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real by hero
  • The Verve Pipe Real
    "My sister had a nursery rhyme Set of figurines She'd often let me play with them I'd set 'em up in different scenes Fifty plastic army men, led by superman Destroyed the ranks of mother goose mary and"
  • Dj Krush Real
    "(feat. Tragedy) Niggaz don't you know? Never promised tomorrow man Check it, check it *the next life* Life life (yeah) right now for what it is before you lose that shit For real man, shit can happen in"
  • Jo Davidson Real
    "music and lyrics by jo davidson a crowded room some shallow club in L.A. trying to talk over the music like there's anything to say he turns to me and says "people are more real In New York." "Oh"
  • Michał Szpak Real Hero
    "Live, what a beautiful feeling When your time has only just begun But one day you’ll see oldies Still in big game And than you become real man A family guy Straight from the … Tells you how to live But"
  • XTC Real By Reel
    "In this secret time, invading on our privacy Unknowing we mime, we play for the ministry The can film you in bed Or when you take a bath They can tape every cry They can tape every laugh They can turn"
  • Lili Haydn Real
    "Written by Lili Haydn & Matt Sherrod I am a girl who doesn't like it like that I don't believe that you can treat me like that I'm not your hair, you can not cut me like that I'm not your past you cannot"
  • Fiction Plane Real Real
    "Bathing in the sun Chewed up by some bugs Tearing through my flesh I can feel their love I hope that they are happy I feed them with my blood Today they may be rich But tomorrow comes a flood Real real"
  • Powerman 5000 Nobody's Real
    "Scary monsters And super peeps The more you dream The less you sleep Life as you know it Has gone away Unbound, unwound Who's here to stay, alright! Nobody's real but they're willing to let you know Nobody's"
  • Marquess Real sensation
    "Bye! (Real sensation, babe If youre looking for a real sensation, babe, Ill be there) For 7 months I heard nothing but rumours about her Everybody said she was going to stay To start a new life, thats"
  • Alice Peacock Real Life
    "Met her at the high school dance Down at the Aragon He was rockin' them parachute pants Leather high tops on Couple years later They went and got hitched by a Justice of the peace Settled down in a Minnesota"
  • Roxette Real Sugar
    "Right in the front door I recognized the perfume The scent was perfect in the dusk by the moon There must be many ways to ask her to my room Why didn't I dare? Well, every hour I try to get somethin'"
  • Qb's Finest Real ni'as
    "Ruk: Ill Will...yeah Yeah Yo...queensbridge Niggas...crud Love Baby.. Verse 1: (Ruk) Aiyo, I Zone Out Feelin' Like I'm in Capone's House Starin' At Manhattan and the Bridge With the Chrome Out Ki's On"
  • Tones On Tail Real Life
    "Give me something for nothing Give me too much too soon I'm so damn sick Of your stupid rules Give him something for nothing Give him too much too soon He's so damn sick Of your stupid rules Tell me"
  • Tech N9ne Real Killer
    "(1st Verse) I was kicking it With this chick for a minute She picked me to hit it Real stiffly I sitted He spit Then we quit it Then I told her To miss me And splitted Quickly I lit it up No problem to"
  • Paolo Santos Real Thing
    "Real Thing Paolo Santos Here comes the night once again I am feeling lonely Oh, if only things got turn out like you planned Where could love be? Tell me why it's so hard to find somebody Who would"
  • Pillar Something Real
    "I ain't talkin' about cartoons Saturday morning TV Remote control, it's time to set your mind free Kick up your feet, flippin' the channels Brotherly love, I'm leadin' by example You're up all night watchin'"
  • 4HIM Real Thing
    "I can dream about heaven constantly Both day and night I can let my mind drift away to a better place A better time Though theres nothing wrong with thinking about Forever by and by All the while millions"
  • Puff Daddy Real Niggas
    "(feat. Lil' Kim, Notorious B.I.G.) I'm not wit none of that Standin' around lookin' cool and shit I want you motherfuckers to jump the fuck up And have some motherfuckin' fun You understand what it"
  • Cypress Hill Real Estate
    "You'll waste time to hurt her, sorta like murder A duck with the public's favorite rhyme order I ain't no waiter or hater of a spectator (kill em B-Real) Seekin to find the toys, with no flavor See I'm"
  • Gangsta Boo Be Real
    "(intro) (crunchy black) Aw yeah, we fittin' to get into some shit called stayin' real It's one mutha-f**kin' thing to be real But it's another mutha-f**kin' thing to stay real Meanin' stayin' real wit"

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