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reality lost freqencies

  • Lost Reality - Mercenary
    "And thus you speak to me With your divided tongue all tangled up In lies In lies You try to explain to me That your silent cry and that weakest whisper Is real Surreal Interlocked reality Fail to find"
  • Lost reality - Vale Of Tears
    "What kind of mystery will I reveal? What kind of dogma will I enforce? The beginning of insanity I feel. The realm of strange sins alter my course. What kind of vanishing illusions? What kind of elevated,"
  • Reality - Zonata
    "Here on earth we see destruction It has gone to far We must change for new directions Use your mind or fall See through the past what we have done Disaster soon will come Hell after life or hell on this"
  • Reality - Tha Dogg Pound
    "What is reality? Motherfuckers out here don't know shit They ain't tryin to know shit Just a dumb motherfucker out here tryin to represent Get my motherfuckin paper You don't think so? Well then fuck"
  • Lost In Reality - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "You throw me around like a ragdoll And throw me away like your cigarettes Then pick up the pieces of whatever’s left of me They’re yours to keep A million and one ways that I’ve tried To turn it around,"
  • Your Own Reality - Paradise Lost
    "All that's lost never found, remains of all this... Never crossed are the ones that see Taken to the ground, because you're honest Stripped and bound for your honesty It's in your heart, it's in your"
  • Absolute Reality - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Standards Absolute Reality Hey now now Hey hey hey You may be rich You may be poor You may have nothing in this world at all You may be black,you maybe white You may be a prisioner in your"
  • Absolute Reality - The Alarm
    "Hey now now Hey hey hey You may be rich You may be poor You may have nothing in this world at all You may be black,you maybe white You may be a prisioner in your own times You may be lost. You may be"
  • Beyond Reality - Fatal Smile
    "MUZIK The mirror cracks in thousand pieces, are the reflections still true? Read the stars and all their meanings, prepare for something new Investigate the human fate, are we lost in the shadows? Seek"
  • Virtual Reality - Magellan
    "Experience machines that know your thoughts and know your dreams a better way of seeing things you won't believe it's real Interact, you and I-there's a feeling lost we can't deny I've opened up. We"
  • Reality Show - Breaking Point
    "We shape our lives by what we see on the t.v. And now we're lost not knowing who or what to be And all our lives, we run and hide Never knowing what's the truth behind the lies The big disguise they've"
  • Alter Reality - Nocturnus
    "(Your Universe Is Only A Product Of Your Mind) No escape once the threshold is crossed. Life and death hold no meaning. Hidden doors interdimensional shifts. A dreamy state of paralysis. Bands of mass"
  • Reality clash - Antimatter
    "Resist you never could you never will bare my soul for a moment of delusion blame it on the past catching up to take the glory without substance selling someone elses soul to take you further falling deeper"
  • Add Reality - Swans
    "Time is ever-changing I will never have it back Sometimes I had wondered if the best was yet to come I can't deny it there are moments I regret So much id do different if I could do it all again I lost"
  • New Reality - Kris Ros
    "Nothing, but empty streets Every single day repeats I'm hiding myself under mask Where are we going? Nobody will ask... It all changed in one moment All of us has same opponent But we know that we will"
  • My Reality - Without A Cross
    "I sit on the edge of reality The only thing that comforts me Why Im here I dont know why Theres no one here by my side Every time I look in the mirror Theres a new face that I cannot fear Why are you just"
  • Your Reality - Circle II Circle
    "Voices calling out for yesterday Painting pictures Of souls who've lost the way Hopes are falling Through the hands of the betrayed All searching For the same thing Were they ever saved Tell me what's"
  • Morbid reality - Therion
    "Oppression in your country takes you Soon they will be able to rule you too Onslaught from the east will come soon Mesmerized you think it's a boon You will be sacrificed Clammy dungeons await Addle in"
  • Dream Reality - A Canorous Quintet
    "sanctuary for me has been banished I search for forgivness which I can not find loosing myself, I am drained out of life the silkblack shadows will take my mind sadness and sorrow take my hands as I ride"
  • Super Reality - Gorefest

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