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reamonn weep

  • Weep - Reamonn
    "She turns she burns she feels concealed by someone that she doesn't know She hopes some day he'll find his way into these tears that she weeps She knows she gave she feels enslaved by what she gave too"
  • Weep - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Here down we taste the angels' tears Here down where angels weep It's getting late I should move on This is the darkest of all the nights I've seen before So take my hand Your lips so cold This is the"
  • Weep Woman Weep - Ben Lee
    "You said you had to go Pack your bags and get on the road Just when I thought things were going alright Said you were sick of this, hanging around getting my face, bringing me down that's when i thought"
  • Weep Day - They Might Be Giants
    "I never went to the tropical island Though everybody said they saw me there And it wasn't me you punched a hole in At the West German protest march Simultaneous events don't happen We are isolated temporally And"
  • Brazen (Weep) - Skunk Anasie
    "I called you brazen, called you whore right to your face and watched you silently, and publicity disgraced. I didnt notice when you strenghted like a vice that you were trembeling, and burned beneath the"
  • Losers Weep - Stacey Earle
    "I'm goin' back where I came from Goin' lookin' for someone Someone I left behind We were both babies at the time My family moved away Wanted you to go but you had to stay And out the back window I waved"
  • Weep No More - Bad Company
    "Mary, don't you weep no more Mary, don't you weep no more 'Cause I got your letter today Pack my bag and I'm on my way So, don't you weep no more Don't you weep no more Now, dry your eyes, don't you shed"
  • Weep For Me - Aslan Faction
    "Weep for me, weep for all mankind Accumulation of all fear Can't you see, can you see salvation Taste the bitter hatred of sanctity Find me some shelter Find me some solace Kill me an innocent For sustenance Jesus"
  • WEEP NO MORE - Billie Holiday
    "Gordon Jenkins / Tom Adair I'm just about fed up I've finally had my fill Of sitting around and crying in my beer I've drunk the bitter cup I've downed the bitter pill While waiting for the silver lining"
  • World Wide Weep - Mercenary
    "world wide weep world wide weep suffer in silence in a world complete outside inside four walls I reign the spinning dome outside my own domain the weeping clone you'll never wake me or steal my throne the"
  • Weep they will - Frank Sinatra
    "Weep they will - will the lads down the street When they find (that) you're promised to me Weep they will - as their hearts lose a beat At the thought you'll no longer be free Oh smug, am I - warm and"
  • Weep no more - Rick Springfield
    "You left the room, without a sound And as you both walked out, the people still were dancing 'round And when you touched, did it feel so bad You didn't pull away, but now you wish you had My baby's sad"
  • Read'em and weep - Meat Loaf
    "I've been trying for hours just to think of what exactly to say I thought I'd leave you with a letter or firey speech Like when an actor makes an exit at the end of a play And I've been dying for hours"
  • Sleep Don't Weep - Damien Rice
    "Sleep, don't weep, my sweet love Your face is all wet and your day was rough So do what you must do to find yourself Wear another shoe, paint my shelf Those times that I was broke, and you stood strong I"
  • Weep in silence - Uriah Heep
    "You who thought your eyes could tell no liesSo your life became a compromiseAnd it was you who had seen man dyin'And you heard their children cryin'While their women weep in silenceAnd you, who thought"
  • Weep For Jamie - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "The other side of Jamie's door is aching loneliness. One, two, three, four, she dances with the ancient fears, with porcelain smiles and wetless tears, (Chorus) Weep for Jamie. For the bones that tear"
  • Read and weep - I Against I
    "Those words on the shelf Not giving me any help at all Disguisedas my guide Won't lead me anywhereDictate what to feel They're trying to make it all look real Asif I don't know What you're tryingto do"
  • Seven Widows Weep - Sirenia
    "Seven sailors from the North Set their sails for the isle of Rott Then their heading turns southwest For adventure and conquest Seven sailors head southwest as the wind Fills their sails On a journey"
  • Don't You Weep - Max Romeo
    "Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Don't want to let Well, I don't want to let you go, girl Out of my life I want you to wear my ring, girl And be my wife, and be my wife Darling I love"
  • Gather and Weep - Anah Aevia
    "Choke on the lies you live. Your forked tounge speaks of nothing at all. Sleep on a bed of nails to pierce such a spineless back. The tears of innocence falls into cold hands and dries. Amputate your tounge"

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