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red hide

  • Hide - Red
    "Waste away I'm crawling blind Hollowed by what I left inside For you, just you I'm caught in place But I ignore what I can't erase I will run and hide till memories fade away And I will leave behind"
  • Red - Jughead's Revenge
    "I'd have to talk all night to explain And tell you why 'cause this ain't no game Look at my world you see it's cold colored red I'd have you here just instead I close my eyes and see your face in my"
  • JEKYLL & HIDE - Bishop Briggs
    "born in the time of love facing the winds of fate storms brewing up above I was breaking I was begging just to raise you up from the grave of yyour mistakes pleasure is a kind of pain have I had enough cause"
  • Red Box - Simply Red
    "Why don't you look at the price I'm paying Walk in, take a look inside I've moved back the tables and the chairs to the wall The valuable thing I've had to hide Open up the red box Come on open it up Open"
  • Move, Shake, Hide - Marmozets
    "Move shake move shake and hide, alright. Stop trying to pressure me, alright. Everything is gonna be, alright. I know it doesn't say vacancy but I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind us. Can you"
  • You can hide it - Blindside
    "Now you have been staring at the sun for a while Is it hurting your eyes I know you want to put those shades on And walk on home with a tan To arrive and leave with style But didn't a warm wind blow right"
  • No Place To Hide - Ash
    "In the end it all comes down to dust, Language will vanish and machines will rust, Reality will come apart at the seams, Your life will unravel into your dreams, Now a storm, it is gathering, Reason's"
  • No Place To Hide - Brettell
    "Police Sirens a cry in the night Hard to believe that they are here again They only say what I already know, that they cannot stop this fight I go to dream, but there's thoughts I can't erase I go to"
  • Hide - Melanie Garside
    "you told me you want me and now you you're leaving i'm laughing you're crying i'm drunk and you're sober i hide and you hide and we hide what we've got inside you told me you love me and now you you kill"
  • The Place You Hide - Mesh
    "I could never fall for you But the tension makes the air so blue I would never have the time To watch you every day and night but, Maybe if I let myself Come down from this dusty shelf You're messing with"
  • Hide - Seal
    "Okay You guys 'ow 'bout a bit of rock and roll? Jodi Luzen came from far away, But she knew the song can wrong. And she had to keep those blues away, 'Bout as long and all says strong. Don't you hide"
  • Hide - Creed
    "To what do I owe this gift my friend? My life? My love? My soul? I've been dancing with the devil way too long, And it's making me grow old, Making me grow old. (Chorus) Let's leave...Oh let's get away Get"
  • Hide - K's Choice
    "Watch me, I'm coming closer I am the mood you're in tonight Pretty poser, perfect armageddon bride I am a circle, it feels right I am the one who swallows light Multiplying parasite Perfect features, perfect"
  • Hide - Love Like Blood
    "don't run away if you're in danger we will come to help you, cause this is no world for runaways cause this is no world for runaways. when a friend betrays you in the name of policy if the judge"
  • Hide - Claw Boys Claw
    "If you're going south and all I do is shut my mouth If you're going south, be wise and talk it out All you have to do is walk away in a suit If you're going south, all I do is shut my mouth A foul"
  • Hide - The Echoing Green
    "All I know Is I can't make it on my own I will never last that long I need a place to hide Need a place to hide All at once Every ounce of hope is gone There's no one left to call upon I need a place"
  • Hide - One Night Only
    "Hello friend. Come over And tell me a joke Why don't you? Don't hide from what you want. Don't hide from what you want. One last chance, Just don't blow it. Think I'm feeling fine today. One last chance To"
  • Hide - Matthew Sweet
    "Now you'll have to be Hurt when you think of me With vision but you can't see far You hide every thing you can But the world keeps breaking through Anywhere you run And it always will Before I knew I"
  • Hide - Blue Foundation
    "Lower the day-tune, while they carry candles through the night, For thousands of miles Lower the day-tune, Why? They hide into the dawn Then they took off to find her tree, Drove for miles the highway"
  • Hide - Hogwash
    "No, I cannot understand What you obtained Now the hours become the days And the days become the weeks Illusions give a price to pay Hide your mind Into the sleep Wake up dead into your bed And ask yourself"

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