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raining outside

  • It's Raining Outside - Charlie Landsborough
    "It's Raining outside Oh it's raining outside and I m walkin No one can see my tears of dismay It's a ploy that I used for hiding my blues away Oh it's raining outside and I'm lonely Don't know where"
  • It's Raining Outside - SoKo
    "It's raining outside I'm crying inside It's raining outside I'm crying inside 5 a.m in the dark You're like a cold fish with me You're sleeping I'm thinking You're turning your back to me Here in my bed"
  • Raining - Ultimate Sacrifice
    "There's rain outside I've nowhere to hide But still I hide from You The pain is so deep But I cannot keep My fears hidden from You Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart Ohh, it's rainin' in my heart My flesh is"
  • Raining Revolution - Arrested Development
    "This is Headliner from Arrested Development And I come here tonight to give thanks to the rain So brothers and sisters please put down your umbrellas You won't be needing those today Look to the clouds"
  • Raining - Jake
    "Uh-huh Yeah--- C'mon Everybody, everybody VERSE ONE: In the desert, I need Your rain Won't You help me out of this pain I look up at the sky I'm so thirsty and dry I've been wandering for so long And"
  • Raining - Daedalus
    "Heavy rain, my Lord, you bring to the city, disclosing hidden thoughts; baptismal water steeping my body, rejecting my soul. Whispers of wind change to cries beyond my ear, scattered shadows evoke a whirl"
  • Go Outside & Drive - Blues Traveler
    "I've really got to clean up my room You know its been so long since I've seen my floor It's getting kind of scary in fact I suspect That when I finally clear away I won't know her anymore How we'll have"
  • Outside - Lou Reed
    "Outside the world's a mindless child Outside Outside reflects the worst of styles Outside Inside when you're in my arms A mindless child is still to be borne Inside, baby, when we come inside Outside"
  • Outside - David Bowie
    "Now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday Not tomorrow It happens today The damage today They fall on today They beat on the outside And I'll stand by you Now. Not tomorrow It's happening now Not tomorrow It's happening"
  • Outside - Dada
    "Nostalgia's great and stories are good Nothing like an old time coming round again Nostalgia's great, thinking 'bout fate Wondering how it all could have been I've been outside, drifting outside So long,"
  • Outside - Zayn Malik
    "Two wrongs make no right When it’s left at last we tried I’ll be back tonight I’ll let you deide To leave my life outside leave my life outside leave my life outside or let me in or let me in I know"
  • Outside - Aqualung
    "He wants to give but he'll give himself away She wants to take but she's taking all she can They've got it all figured out He wants to listen but there so much more to say She wants to shout it out loud"
  • Outside - Supergrass
    "Outside in the darkness, there's something happening here Outside in the darkness, speeding out through the Universe Hot fear and a heartbeat, standing face to face Red light in the distance, it's getting"
  • Outside - Michelle Lewis
    "(Michelle Lewis) He's breathes the air lightly Since skipping parole And he dials the phone quietly But she put him on hold There are good sons and bad seeds She thinks he's the latter But it no longer"
  • Outside - Buddahead
    "Have you ever thought about how nothing lives without the light But you can go blind staring at the sun. Sometimes when I look at you I have to turn away But I can't bare the darkness when you're gone And"
  • Outside - Nick Drake
    "Seems the time is near for finding a place outside Seems the time is here for holding the window wide So I'm going to try To open up one eye But if the world is too wide I'll be home to hide Keep it warm"
  • Outside - George Michael
    "I Think I'm Done With The Sofa I think i'm done with the hall I think i'm done with the kitchen table, baby Let's go outside (let's go outside) In the sunshine I know you want to, but you can't say yes Let's"
  • Outside - Aaron Lewis feat. Fred Durst
    "Aaron Lewis feat. Fred Durst Miscellaneous Outside Aaron Lewis feat. Fred Durst Outside All the times that I felt insecure, yeah And I lift my burden out the door I'm on the outside I'm looking in I"
  • Outside - Michael George
    "I think I'm done with the sofa I think I'm done with the hall I think I'm done with the kitchen table, baby Let's go outside (let's go outside) in the sunshine I know you want to, but you can't say yeah Let's"
  • Outside - The Early November
    "It's time to go outside, I'm gonna be sick for a while it's gonna be quite some time.If that's what we never had, we gotta get used to it, I'm glad to get used to it fastTell me what my name can mean,"

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