyone - Socialburn
    "How was I to know you'd ever leave How was I to know you cared for me When every time I looked at you You acted like I was a fool How was I to know the truth With all the times you ran away I never thought"
  • Everyone - Social Burn
    "How was I to know you'd ever leave How was I to know you cared for me When everytime I looked at you You acted like I was a fool How was I to know the truth But somehow I know That we're gonna be alright But"
  • Everyone - Esham
    "Killas Everyone's a killa now-a day Killas Let me tell you about some killa shit Yo, everyone's a killa The first time killas made an attempt on my life It was all about some money, it was funny So I"
  • Everyone - Adema
    "I'm sick of the excuses that you want me to believe I've been understanding, givin' everything you need Using me is over now and soon you're gonna see I'm done with you, I'm done with you Would there"
  • Everyone - After Edmund
    "Sometimes you trip and fall Build a mountain on something small And you know you can't catch your fall this time Deep down beneath your bones Does your heart beat Is it made of stone You can't ignore what"
  • Everyone - Stealers Wheel
    "(Rafferty/Egan) Riding on the subway watching all the people stare, Everyone just listens, they won't do any talking, oh no, whoa no. They just sit there waitin', waitin' with their eyes Don't ask any"
  • Everyone - Sleeping At Last
    "What have you seen? What have you felt? Your lips are closed, the curtain's shut All that we can see is on your sleeve All that we can see is on your sleeve I know from time to time That hope seems but"
  • Everyone - Evermore
    "(Moving On)I believe what you sayI believe what you doI believe what you do is for the good of everyoneI didnt think I could changeI thought Id always stay the sameIm wide awake on the train back to youThe"
  • Record Year For Rainfall - The Decemberists
    "I read in the paper today Its been a record year for rainfall And you were leaning gainst the bathroom wall In your lonely dress Was your only dress Stand accusing across I got a temper set for tender And"
  • The Sun And The Rainfall - Depeche Mode
    "Someone will call Something will fall And smash on the floor Without reading the text Know what comes next Seen it before And it's painful Things must change We must rearrange them Or we'll have to estrange"
  • Everyone Hates Everyone - Superjoint Ritual
    "Mind is a freeze From me From you From shock There is no sanctuary You want to do this right now Your blank look tells me You're not too thrilled at all To stand here face to face with me You want to stab"

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