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remandy save your heart

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remandy save your heart

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remandy save your heart
  • Remady & Manu-L Save Your Heart
    "You gotta save your heart for me Walk up in the morning And my head is all messed I must have made it through the loneliness But I can't find your address Where are you now? Everywhere I go all I see"
  • Kotoko Save Your Heart
    "so,I want to you to save and rescue your heart so,I want to you to save and rescue your heart so,I want to you to save and rescue your heart 2 1 so,I want to you to save"
  • Legends Of Rodeo Your Heart, Your Heart
    "It's alright We do it and we do it again It's alright We don't even have to pretend tonight Latey nothing here has been working right Pull me in and pull me under They'll bury us deep in our beds tonight As"
  • Anne Heaton Your Heart
    "There aren't many like you With an embrace big enough to hold me You breathe me in Never ask where I've been There aren't many like you You can take me You ground my electricity Your eyes open wide /"
  • Damien Dawn Your Heart
    "So many nights I’ve watched you sleep (I’ve watched you sleep) Tried to resist but it got so deep (got so deep) And when you're next to me You're still out of in my reach But I just long for you My soul"
  • Bitty McLean Your Heart
    "(singin right now, for you-uu-uuu, uu-uuu, uu-uuu, uu-uuu) 1. verse: higher, than the mountains, so tall and deeper, than the river that flows you're my girl, it's something that I know for sure, (u-u-uuh) with"
  • 2 Play Save your heart for me
    "Walk along the lake with someone new,Have yourself a summer fling or two,But remember i'm in love with youAnd save your heart for me.When the summer moon is on the rise,And you're dancin' under starlit"
  • Restless Heart Say what's in your heart
    "Sometimes a woman and a man make plans, And then change in the middle of the stream. Why does the flame die, where does the blame lie?And what becomes of their dreams?Will I be startin' on my own again"
  • Westlife Open Your Heart
    "I didn't mean to let you down You have to believe it I don't know what went through my mind But now I can see That I waited too long To tell you how much it matters Just to be right here with you But"
  • Kittie Around your heart
    "Straight facedIn your embraceGripped around my heartInnocent I plead my caseI'm never going backPlease don't unwindThis tether twinedAround your heartThis tether breaksDecayEraseFinish what you startI"
  • Moonlight Awakening Your Empty Heart
    "You wanted to feel me you wanted to take my life so come on and f**k me come on and waste my time you wanna be near me you wanna destroy my mind you wanna corrupt me so come on and save my life"
  • Ace Frehley Hide Your Heart
    "Well, in this life I seen everything I can see Well I, I've seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand, I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun, And I've seen sweet dreams that came from the"
  • Swollen Members Heart
    "Slightly schizophrenic borderline psychotic Sensational recreational narcotics I thought I lost it but I found it Temptation marches along till I'm surrounded Inspired by fire the sensual illusion Caught"
  • Julie Brown Callin' Your Heart
    "She left you lonely You say she's the only girl who Could make you smile I know I can change your mind Hey, come on, the sun is shining Kiss your tears goodbye Gonna heal your heart, boy If you let me"
  • Journey The Place In Your Heart
    "(Schon, Cain) Lost in a feeling And this distance between us I start believing These days we're drifting apart We're leading separate lives Separately missing each other It's time that we face the light We"
  • Thompson Twins Follow Your Heart
    "You say they've been making plans Oh your life's not your own--It's out of your hands You can betray your dreams Or trade them in for a life that's easy to lead (Or you could) gather pearls on a coral"
  • Deacon Blue Your Constant Heart
    "your constant heart beats like the road it cuts through the rain and clears the snow and in our summer we take it slow letting the wind die in the hollow your constant heart now that the leaves are strewn"
  • Cyndi Lauper Set your heart
    "When your heart is beating black and blueAnd a cold world's looking back at youWhen you're fading low around the bendGo on turn around you'll see meI will always be your friendSet your heart freeSet your"
  • Balance Of Power Hide Your Heart
    "Come a little closer baby, by my side, Look into my eyes now, And tell me what you see, Loving you, it seems so hard to do, you see, You're all I ever wanted, All I ever needed in my life, All night long,"
  • Hank Williams Jr. Your Cheatin' Heart
    "(Your cheatin' heart will tell on you) Your cheatin' heart will make you weep you'll cry and cry and try to sleep But sleep won't come the whole night through your cheatin' heart will tell on you When"

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