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riccola a fragile

  • Fragile - Al Bano & Romina Power
    "So che stasera arriverai, come il mare scaverai la roccia del mio corpo con il tuo l?aria calda intorno a me la respiro e sa di te mi perdo nell?immenso di una stanza come un fiume in piena mi travolgi,"
  • Fragile - Wire
    "Tears fall in slivers, you broke my shades The light too bright, let me bury my heart Filter emotions of green, cowardicee gives blue A restricted view, let me open my heart I have a fleeting love"
  • Fragile - Kylie Minogue
    "Innocent, that's my way Don't know where I am Catch my breath, can't think straight Gotta make a plan But I get butterflies Water in my eyes 'cause I'm fragile when I hear your name Fragile when you"
  • Fragile - The Police
    "If blood will flow when flesh and steel are oneDrying in the colour of the evening sunTomorrows rain will wash the stains awayBut something in our minds will always stayPerhaps this final act was meantTo"
  • Fragile - Sting
    "If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one Drying in the colour of the evening sun Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away But something in our minds will always stay Perhaps this final act was"
  • Fragile - Canaan
    "Fragile Immobile For endless lapses of time Fragile Immobile in an ice cold night Nothing I perceive While I hold my breath and see this life of mine destroyed and burnt to ashes. Fragile Immobile With"
  • Fragile - Delta Goodrem
    "Six thoughts at once I can't focus on one Seven days a week but my life has just begun So caught in emotion and I'm overcome As I'm falling down I come undone Sometimes I feel like I'm alone Sometimes"
  • Fragile - Rick Price
    "Verse: The first time I saw her she was looking just Like an angel in the night I tried hard not to cause no suspicion but She saw the look in my eye, but I Bridge: Don't wanna hurt her, and I I don't"
  • Fragile - Nanci Griffith
    "I look out on these shields of heather Across this countryside I wonder how they've grown together While people live such separate lives I think I'll stay inside for the winter Cuz the weather's in my"
  • Fragile - Negrita
    "Si che ci sono sono qui sul mio trono e ti guardo da qui dea che ti sgretoli fragile...fragile... Un tempo sapevo amare sapevo lasciarmi andare ma ormai....ormai.... Si...lo so... non riseco ad apprezzare"
  • Fragile - Darius
    "Empty moonlight, heavy moon Puts the sun to bed too soon Hungry half truth overflows Betrays the silver ring she chose Encouraged kisses, teasing touch Kills a thirst to yearn this much A bliss abandoned,"
  • Fragile - Caulfields
    "Caulfields Whirligig Fragile God I'd love to hear your thoughts On sinners you have caught And what about the ones who got away Where are they today You see them everywhere And they don't care And if we"
  • Fragile - Kamera
    "Afternoon, early september We're on our way Looking back, what was it you said? We can never go back Tumbling by, early september we're on our way, we're well under way You're by my side, you're asleep I'm"
  • Fragile - Treble
    "What is true What is real What would it be like to be cheated all your life? Does it excist, or is it all fake? Is it part of life now, or just my bad day? In the morning I brush my teeth and I'm figuring"
  • Fragile - Kerli
    "You think you know me And everything that you consider me You think you know my name You think you know me And everything you get a chance to see You think you know my face You think you know my"
  • Fragile - Fiddler's Green
    "I dream about you And every word you said I cant believe it but this time Im not scared Im smiling at you - wash it all away Im getting stronger - no more yesterday And its so hard to believe I dont want"
  • Fragile - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) I saw you coming in the headlights rubbing your arms and shaking your head you say "oh I just don't know, it's not so safe and it gets so tiresome playing dead" They've stolen your keys, they"
  • Fragile - Phil Joel
    "Life is fragile Everybody breaks so easy Life is fragile No one is immune In the long run Everyone must take their turn With this lesson we don't wanna take But all have to learn And I'll stay here with"
  • Fragile - Chrisette Michele
    "its a long shot but im feeling kinda bold when i saw you then my heart took full control can we go Ooo baby somewhere we can get to know each other im kinda anxious see im not that kinda girl that would"
  • Fragile - Mel C
    "Everything's laughter, always the same When the light fades the moment ends Empty and restless the fact remains You're tied to the highs that others live Can I talk you down tonight Surrender I'm not strong"

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