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redd bedroom

  • Bedroom (ft. Qwote & Pitbull) - REDD
    "Can I get a bedroom Manco? just can't get enough girl I want more from when you feel between the seas tonight is more than I can ask for Can I get a bedroom on board just cant get enough girl I want more from"
  • Bedroom - Joe
    "My desire start a fire (right here in this bedroom) No attire is required (right here in this bedrrom) Youll find your pleasure like hidden treasure (right here in this bedroom) I do my duty to that booty"
  • Bedroom - Armor For The Broken
    "Let's take this up a notch real-life miracles i know it's not the worst day of our lives am I charming I really need to know a gentleman always show up a little late is this worth it my conscious is screaming"
  • "Bedroom" - Awoi
    "Sarasa re ta yoru, nakinure ta kao Tsuki made tooku, mado goshi no yami Watashi marude shuuen no gaarufurendo Shinario doori odori odora se te Ana ga suku hodo mitsume ta tokei Sagasu byoushin, modora"
  • Bedroom After Bedroom - Angels
    "(Spencer-R. Brewster-Neeson-Manning-Morley) Welcome back, good to see you again heart attack, honey where you been You went away, y' never told me where baby what can I say, never thought I'd care Queen"
  • Jump (ft. Trippie Redd) - Julia Michaels
    "stay right there, get away I need space I told yo u yesterday slow the pace down can we do that tomorrow cause now you’re moving in on my skin I move back with my lips it goes better against my better"
  • Candy (feat. Trippie Redd) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "- what’s wrong with you, goonies? - his mom, has ahh - ahh, have you guys ever tried to buy drugs before? - both of you suck very much, okay - why don’t you go outside and practice what your going to say -"
  • Bedroom eyes - Laura Veirs
    "Been traveling all too long this bear-cat trailBut the love in me's grown stronger than this steel railThat I ride back to your bedroom eyes Been gone so long baby I wrote you this love songMy heart the"
  • Scarlet Bedroom - Marc Almond
    "Come into the scarlet bedroom And maybe spend the night Sink amongst the satin sheets In dissolute delight Just a little touch of sadness A little a second sight Come into my world of madness Come and"
  • Bedroom Again - Reverend Horton Heat
    "Once we had love in the beginning Everything was just too good to be true Yeah, but we made the mistake at the beginning Of thinking love would stay bright and shiny new The room that we once shared is"
  • Bedroom Eyes - Ceberano Kate
    "Ceberano Kate Brave Bedroom Eyes I can't resist you no matter how I try After all this time can't believe that I'm About to take this ride Said it was over decided we were through I've convinced myself"
  • Blue Bedroom - Toby Keith
    "Woke up this morning with day old coffee Smoked what was left of your cigarette Sit by the phone just in case you call me It ain't ringing yet You're probably half way to Albuquerque You'll hang a north"
  • Bedroom Eyes - Yngwie Malmsteen
    ""Come on baby, what's on your mind You're stumbling in the darkness Like you're running blind Hey can't you see we've been fooling around This same old graveyard on the same playground Be my late night"
  • Bedroom Eyes - Kate Ceberano
    "I can't resist you no matter how I try After all this time can't believe that I'm About to take this ride Said it was over decided we were through I've convinced myself that somebody else could take the"
  • Imperial Bedroom - Elvis Costello
    "Everyone agreed that she looked delightful Except for her sister, who was hateful and spiteful Blushing bright red from her head to her feet But rushing into her bridal suite The imperial bedroom, the"
  • Bedroom Eyes - Natty
    "Step out from work, two missed calls, private number but i know its her So I call her right back ask 'what time are you coming over?' Turns up at mine, half nine, never on time looking oh so so fine We"
  • Bedroom Ballad - Gene Watson
    "Somehow two people brought their lives together In a lasting kind of way Somewhere between forever and right now Is where I'll always stay 'Cause when she sings her songs of love I see myself between her"
  • Bedroom Boom - Ying Yang Twins
    "(feat. Avant) (Verse 1) Listen baby, sometimes I know I be playin but set aside the bullshit, I'ma grown ass man. Whats to understand that I love to fuck, Can I hit it from the back or put ya ass in"
  • Bedroom Floor - Liam Payne
    "Baby heard you’ve been talking about me lately telling all your friends how much you hate me but who you calling up when you get lonely? when you get lonely you be saying real real nice real nice things when"
  • Bedroom Floors - Racoon
    "Waking up on a bedroom floor I dont remember this no more Dirty stains on a bedroom floor I dont remember whose for sure Took a dive, got away with it Even the best can drown in it Took a dive, got away"

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