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return to the highlands

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return to the highlands

  • Highlands - Anna Ternheim
    "War has been fought Made a mistake Sign of defeat All over your face Give it a try This may be the last chance We'll ever have Finding the highlands I swear I'll take you there If you let me You'll never"
  • Highlands - Bob Dylan
    "Well, my heart's in the highlands, gentle and fair Honey suckle bloomin' in the wildwood air Bluebells blazin' where the Aberdeen waters flow Well, my heart's in the highlands, I'm gonna go there when I"
  • Highlands - Tea For Two
    "(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup) it was one of those nights with thunder and rain when they marched to take the plunge they kept their wives and children in suspense a month of sundays they carried"
  • Across The Highlands - Kamelot
    "I've been witness to so many wars that I'm blind to affliction no ability left to remorse it's my faith and conviction wide awake in this world full of hate I unfurl but I am damned if life itself is"
  • I Mourn For The Highlands - Andy M. Stewart
    "I mourn for the Highlands, now drear and forsaken The lands of my fathers the gallant and brave To make room for the sportsmen, their lands were all taken And they had to seek out new homes far away Oh"
  • Return - The Fall
    "God bless the cold winds and its refreshing consequence, uh-huh, Oh please return. Hellas did tremble Hellas did go away Finding it difficult To stand in its fury Over the ironing board But still this"
  • Return - The Cure
    "Oh I really love it here! Oh you've thought of it all! Candlelight! Coconut ice! And fur on the floor! And I reeeally love the way you wear your hair And nothing more... So tell me... What is going on? I"
  • Return - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Wonder where that plane is leading to Wonder where that boat will ever stop Wonder if this path I am treading Will disappear and let me drop Down to a hell that's surely waiting Down to the hell I know"
  • Return - Place Of Skulls
    "Last night I lay dreaming Of days and nights gone by My heart was drowning Underneath a bridge of sighs. Return to Me, Return to Me my child Return to Me Return to Me my child I wept within a vision"
  • Return - OK Go
    "Now its years since your body went flat and even memories of that are all think and dull, all gravel and glass. But who needs them now -- displaced they're easily more safe -- the worst of it now: I can't"
  • Return - Phil Joel
    "It feels like we just started It all begins today To be a victor Not a victim unguarded Nothing 'round here Looks quite the same Though the scars remain You have been so good to me And I will return You"
  • Return - Dogstar
    "This is where you laid your head Next to me, in this bed This is where we talked for hours And then you stood and you were gone I've seen so much - I am in touch I think and then I hurt You know too"
    "Its hard enough to know That somethings made us not the same Did I give all I could give Or spend all I could spend in vain We were holding on the line Waiting for the sun to rise But we could not believe The"
  • Return - Texas
    "Why did I give you my soul When I knew there'd be nothing in return You forgot what it's like Now there's nowhere left to run Maybe, maybe you can hear it in the words I say Cause I don't like what I see"
  • Return - Capital Lights
    "Awaiting on the last days, the bold red lettering has set the course We live preceding birth pains, the earthquakes shake the hands that fight the wars Like a stranger in the night, showers falling from"
  • Return - Deine Lakaien
    "Grey eyes flicker Cold is the weed Worn out shoes Air full of grief It is you now Stuck within Soul is burning No chance to win What have you done to the game Was it a victory a shame Where have you gone Before"
  • Return - No, Really
    "Don't hang your head so low We really should have known Someday I'd have to go That doesn't help you though But this is not goodbye So dry your weeping eyes I'll take your hand in mine And hold you one"
  • Return - Valete
    "On the First Night I Ever Saw YouFrom the First Time I Ever Felt Your SkinI Figured Things a Little StrangeAs I Began to Rearrange MyselfWhen the First Sunlight Started to AppearI Would Turn to See If"
  • Return - Jay-Z
    "(Jay Z) Mirra Mirra on for war who is the freshes on them all i love them all but none of yall as douggie as me and the boy kelly with the suicide doors come on we got hits like a 30 shit click when we"
  • Return - Fold Zandura
    "i have traveled alone to be here and now, underneath the faltering clear i dream seamless perpetual night so deep, aching for the dawn to arrive it's coming, it's coming it's come and i feel i'm close"

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