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rick guard i like it

  • Stop It! I Like It - Rick Guard
    "Baby girl, its a big big world, and there is many fish in the sea. Im trying not to run, but Im flesh and bones, so you better keep your eye on me. Im not trying to flip, Im not trying to hip, don't even"
  • Stop I Like It - Rick Guard
    "Baby girl it's a big big world and there's many fish in the sea I'm trying not to roam but I'm flesh and bone so you better keep your eye on me! I'm not trying to flirt I'm not trying to hurt don't even"
  • Rick - Band, The
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Rick Den mannen kom fra en helt annet tid Som et gjenskinn fra en ild som brant en gang Den mannen ble en venn av mitt liv Så blei han stille og så blei han en sang Og hvem skal"
  • Rick - The Band
    "That man came from a whole other timeLike reflections of a fire that burned long agoThat man became my friend for lifeThen he was silenced, and so became a songAnd who should judge?The moon rose and fellAnd"
  • Guard It Closely - Jealous Sound
    "So you call home for Christmas It's for certain that they'll cross you off the list And you can't go home and you won't stay here Refusing to believe a single word they hear Because after all when you"
  • Body Guard - Obie Trice
    "(Dr. Dre) Yeah, yo lets bring it (Eminem) What you gonna do when shit hits the fan Are you gonna stand and fight like a man Will u be as hard as you say you are Or you gonna run and go get your body guard"
  • Palace Guard - Ricky Nelson
    "With handmade silver sparkles Like a well-dressed sequined whore Your lady-like deceptions Keep reaching out for more And you ask me for nothing And nothing's not enough And the fisherman he puts a claim"
  • Body Guard - Dr. Dre
    "(Dr. Dre) Yeah, yo lets bring it (Eminem) what you gonna do when shit hits the fan are you gonna stand and fight like a man show us you as hard as you say you are or you gonna run and go get your body"
  • Rick What - Ricky J
    "They don't even know whats goin on {laughs} Ricky J baby Thats right Majess ya'll Yo, its the flavour Thats right Ricky J baby Ricky J baby He's tryin' to get this thing First you started from dreams"
  • Rick James - Jude
    "This is just the basic This is not the best Everybody knows that the trouble starts when you talk all about the rest First, you went to college and then you got yourself degrees Then, you got some pretty"
  • Rick James - Murs & Slug
    "( Murs ) There's a party goin on, in my mind, that is But really it's my crew and these three white kids One brother, one sister, some other mister I wonder what they'd do if I walk right up and kissed"
  • The Rick Springfield Song - Rick Springfield
    "(The Szuters) Took all this time I never thought it would be like this I guess the best is best forgotten Now and then I come back to that dream Where if I set you free You'd come back to me And say"
  • Guard Your Grill - Naughty By Nature
    "(Hello?) Hello, it's '91. Buckle up, guard your grill! Hee hee (Har what the fuck?) Has this ever happened to you? Can you name this tune? These victims knew how to guard they grill, this would've never"
  • Changing the guard - Level 42
    "Come on wave y'all, down by the riverside Say toodle-loo to the passing of a king If you can cling to the magic of the moment You'll carry on the message, just like him Don't be afraid, there's nothing"
  • Guard My Heart - Bowling For Soup
    "Ask me a question and i'll fill you full of lies I know now the truth is bigger than my disguise The message that i'd sent was shot down long ago All i wanted was a simple yes but baby you said no But"
  • Caught Off Guard - Tendency To Talk
    "What's a day to you? does it seem like a year has passed and gone? time is motionless but we keep moving whilst it drags along and i thought you left you packed your things and ran out on me and"
  • Believe It (feat. Rick Ross) - Meek Mill
    "All I talk about is money Cause that's all I know I got a a bad bitch in my Chevy Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo I got that Justin Bieber please believe it A quarter million hangin'"
  • I Wonder What It Would Be Like (Rick Nowels Version) - Melanie C
    "(Never comin') I see you every day I've known you for a while You always say hello I love the way you smile Do you have any idea what seeing you does to me I'm not livin' any kind of life, I'm livin'"
  • I Got It (ft. Rick Ross) - Ashanti
    "Been intense since it all began Don't ask me about it cause I got it I work hard, yeah, I put work in He shining up and I drive it I ain't saying that I'm bragging, babe I just like to celebrate my accolades Push"
  • Border Guard - Bruce Springsteen
    "BORDER GUARD Bless on the border guard so cold and alone Bless on the child so far from his home Pity the border guard who feels like a woman to cry Pity the border guard whose life guards the line A"

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