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red lips p s

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red lips p s
  • Sky Ferreira Red Lips
    "Red Lips You’re ten a penny Cheap shot Spreading your legs For the boys Watch out Cause Someone will beat you the same Freak out Wash out your mouth Such a big girl Such big news Such a big talk Your"
  • Ludacris P-Poppin'
    "Head down Pussy, pussy poppin Head down Pussy, pussy poppin Head down Pussy, pussy poppin Head down Pussy poppin on a hand stand On a handstand?on my American band stand Somersalts, cartwheels bitch"
  • Red Lips P.S.
    "Dzisiaj piszę list ze snu Adresuję go do ciebie Nie mam sieci więc nie wyślę ci go mejlem Nie martw o mnie się już więcej Mam tu czas i jest ok Tutaj czuję życia sens Pod każdym względem Między pionem"
  • Nirvana Molly`s Lips
    "She said She`d take me anywhere She`d take me anywhere As long as she stays with me She said She`d take me anywhere She`d take me anywhere As long as I stay clean Kiss kiss Molly`s lips Kiss kiss Molly`s"
  • Silence P.S.
    "I feel the scent of your skin, the softness of your hair I sense the shape of your lips but to touch them I don't dare You're like a bubble One false move and it's no longer there A moment of weakness and"
  • Jenny Owen Youngs P. S.
    "I can't make real life as good as television. One she wants and one she will, and I can't pick a position. I set the VCR to recome, rewind and fast-forward. I cut out the bad parts, I don't want to watch"
  • Zed S.P.S.
    "The fields have no shame See with eyes that cannot see Know the difference just the same And this I know Feel the fear of being crushed When the sky falls on our heads All the truth is being hushed"
  • St. Vincent Your Lips Are Red
    "Your lips are red My face is red from reading your red lips My hands are black My hands are black inside this downtown taxi cab This cities red This cities red from riding us into the ground This cities"
  • GTA Red Lips (feat. Sam Bruno)
    "No, no... No, no, don't let her smile fool Don't let her eyes confuse Red lips always lie 'Cause red lips, Has a filthy price That's a murder, in her paradise No, no red lips Has a filthy price That's"
  • Sheek Louch In / Out (S.P.)
    "Yo you gotta hear the sixteen I just laid B.G. Oh word, that shit a hit, that shit sound crazy Yo check the phone man, the phone was ringin before Yo this the Ghost right here my nigga Damn I missed my"
  • Chameleons P S Goodbye
    "Chameleons What Does Anything Mean Basically P S Goodbye I've had too many crazy nights I've seen too many crazy sights I didn't want the scars to show In those moments only mothers know You know in retrospect"
  • Bee Gees E S P
    "Bee Gees ESP E S P Dark is the night High is the fire Touches the sky Love with no shape or form I am in your mind's eye Just let your dreams run wild Somewhere, out across the nation Someone, waiting"
  • Vendetta Red P.S. Love The Black
    "Make a wish upon your middle finger wasting your affections on another dark haired girl with skin so pale its translucence pulls you in and chokes you up I just came by to kill you nobody was home. From"
  • Ola Magnell P?
    "Slumrande och stum Sitter jag i denna tysta timma I min tankeslum Dr tonen trs av tidens tand lvor i mitt rum Dansar ut p solens sista strimma Och jag ser Neptunus glimma ver prinsen i ett annat land Luna,"
  • Midnattsol P
    "Kem e eg? koffr leve me her n? kem e du? ka vil skje i framti Fins det fler? e der ngen som passe p ? e der svar? vil me ngen gang vida mer? Me havet der finne eg ro ro te ver meg sjol ta meg me og led"
  • Kent P
    "Sagor fr barnen som r som du (Om en tunnel vid ljusets slut) Jag r din vn och vi lr oss av varann (Det r ett av sklen) Ge dom ett finger och vrm min hand (I ett iskallt Ikea-land) Du r min vn och vi lr"
  • Apulanta P
    "Astu esiin, min tiedn olet siell Jt pois kaikki mik on sun tiell lk sano ettet sin muka tiennyt Saat pit hyvnsi mit oot vienyt Pkallokiitj Kuka sul on kyydisssi Vieras takapenkill Varjo taustapeilisssi Pkallokiitj Huvitusta"
  • Loredana Bert? P
    "Forse l'amore luce che tiene in seno la ricchezza del suo proprio destino chiarezza del giudizio e petalo di stelle che cadendo ci lasciano cantare oh mio amore! che prendi pi del sacrificio fatto insieme"
  • Robbi McMillen P
    "A Mhorag bheag nighean Dhomhuill duinn Tha thu cruinn sgiobalta A Mhorag bheag nighean Dhomhuill duinn Tha thu cruinn boidheach A Mhorag bheag nighean Dhomhuill duinn Tha thu cruinn sgiobalta A Mhorag"
  • Daniel Landa P
    "Ztichl ulice se top v namodralym tónu, mlha le asfalt a star barky svdci jsou. je zrovna plnoc a sudy piva na betonu vykvaj tie ne jejich milkov pijedou. Tu se z mlhy vynoily divn postavy. Jejich prty"

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