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refren mabore paradise

  • Muj refren - Karel Gott
    "Pna s hlkou ve slamku j jsem znal, kdy pl on sal, ztich rzem sl. Pse starou v blm fraku zpvval a vm, jak vstup zanal: Mj refrn skld se jen z jedn vty: j jsem v, pro vs dchm, pro kuplety, j jsem v. V tingl-tanglu"
  • My Paradise - Road Trip's Over
    "Days are going by so slow I cannot wait this time Everyone pissed my off And I don't get it why? Maby its the waiting for you since you've faded away But why I'm still over here when you are over there? refren: No"
  • Piosenki bez refren - Cool Kids Of Death
    "La la la la la la Piosenki bez refrenow Melodie bez emocji Teksty bez bohaterow Koleiny dzien, kiedy nic sie nie udaje Kolejny ranek, kiedy jade gdzies tramwajem Ciezki zapach tlumu I strzepy cudzych rozmow"
  • Paradise - Paradise
    "LL COOL J "Paradise" (feat. Amerie) {Amerie harmonizes} {LL} 10.. {Am} Mm, MMM, mmm, mmm {Intro: Amerie} If you need me baby I'm, FOR, real The rest of your life, I'll take you to paradise.. If you"
  • Paradise - Icehouse
    "One step (one step) that takes you closer to heaven One road (one road) that stretches out ahead One word (one word) that drives you to the point of decision One wave (one wave) that closes on a drowning"
  • Paradise - Miguel Bose
    "Out to go Thru your chosen door Standing on the steps to paradise. Someone else Is taking on your space Standing on the steps to paradise. Cant you see Its only you for me Standing on the steps"
  • Paradise - Alcazar
    "Paradise Oh Ooh Paradise Oh Oh Paradise Oh Ooh Paradise Hey mr DJ Won't you play my favorite record Blame it on the music Everybody is a star Hey mr DJ Like the oracle of Delphi Take us on a voyage To"
  • Paradise - Phill Chill
    "Utwór 'Paradise' z albumu 'Pokolenie Y' Phill Chill (premiera styczeń 2023r.)"
  • Paradise - Lapsley
    "Utwór 'Paradise' z albumu 'Cautionary Tales of Youth' Lapsley (premiera 20 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Paradise - Diamond Head
    "Ah ah ah I'm screamin' now at the top of my head Can't keep my silence in place full of dread Just gotta hole in the ground for my bed I don't eat, 'cause I ain't fed Ain't there a new world for us in"
  • Paradise - Diana Ross
    "(N. Rodgers/G. Smith) Paradise is what you're looking for Paradise is what you're looking for Are you looking for some place you can be free Are you looking, looking for someone you want to be You ran"
  • Paradise - Jack Russell
    "holding my head up high when i feel like the waters are rising searching for what who where and why and what's it about whatever road you take just try to enjoy the ride it's not the destination it's the"
  • Paradise - Coldplay
    "When she was just a girl She expected the world But it flew away from her reach So she ran away in her sleep Dreamed of para- para- paradise Para- para- paradise Para- para- paradise Every time she closed"
  • Paradise - America
    "Paradise Caught between the Fire and the ice No need to Think twice It's where I want To be Like a weather vane Following the wind, the sun and rain The ecstasy and pain and all that comes between Cause"
  • Paradise - The Ronettes
    "There is a land I know where lovers go And flowers grow forever more Where time is standing still And lovers fill the quiet places by the shore We will cross a rainbow to a place where we'll be free Where"
  • Paradise - Natalie Cole
    "(written by natalie cole and marvin yancy) Hm, hm Hm, hm, hm, hm Just like a welcome fire That comes in the cold You make my heart warm And a little more love is born And I'm caught up once again"
  • Paradise - The Stranglers
    "I went in search of paradise They said it would be good for my head So I went in search of paradise But she took me by the head instead Paris - London Glamour and despair Ruins - We were ruined over there Ruins"
  • Paradise - Kaci
    "Could it be the little things you do to me Feelings that i'm feeling are so new to me I'm going through so many changes Life is meant for the touch of strangers How my heart goes crazy, when you look at"
  • Paradise - Novaspace
    "Cant sleep tonight Im still waitin For a wonder soon to happen And I pray Is there anyone out there ? I need consolation Why cant I still be with you I thought it was paradise When"
  • Paradise - The Buzzcocks
    "Where in the world are we Everything's fake nothing's real I guess it just depends on how you feel Why are you wasting my time With questions when everything's fine Why are things so nice Is this the place"

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