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rape m

  • Rape - Forbidden
    "Selection, perversion, infection Violation, elevation, desecration Bleed on me I've taken all your trust in me and thrown it away Plead for me I've stained your pride But you still want me to stay I'll"
  • Rape - Pharoahe Monch
    "I'm obsessed with multiple nude photographs of the beat in my room on the wall Pondering the verses, fondling my balls and Witness a nigga who will take rap and chase it Through unoccupied dimly lit staircases"
  • Rape Me - Nirvana
    "Rape me Rape me my friend Rape me Rape me again I'm not the only one Hate me Do it and do it again Waste me Rape me my friend I'm not the only one My favorite inside source I'll kiss your open"
  • Rape Camp - Lord Gore
    "We'll break down, your front door, and take you from your children. Your husband? He lies slaughtered. We fucked his corpse, with all our knives. Beaten, bloody whore... Urine injected in pores... Limbs"
  • Date Rape - White Kaps
    "Grew up little kids, she just lived next door. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she'd be a whore. I woke up this morning, real happy with a tent. Hoping she received all the flowers that I sent."
  • The Rape - NoMeansNo
    "I've been sentenced to all the things I had to do And a naked Image grew out of my hands A craftsman without tools, I fashioned these for you Voiceless words and sketches of imaginary lands Always"
  • Date Rape - Clay Kevin
    "James and Maggie, is mother said, never questioned. Though he's 16, now he's confused. I'm just a date rape you loved to abuse. Ron and Terry, the pastors said, "I don't really know you." a "religious"
  • Rape Culture - Fleshgrind
    "Deep in the rainforest of Brazil A tribe of fornicators The raping ceremony from long ago To violate the newborn Once the infant is out of the womb The village starts to line up The baby is raped everyday"
  • Confessional Rape - Deicide
    "Father integrity, perverted secrecy Molesting innocent children you're trusted with What is vowed you cannot live, unbound by celibence Indulge in sacrilege, to serve unto Satan Manipulate through threats"
  • Date Rape - Fishbone
    "Let me tell you about a girl I know She had a drink about an hour ago. Sitting in a corner by herself in a bar in downtown Hell. She heard a noise and she looked through the door. And saw a man she'd never"
  • Date Rape - Sublime
    "Let me tell you about a girl I know, had a drink about a hour ago. Sitting in a corner by herself, in a bar in downtown Hell. She heard a noise and she looked through the door. And saw a man she'd never"
  • Rape & Repent - Ancient Drive
    "Ancient Drive Miscellaneous Rape & Repent The seducement: Thought I was so near that beauty That I sensed her perfume and fear She dresseth in a scarlet dress, flaming as the Wind blows Her"
  • The Rape - Aura Noir
    "Merry, you may be. For I am the flesh in your tounge. Create to yourself, images of these glass-eyed figures, and expose to me, your skin - whorish as ever. They speak to me, your pores, your veins, in"
  • Mind Rape - Africa Unite
    "Where brain wash ads form rules dissolvin' right into wrong if you unglaze your eyes and see though billions of dumb scenes screamin' out of your TV the idiot box show ain't reality Tricks and lies are"
  • Rape Zombie - The Bronx
    "does this endless wrecking ball involve anyone or anything at all be careful how much you take they're watching your every move waiting on your dance floor endless get away confessed to a wall cause these"
  • Mind Rape - Death Angel
    "Leader of a hippie cult The devilish chief Directs his wicked family To kill psychotically Dying in agony As he observes patiently A quitless bloody murder In vain enigmatically They truly believe That"
  • Faith Rape - Kill II This
    "Lord of mercy, hear this prayer, do you listen?, do you care? We are swine among the pearls, do you really love this vile world? My faith has been raped Are our lives cut and dried? Mapped out by fate,"
  • Soul Rape - Impaled Nazarene
    "Allright Fucking fine ! Joining the circle of master race waiting The satanic reign number vier Killing yourself to enter the gates Sacrifice in the name of the lord Cutting my wrists to seeking for"
  • I Rape You - Sadist
    "Fawning upon you bleeding lips In which I drink my pain I'm boundless while I lick you up Moulding - tasting - touching - cutting Swallow me Swallow me Do I please you - do I not? Just let me burst in"
  • Children Of Rape - Meat Shits
    "A woman is raped Just sixteen years old ?? Another soul is sold There is no escape For the children of rape A rape happens every second Somewhere in the world Babies born from hatred A new epidemic will"

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