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rammstein frontmann till lindemann schockt metal fans

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rammstein frontmann till lindemann schockt metal fans

  • Rammstein - Rammstein
    "Rammstein Ein Mensch brennt Rammstein Fleischgeruch liegt in der Luft Rammstein ein Kind stirbt Rammstein die Sonne scheint Rammstein ein Flammenmeer Rammstein Blut gerinnt auf dem Asphalt Rammstein Mutter"
  • Always On My Mind (feat. Till Lindemann) - Emigrate
    "Maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have Maybe I didn't love you quite as often as I could have Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time You were always on my"
  • Le jardin des larmes (feat. Till Lindemann) - Zaz
    "Chaque soir j'rentre avec toi Dans ce petit jardin de larmes Chaque nuit, je pose mon cœur Dans ta poitrine de fleurs Hier, ton baiser fut de miel Mais les fruits ont un goût de sel Bonjour tristesse,"
  • Heavy metal - Chinchilla
    "Since I was a young boy , I saw metal bands in big halls They came down to play in town, I went to see their shows Metal Heroes on stage, they've come to bring us rock Well, it's more than a religion and"
  • Metal - Manilla Road
    "Blood of life, flowing pure In honored grace we shall endure Lords of war cast down on us Nine lives before the Incubus We praise the blood that metal brings The essence of creative qaulity Is life so"
  • Pantera Fans In Love - Nerf Herder
    "I bleached my hair just like Vince Neil Then you made me cut it like James Hetfield We're gonna put an end to alternative rock We'll find a way to make the Cranberries stop We went to Sears for pictures"
  • Fans - Kings Of Leon
    "Homegrown rock to the rhythm and bop to the beat of the radio You ain't got the slang but you got the face to play the role and You can play with me And all the bros Try for the girls and try for them"
  • Fans - Tito El Bambino
    "(feat. R.K.M. & Ken-Y) Como olvidar lo que esa noche a mi me paso Me estaba despidiendo y tu mirada me cautivo Pero el avión tenia que partir Y jure volver a verte y todava no he podido cumplir"
  • My Name Is....(Rammstein/South Park Remix) - Eminem
    "hi, my name Is what, my name is who, my name is ChikaChika Slim Shady hi, my name is huh, my name is what, my name is chikaChika Slim Shady Excuse me? Can I have the attention of the class, for one"
  • Steh Auf - LINDEMANN
    "heut ist ein schoner tag am himmel filegen bunte drachen boote schwimmen auf dem see wir konnten so viel Machen -- "Steh Auf”, czyli "Wstawaj!" to tytuł singla, którym Till Lindemann (Rammstein) zapowiada"
  • Praise Abort - LINDEMANN
    "I like to fu*k (19 czerwca 2015r. to data premiery debiutanckiej płyty projektu Lindemann, "Skills In Pills”. Do sieci trafiła zapowiedź singla promującego album, za który odpowiedzialni są wokalista"
  • Metal Forever - Goddess Of Desire
  • Metal Health - Quiet Riot
    "Well I'm an axegrinder Piledriver Mother says that I never never mind her Got no brains I'm insane Teacher says that I'm one big pain I'm like a laser 6-streamin' razor I got a mouth like an alligator I"
  • Heavy Metal - Majesty
    "Pounding hearts calling, like a storm from the north. I will obey to my sworn oath. Like warriors are waiting for the Battle, True Heroes play Heavy Metal! Coming out of darkness, powerfull like a"
  • Metal Queen - Vanilla Ninja
    "She is not the girl you're expecting When you're dressed-out to kill You may find she looks fantastic And you're ready for a thrill You will find her mind's kinda poisoned You will find her blood's like"
  • Metal Inquisition - Piledriver
    "We're the metal inquisition, we've come to search you out Once you to see things our way, you won't have any doubt You better wear some leather, you better wear some chains Don't try to resist us, it'll"
  • Battle Metal - Turisas
    "A name uttered with fear No smile, no tears They'll crush your skull with a blow And pile them in a row The heart of Turisas was forged by four winds In a smithy high up in the skies On an anvil of honour,"
  • The Fans - Alabama
    "Before we ever made the headlines Or toured the concert halls We survived our share of bar rooms Stared at many motel walls. The years in Carolina And all the one night stands What kept the fires a burnin' Back"
  • Rap Fans - Mars Ill
    "(Verse 1: manCHILD) I vent my anger on you strangers that I've never even met As I employ endangered medium of recordable cassettes To audibly connect, it oughtta be correct Tattoo my name on your eardrum"
  • Black Metal Thunder - Abigail
    "I'm evil, give me power Black Metal demon back from Hell Black candles burning bright Blasphemy night Black Metal thunder till your dead We'll fight till we fall Possessed by demon 666 But that day is"

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