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rem imitation of life you tube

  • Imitation Of Life - Anthrax
    "There's nothing I hate more, than all these plastic people With all their plastic promises, and all their plastic deals They just can't be themselves, and live their own lives out They're just an imitation"
  • Imitation Of Life - Electronic
    "Inside my imagination There is an imitation of life You captured me for an instant Still in your camera and in your life The head of a hungry pack of hounds Will track me down Say it's not over Let's"
  • Imitation Of Life - R.E.M.
    "Charades, pop skill Water hyacinth, named by a poet Imitation of life. Like a koi in a frozen pond. Like a goldfish in a bowl. I don't want to hear you cry. Thats sugarcane that tasted good. Thats cinnamon,"
  • Imitation of life - Crematory
    "Charades, pop skillWater hyacinthNamed by a poetImitation of lifeLike a coin in a frozen pondLike a goldfish in a bowlI don't want to hear you cryThat sugarcane that tasted goodThat's cinnamon, that's"
  • Imitation - M?l
    "Not giving you up to the devils inside your head. Not gonna let go till the answers are clear. There's dark clouds moving in. So many a times when the walls start to breathe you hear (nobody knows) Still"
  • Imitation - Horse
    "(Hutchison / McAlinden) You could say that the end was beginning From the first day when I was still falling In love with a mystery lover, But the book didn't live up to the cover. Does it matter what"
  • Imitation Of Life - Fehlfarben
    "Du gehst einsam wartest nicht auf Hilfe Kein Mensch hofft mehr auf deine Briefe Was wirst du tun wenn du jemanden triffst? Wirst du sagen, nimm mich bitte mit? Es gibt nur etwas fr brave Kinder Es gibt"
  • Imitation Of? - Human Drama
    "How many times can you look me in the eyes Selling what you are Remember all the lies? Do, you baby, yeah? Words ran wild, deception deep From what do you run To lay with me now Baby, yeah? Come on,"
  • The Tube - Mr. Mister
    "Hi dear, what's on tonight, let's stay up and watch the tube And bask in the big blue light Bye bye real life, checking into checking out, it's saturation time Perfect faces, perfect background, perfect"
  • Pubic's Tube - Buck 65
    "Pubics tube-- spoken: stinkin rich is x rated buck: guess whos squirtin', comin', playin' with the kitty cat it's uncle climax with a fist full of titty fat shaggin' like i don't give a cripple-crap-crutch with"
  • Imitation Cross - Smiley Kids
    "You pray the rosarie, hail mary, pray to angels saints and popes. All part of your religion, the place that you set your hopes Just keep in mind that it was Jesus Christ who died for us Not your priest"
  • Tube - Phish
    "An asteroid crashed and nothing burned It made me wonder Do tigers sleep in lily patches? Do rhinos run from thunder. I got an ache in my left ear I felt the truth but I still could hear. Made me think,"
  • Imitation - Luna Sea
    "Jibun ga dareka mo shirazuni sen no kamen wo kaburi Unmei wo kanjiru anata to kuzure ochiteyuku just now Sasayakiau tenshi no youni futari dakiainagara Shinkuni somatta kokoro wa kizu wo hirogeteiru Anata"
  • Imitation Of Christ - The Psychedelic Furs
    "another christ is on the cross the nails are words the nails are lies to make it crawl and make it scream and make it real and make it bleed and make it bleed and make it bleed and make it dream imitation"
  • Imitation of kiss - Blondie
    "This is an imitation of a kiss An imitations, all it is And when I kiss you It may look like a kiss Call it a kiss This imitation of love It's an imitation of romance All hollow gestures and demands You"
  • Remem-Ber - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "this is another song that might go on our next record its called remember >>start song<< here in the water waste time the time to size the change here in the desert bone dry your eyes are out of bridge and"
  • Rema-Rema - Big Black
    "(Rema-Rema cover) Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, ha ha ha ha... Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, Rema-Rema, ha ha ha ha... Someone's in the bathroom, someone's in the hall Someone's in the kitchen, making mm mm"
  • Washington Tube Steak - Burnt By The Sun
    "Who's world is this? Who's maddening world is this turned upside down or is right-side up with peaceful lives now put at risk It's Thickening. It's so Sickening. Might makes right but within our short"
  • The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore (Rem - Rob Zombie
    "Insane Blue at the green man inn Cut the lights and pray that you're dead Opium dreams through the seven dials And feel the pillow over your head Rachel hide from Ned the crow Keen eye on the peelers Experiment"
  • Imitation Leather Shoes - Widespread Panic
    "My little brother is an insect He likes to crawl around his room His mother shudders at the sight of him His pappy is a businessman Every move he makes is torture He cannot speak words anymore Our sister"

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