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revers of babylon

  • Babylon - Diary Of Dreams
    "It's kind of strange how You put the blame away from you I understand now We were in danger of ourselves What is our flesh for If not to feel our mortal shell? What is our soul for If not to know we never"
  • Babylon - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "i've got veins, bulging inside of me there's no reins that can stop my kickstart i've got brains, ticking inside of me while all around, it crumbles apart burn, burn babylon, burn burn, burn babylon,"
  • Babylon - Skindred
    "Know this ones dedicated to the police dem you know Liar Cause some of them is wicked and them good for nothing And dem love pick upon people And dem think der no right And I man come to show you dat Alright"
  • Babylon - Starship
    "Forever, you'll be remembered as the one who played it cool Whenever they speak your name they'll say it's you who broke the golden rule But here's what I really want to know Did you see the writing on"
  • Babylon - Stratovarius
    "A new day is rising in ancient Babylon revealing mysteries to see. And the endless caravan never ending it's journey with the wings of the wind I will fly. I can hear you calling me, I am blind but I"
  • Babylon - Edguy
    "Yeah...! In a world of hate pollution We can't breathe anymore. We've to leave and this time you, The pawn, have won. On our quest for nowhere island We set off to the sea. You call surrender what"
  • Babylon - Funker Vogt
    "After all the wars We are reunited in Babylon We have learned from the past This is our final chance After all the wars Destruction finally left behind The old cities are all gone Babylon this is your"
  • Babylon - Rez Band
    "Ooh, yeah. Cobblestones, quaint little homes, Shutters locked, sirens drone, And, over at the factory, workers on the dole, Nothing to take heart in now, It's begun to take its toll, Begun to take its"
  • Babylon - Riot
    "Unlock the gates Unlock the doors Cyrus waits outside no more Laughter rose Inside the walls In the night this time The ancient city falls I'm running from the storm It can not be too long before it's"
  • Babylon - Howie Day
    "Friday night I'm going nowhere All the lights are changing green to red Turning over TV stations Situations running through my head Well looking back on time You know it's clear that I've been blind I've"
  • Babylon - Therion
    "Babylon your spirit can not die Paradise for sin and Lust Mothertown of demons You had to fall but "thy fallen shall rise" In the name of our mother Babalon; Lilith thy whore Babylon rise from the depths"
  • Babylon - Don McLean
    "Singing in 'rounds', first person sings once right through, then second person starts when first person reaches second verse, third person when second reaches second verse, and so on... By the waters The"
  • Babylon - David Gray
    "Friday night Im going nowhere All the lights are changing green to red Turning over tv stations Situations running through my head Well looking back through time You know its clear that Ive been blind Ive"
  • Babylon Babylon - Ini Kamoze
    "Statement, Statement Investigation Department Hay-Hay Babylon, Babylon, leggo me hand You're not my girlfriend Babylon, Babylon, aye watch ya man, for what are you searching Babylon, Babylon, level yu"
  • Babylon - Craig David
    "Friday night i'm going nowhereAll the lights are changing green to redTurning over tv stationsSituations running through my headWell looking back through timeYou know it's clear that i've been blindI've"
  • Babylon - Sizzla
    "I was born in a system that doesnt give a fuck About you nor me nor the life of our kids Keep my guns load you never know, just in case things get frig Thats just the way I live, yeah! thats me, yeah!"
  • Babylon - The Tea Party
    "Now that the thrill of the massacre is over Isn't it sweet when she sucks on your veins I've waited so long I roll back the stone just to see What I'm missing Glimpses of grandeurr now faced with defeat I've"
  • Babylon - Outkast
    "I came into this world high as a bird From second hand cocain powder i know it sounds absurd I never tooted but its in my veins While the rest of the country bungies off bridges Without no snap back and"
  • Babylon Astronaut - Babylon Whores
    "Two feet have I Pillars of putrid meat Standing so tall among my Icons of filth With gargoyle eyes I see The Christ he's smiling at me His phosphorous grin An absolution for all my sins And in this"
  • Babylon Wall - Abdel Wright
    "Have you ever wondered why you really paying tax Vague use of the money, now it's no surprise attack Budgeting for the war to come and all the weaponry Yet unbelievable poverty in your rich country Babylon"

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