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red star
  • Stereophonics Bright Red Star
    "Mary is my bright red star She caught the train to work in the morning when she got up And then she'd call me up, just to wake me up But she's alright She's alright Mary is my bright red star She likes"
  • Saxon Red Star Falling
    "Where Were You When The Red Star Fell Did You Hear The Tolling Of The Bell A Million People On The Streets They March As One They March For Peace Breaking Free From The Iron Fist The Price You Pay"
  • Extreme Star
    "Star, you're a star Yeah, be careful what you're wishin' for All your dreams comin' true Star, yes you are You're now bigger than venus and mars You can run but you can't hide Son you're gonna make it,"
  • Duncan Sheik Star-Field On Red Lines
    "Playground Home-land A countryside to save Blue skies Air-space Soldiers to raise And sacrifice Strong armed Christians Oiled up and fed Safe as Houses In aprons of lead And sanctified Omens and"
  • All Star United Bright Red Carpet
    "All Star United All Star United Bright Red Carpet She's a neon girl, she follows that buzz To where it's found, 'cause she's the scene Tinsel town calls her the queen And that's alright, but if you demand"
  • The Birthday Massacre Red Stars
    "Best of cruel intentions Binding what they fail to mention No truth All pretension Raise your hand to give attention You'd give it We'd take it You'd build it We'd break it You sign and we erase it You'd"
  • Rush Red Lenses
    "I see red And it hurts my head Guess it must be something That I read It's the color of your heartbeat A rising summer sun The battle lost or won The flash to fashion And the pulse to passion Feels red Inside"
  • Kidney Thieves Red & violet
    "He eats red and all violetKills fishes with a rock star flagCaught up in a vacuum breeze whereMoans and cries dissolve in speedIt's your life without a life(red + violet fades)It's your life without a"
  • Kidneythieves Red Violet
    "He eats red and all violet Kills fishes with a rock star flag Caught up in a vacuum breeze where Moans and cries dissolve in speed It's your life without a life (red + violet fades) It's your life"
  • Dear Leader Raging Red
    "Touche touche you back away From this cruel cruel occupation you're the prey In the jaws of the tiger You're the star of a passion play Hurray hurray the hit parade With a thousand hooks that seem to"
  • Las Vegas Parano Red love
    "she's kind of a woman you can never ignore she needs her look to scare your soul she drives you crazy when she comes around she likes to tease you just for fun but tonight... tonight I see her fear red"
  • Pendragon Red Shoes
    "We like to scream and dance, take over the place But she's a star spangled dazzler and she moves with grace And she knows she's alright But the kids just wanna fight on a Saturday night We like to listen"
  • Rootwater Red Love
    "She cried sorrow when the movie star died alone With red love in her back she will cry no more Red is what I make her love and red is what I give Today, the day, my day, the red in me Why-a-loner fucker,"
  • Epidemic Factor Red
    "Retinas burn, as my eyes raise towards the dying star. Half devoured sky bleeds red, the death of a star begun. Billion times five, inner orbits set to solar flame. One with the star they die, melt to"
  • Jude Red Room
    "lyrics and music by Jude Christodal Red room Bedroom Clean sheets Dark night Star light Heat... First kiss Near-miss Holding breath Her tongue So young Dead I know this is wrong I have been silent for"
  • Alphaville Red Rose
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Little girl, do you know what you are, do you know This baby's gonna be a star, do you know A teenangel empress from hollywood highs With wonderful eyes Your beautiful, put on your"
  • TV On The Radio Red Dress
    "Hey Jackboot, fuck your war! Cause I'm fat and in love and no bombs are fallin' on me for sure But I'm scared to death That I'm livin' a life not worth dying for And your ploughshare, it's a sword And"
  • Aruna Red Lights
    "Amber got lost Forgot what she came here for She fell out of line Now she's not herself anymore Amber let go She gave up on everything she had And traded her wings for things To keep her from feeling desperate"
  • Kool Keith Star Struck
    "Red carpet, take your pictures motherfucker (Take yo' picture motherfucker) That's right Motherfuckin chaffeur (motherfucker) Drivin a motherfuckin Rolls Royce (Rolls Royce) Star struck (star struck)"
  • Blue Cheer Fighting Star
    "(Dickie Peterson) Yeahaiigh! Took a walk down by the industrial park You know the night was dark I heard the guard dog bark I turned around As the air came down And a man with a knife Tried to take"

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