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rammsteinn tatoo

  • Tatoo - Herman Brood
    "TATTOO (Brood) Beauty today is only skin deep temptation is strong & the job ain't cheap I've seen the spike up & down my arm sailor's graves & tattooed snakes & broken hearts workin' like a charm Chorus: skinpoppin'"
  • Soul Tatoo - Stacie Orrico
    "verse 1 I just know that i'v never felt like this and I know its because you exist in my life like hope shining brite through the stormy sky and thats why I can never turn away from you I'd be some kind"
  • New tatoo - Motley Crue
    "I've been out drinkin with the boys again Sorry I?m calling after 2 a.m. There?s something that I need to say to you I know it?s late But this can?t wait I just got a new tattoo One love, one woman You?re"
  • Tatoo (remix) - Twista
    "(talking) Damn girl, (damn) You got a tattoo right there (right there, that's a tatty, tatty) I like that (ooh shit, a tatty, tatty) Sexy than a motherfucker Can I kiss that (Chorus - 2x) Is it on your"
  • New tatoo - Splendid
    "got a new tattoo it's got your name i'm in love with you so you're too blame if you love me too you'll do the same it hurt a lot you'd better not hurt me more than that showed my old boyfriend and he's"
  • Tatoo of the sun - Third Eye Blind
    "I believe everything you say'Cuz you're not frightenedThe way I've been soSo i follow youJust incase you loose your waySo glad you let me stay aroundThe chain linked fence you climbedTo make forbidden"
  • Bl? & Black - Nephew
    "I want to get a tatoo with your name and then kill myself med blod og blk str dit navn med bl og black i en srskorp' I want to crash on my bike and cry for help and you help me med grus og blod str"
  • Ninja Tattoo - Shanadoo
    "SHANADOO-NINJA TATTOO Kudaranaikotode Itumowarakasukeredo Tamaniwawatashiwo Gutto Odorokasiteyo Oh Baby so come on show me your ninja tatoo isamashiku dakiyoseteyo watashiwomamoru sono sign of"
  • See That Animal - Elastica
    "See that animal get some heavy metal Watch the world go singing sha-la-la-la White stick happiness, will we ever know how it feels, how it feels? I feel your tatoo on mine, but I can't wash it off this"
  • Tattoo This Song - Jettingham
    "Drop these worries, hurries in flurries Drop those overflows, cheer grows at our shows Checkmate, stay up late, work can wait, demonstrate Saddle up or shutup, fill my cup and party Come along and just"
  • Hot Un - Paul Westerberg
    "Hot un, hot un... Are you down and out or are you up for grabs? I see your pout and your set of abs Look at them curves, now that's somethin' Check out the girl on that belly button She's a hot un (hot"
  • Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos
    "Someone's knockin on my kitchen door Leave the wood outside What all the girls here are freezing cold Leave me with your Borneo I don't need much to keep me warm Don't stop now what you're doin What you're"
  • DON'T WANNA - Howler
    "… And tatoo on her legs says ‘So let goes’ She’s .. for this checks .. Most like her want be a … You don’t have to be anyone If you don’t want to You don’t even have to get a job If you don’t want"
  • Hanauri Masume - Velvet Eden
    "hana wa ikaga desu ka hana wa ikaga desu ka dame da dame da kyou mo dare mo katte kurenai "hana o kudasai sono bara o kono heya ni todokete ne mata ato de aimashou" hanauri musume hana kotoba o kikareta"
  • Love's Got An Attitude - Amy Dalley
    "stumbled to Bongo Java for a cup they're out of my favorite beans, ain't that my luck the heater in my car is blowing cold got my divorce attorney on the phone he says "girl i got your papers ready." it's"
  • I'm No Angel - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Dreams I'm No Angel no i'm no angel, no i'm no stranger to the street I`ve got my label, so i won't crumble at your feet And i know baby, so i've got scars upon my cheek And i'm"
  • I'm No Angel - Allman Brothers Band
    "Allman Brothers Band Dreams I'm No Angel No I'm no angel, No I'm no stranger to the street I`ve got my label, So I won't crumble at your feet And I know baby, So I've got scars upon my cheek And I'm half"
  • I'll Never Be Another Fool - Chaka Khan
    "I'll never open my legs again To a man who's insecure I'll never open my legs again Unless I'm really sure Chorus No I'll never, never Never be another fool Sad but true, I slept with you I thought we"
  • Bad Mongo - Turbonegro
    "He's been waiting for soo long, singing that same old institution song A humanoid shape in the dence of night: Bad Mongo's got a very big knife Run back home and lock the door, the streets ain't safe"
  • Train - Red Box
    "Work all day, sleep all night When do we come out to fight? Voodoo freak, tatoo king You'll be safe beneath our wing Midnight sun, midday moon Showing somewhere near you soon This whole world Flashing"

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