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rasmus sebach

  • Rasmus - Rasmus
    "Understand that you're holding a bomb in your hands Take control, hand in hand with yourself from now on Take this advice aim to the skies, aim to the skies above Show me what you're made of, I'm waiting"
  • Rasmus - The Rasmus
    "Understand that you're holding a bomb in your hands Take control, hand in hand with yourself from now on Take this advice aim to the skies, aim to the skies above Show me what you're made of, I'm waiting"
  • In The Shadows of Ukraine (feat. The Rasmus) - KALUSH
    "No sleep No sleep until I'm done with finding the answer Won't stop Won't stop before I find a cure for this cancer Sometimes I feel like goin' down I'm so disconnected Somehow I know that I am haunted"
  • If You Ever - The Rasmus
    "If You Ever The Rasmus Close my eyes Lay down to sleep away There's no return It's my mistake There's no use in crying It's time to learn If you ever need someone Sorry bout the things I've done My"
  • Swimming With The Kids - Rasmus
    "I can't deny the fact that you know me better than I do, it doesn't matter 'cos I know that you say that I'm a fool, better than the best. But if you only tell me that you love me, I don't give a damn. (Swimming"
  • Man In The Street - Rasmus
    "I spin around 'n' find myself again with a thought: I'm just a man on the street. You check it out, another lookalike but he's not me. I know the places, I know the faces 'n' I know that fact that the"
  • Tonight, Tonight - Rasmus
    "Now that you know that committing is hard, It's time to fly around 'n' I say... No more walking hand in hand in the park. It's time to fly around 'n' I say! Let me know when you're back in control, When"
  • Liquid - Rasmus
    "I go liquid when you come around, And I know. I go solid but don't get me wrong, Yes I go. I love to watch you when you mess around, With my mind. I'm pathetic but only this time, Who knows? It's not"
  • Vibe - Rasmus
    "Call me your lover! If you hang around with me tonight I'll show you how to do, Something wicked if you don't have anything to do. You're looking pretty and you know that we should keep going on, 'cos"
  • Help Me Sing - Rasmus
    "Is there anybody who can help me sing? Don't let me down, I refuse to believe That you're outdated by your friends. So you don't wanna make everyone feel sorry for a girl who survives in the world, This"
  • Playboys - Rasmus
    "As you might know, my father was a rich man, his father was rich, I'm gonna be a rich man too, oh yeah! Right now my job is to have fun, buy whatever I want, just be with my girl, it's such fun, you know? I"
  • Blue - Rasmus
    "Follow me come on you know me Yeah, into the blue Follow me come on you know me Yeah, Into the blue I'll wake you up when the morning comes A decent cup of coffee with milk, right? I'll dress you up and"
  • Ice - Rasmus
    "I see you try to avoid me You ain't so friendly Cold like ice I can see what that means Let me explain first why I haven't been around I let you know why I haven't seen you everyday Been busy with the"
  • Sophia - Rasmus
    "I'm lost, I'm alone I wish I had a bone Long 'n' wide white you know, what I'm talking about, just a fine bite I wish I had a home To cover me at night, yeh I make a wish again that it would be summertime,"
  • Wicked Moments - Rasmus
    "I've got my moments, when I feel like... I should be doing something else, yeah. The voice of conscience says it ain't right. With pleasure I would deal with somebody else... I've got my wicked moments. I"
  • Sold - Rasmus
    "There you come again, I see you're having your everlasting smile on your face, like now n' then. I cannot hide, I cannot fight, I cannot go, you know, you know, you know, hey, do you know that you do not"
  • Carousel - Rasmus
    "Groove it up, it's Friday night time to have some fun, alright. to know what's up, I gotta reach n' pick up the phone. yeah the answer's always Mick my favourite band is having a gig. what could be better"
  • Jailer - Rasmus
    "Would you please, would you please help me Mr. Jailer I better get out of this place n' soon. Don't know how to sleep at night, yeah you say it's alright, but it's not. You know, I'm a little bit scared"
  • Kola - Rasmus
    "Yes, yes, yes, things're gonna be fine, when the sky is my cover, a big yellow ball, the sun is my lover. I take my skateboard n' my good feeling with me, I'm heading to a place where I can get the sun"
  • Raggatip - Rasmus
    "I can never be the same that I was yesterday. I'm losing my mind, I'm losing control. You tickled me so much, that I can never be ok. I think I can be with a serious face no more. Oh can't you see that"

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