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  • 21-17 - Doug Supernaw
    "Writer: Reece D. WIlson The game was tied at seven all She said let's take a walk We found a place behind the stands She said we need to talk She went on and on about this town bein' small And how she"
  • We Live This Shit - D-12
    "(Proof) I'm bout as crazy as Mike Tyson is A fallen raspler from out the raspers that bounce twice a live Rollm blindfolded on the Eisenbridge And dom driveby's on slice this Dwellm from police, vice"
  • Ak'n Bad - Fiend
    "(fiend) Uh huh. That's them there. That's them there. (fiend/skull duggery) I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, yes I am, yes I am I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n bad, ak'n bad, we ak'n bad I'm ak'n"
  • Can't Tell Me Shit - Celly Cel
    "(Intro) Yeah, you got Celly Cel back in this muthaf**ka Once again, you know 'Bout to drop this soul playa shit on y'all You know, nothin' but that realness Can ya feel this though Yeah.. Gonna ride"

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