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remeber me and you

  • I remeber - All Saints
    "I'd like to sayit's good to see you An old face from the past Reminding me of moments The time flew ??? The times we spoke together The times we fell apart Memories to be proud of A Treasure here in my"
  • Remeber Melinda - TQ
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah This is a story, a modern day ghetto tragedy About the other side of the gang This shit backfired, you feel me? This time its just the way it happened so listen closely, you might learn"
  • Remeber - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seem what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"
  • I'll Remeber You Always ( And The Irony ) - Dean Strickland
    "I'm finding it difficult to think About anything other than the way that you've treated me It is only through my own eyes that I can see So please forgive me if we view things differently You've all"
  • Remeber These Moments - Unlimited Sound
    "D'sound Remember These Moments i remember your crooked smile i remember the glow in your eyes i remember these moments, baby, with you kind of beauty you fall into kind of thought makes you painfully"
  • Let's make a night to remeber - Bryan Adams
    "I love the way youlook tonightWell, your hair hangin' down to(on) your sholders(N' I) Love the way you dance, your slow sweet tangle(tango)The way you wanna do everything but talk(And) How you stare at"
  • Shit on the radio (Remeber the days) - Nelly Furtado
    "You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio Well I hate to say but pop aint' going solo You liked me till' you heard my shit on the radio But now I'm just too mainstream for you, oh no You liked"
  • Deutschland (Remeber The Past) - Holy Moses
    "(music: Andy Klassen) (words: Sabina Classen) There is no other f**king nation With such a horror decoration Victorious in the sport of pain It's icon drove the world insane Deutschland - Remember the"
  • Remeber the Alamo - Kingston Trio
    "A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die. A line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh. "The man who would fight to the death cross over but he who that would live better fly,""
  • You and Me - You+Me (Pink & City And Colour)
    "(Lyric wideo)"
  • You And Me - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Swallow the stones that I see in your eyes Tell me that fable for bleeding surprise When you're old you're full of desire Come to my dream but do not take me higher Maybe I can't give you all that you"
  • You And Me - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
    "Take a look At what I got I can't promise You a lot But you and me And the road ahead I can't change You from yourself You gotta want it All that's left Is you and me And the road ahead Wherever that"
  • You And I - Me & My
    "To see you happy, makes me smile. I finally found what I was looking for. When we're together I'm alive, and now I'm begi'n you don't walk out that door. No one but you knows me like you do and I don't"
  • Nice And Blue - Me Without You
    "You were a song that I couldn't sing you were a story I couldn't tell I've only ever loved myself But I've loved myself so well. And how defeated I return! (you're nice and blue, you're nice and blue)"
  • You Left Me - Me And My
    "It hurts so bad I'm almost falling apart It's oh so sad the way you broke my heart You took my soul, you took my bleeding heart You left me with the memory of how if feels to love Since I know you I don't"
  • You And Me - 3-11 Porter
    "You and me are gonna be free To fall in love with some dignity You and me, low life desire You and me, low life desire You and me spend our night Sharing dreams and a burning flame You and me, low"
  • Me And You - Mondo Generator
    "Everybody's gone, everybody's gone Me, you Thank god everybody's gone But me and you Me, you God's in love God's in love with me and you You and me I got a good time In my pocket In my mind For me, you For"
  • Me And You - Barry Louis Polisar
    "Me and you singing on the train, Me and you listening to the rain, Me and you we are the same Me and you have all the fame We need; indeed, You and me are we. Me and you singing in the park Me and you"
  • You And Me - Shelby Lynne
    "(Shelby Lynne) Me, myself and I You yourself and we Enough of you enough of me Who are you who are we Me myself, you yourself You and we. Me myself and I You, yourself and we Enough of you enough of"
  • Me and You - Micah P. Hinson
    "Me and you As opposed to you and me As opposed to us There must be something Me and you As opposed to you and me As opposed to us We're always second guessing Me and you As opposed to you and me As opposed"

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