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rap god to szybkie

  • Rap - Curse
    "ey mach mal langsam, was isn los? ich hör leute sagen ich hätt hip hop verraten und hätt keinen flow, ich glaub so langsam ihr peilt es noch nicht, zeig mir einen mc der so abwechslungsreich am mic"
  • Rap - Adriano Celentano
    "Once again on the mic i seek a beat Wit a freaky technique I'm on the flow i'm here too A lady on the mic comin' straight at you And bringin' knowledge to the youth oh Yes we always speak the truth We"
  • Rap God - Eminem
    ""Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings But I'm only going to get this one chance Something's wrong, I can feel it (Six minutes, Slim Shady, you're on) Just a feeling I've got,"
  • Za szybcy za w - Pokahontaz
    "Co by tu rzec można się wściec tyle już hec o tym ten rec Co by tu rzec można się wściec tyle już hec pora na rec Wiedz spec że już dawno irytuje mnie ta niepoprawność Gadką jawną gładko przeciwstawność"
  • The Rap - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Rockies: Lead to the left and box to the right The Rockies in the house were here tonight R.O.C.K.I.E.S. Put your hands together, you know we're the best! Motivatin' (acceleratin'!) Devastatin' (galvinatin'!) Boys: Diesel,"
  • Zimna noc i szybkie auta - SB MAFFIJA
    "Zimna noc i szybkie auta Stary blok , na szybie światła Każdy chce coś , nie chce was znać Słyszę głosy w głowie za dnia W nocy gorzej Nie chce sam spać, nie Już pierd* wasze kłamstwa Zimna noc i szybkie"
  • God of rap - Afu-Ra
    "Yo, I'm straight rockin' it Hit the block with it, chessboxing it If I can't shoot it, I ox it And I'm reppin' for Brooklyn, tools in my rocket Broke right outta my cage, I'm gonna rock it Ooh, that's"
  • Death Rap - Necro
    "Some death rap shit Word up Bump this Some evil shit Check it Fuckin faggot (Necro) It starts with your intestines and germs Next you're a cadaver infested with worms Man's destiny its best that he learns My"
  • Rap bashers - Ill Knob
    "feat. Adriatic, Raheem It's like the Diary of a Madman If I'm ready, yes, I can, yes I can can Yo, word up, we gots to flip this Let this niggaz know we in the business Strong-armin, move away, I don't"
  • Gang Up ("Szybcy i wściekli 8") - Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa & PnB Rock
    "I;m with the ganbg Gang, gang And we about to go up Switch lanes It’s a thang Every time we show up You lame Lam, lame And you so below us Bet your hoe, she know us Cuz you know we bowed up We stay down And"
  • Rap Superstar - Cypress Hill
    "Most people don't see how much work is really involved in this rap shit I didn't know it I didn't see it I never saw it until i was actually in it You really gotta be in it To understand what its"
  • Rap superstar - Eminem
    "Eminem Speaking) Most people don't see how much work is really involved in this rap shit I didn't know it I didn't see it I never saw it until i was actually in it You really gotta be in it To understand"
  • Rap Legend - Killah Priest
    "I spit venom, from the gauge Hey, lift the bad ears, taste the hell flames From the luger, sharpshooters marked Lucifer Packed twin share of bones bones, rock Hair-rab bone Voice like baritone, misty skies King"
  • Stress Rap - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vordul Megalon) Yo the NY city got a nigga feelin' shitty tryin' to make it through the struggle niggas bubble in the jungle selling crack by the bundles yo these raps might hunt you like a cat in the"
  • Basic Rap - Royce Da 5'9
    "Uh, Uh (Bridge) You, you, you nothin' about your flow, flow, flow And make my mouth go down, down, down Or my eyebrow go you suck, suck! up, up Nigga don't look at me like I knocked the party (Verse"
  • Glenn's Rap - Rez Band
    "Twenty years later and the truth hasn't changed. Jesus said about himself, "I am the way," - and he is. He said, "I am the truth," - and he is. He said, "I am the life," - and he is. And there's no truth,"
  • Murder rap - Fat Joe
    "Uh-oh, uh-oh.. Let's get it over with. Yo sound boy turn the levels up Let's get it over with, UH! Terror Squad up in this motherfucker Where my real niggaz at? My Bronx niggaz, my (?) niggaz I see you"
  • Plant Rap - Eminem
    "ok folks enough of the gay jokes especially from a gay broke bitch yourself hey lo this guys doo doo you've worked here longer than me and i get paid more than you do Dawg take a seat, what's this guy"
  • Wendi's Rap - Rez Band
    "(I'd like to tell you a story about a little girl. She was a happy little girl. She would wake up each morning, just kind of excited to be alive and wondering what great thing would happen that day. She"
  • Together Rap - Keith Moon
    "Ringo: I don't drink anymore, I don't drink any less. And here he is, that well-known star of stage, screen, and the rainbow, Mr. Keith Moon! Let's hear it for Keith! Keith: That's uncommonly decent,"

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