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  • Fifty - Back-On
    "Verse 1] My brain separated dochirakao random ni take it sonotoki my spirit was naked marude seiten no hekire(ki) karada hitotsu but I have two brains, thats chou etsuteki Cuz I dont wanna lose control"
  • Fifty-Fifty - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals) Ralph Humphrey (drums) Sal Marquez (trumpet, vocals) Tom Fowler (bass) Bruce Fowler (trombone) George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer) Ruth Underwood (marimba, vibes, percussion) Ian"
  • Rita - Roy Orbison
    "Rita, darling Rita, you're my treasure Sweeter than the sweetest wine to me You don't know just how much you give me pleasure I measure eternally Rita, Rita, i love you Rita, Rita, i want you Rita,"
  • Rita - Massimo Ranieri
    "Rita se ne va da casa piu non coglier le rose ma un treno prender ed io che resto qui chiss per quanto aspetter Rita sapore di vita che cosa far senza te notte che conti i miei passi riportami Rita cuore"
  • Rita - Too Many Cooks
    "( Georgesco D'Anjou ) Rita was her maiden name Her husband thought she was insane She had more money Than you could ever spend Her friends, they failed to recognize The fear and pain inside her eyes And"
  • Rita - Bebo Norman
    "Lay down softly in our sorrow Lay down sister to die And cover over, my sweet Father Cover over her eyes Your broken body, it cannot weather The years your youth still longs to spend So go down"
  • Fifty-fifty Love - Lee Roy Parnell
    "I know you've been cheated and I know you've been burned So many times you've given your heart and got nothing in return It may seem like a gamble oh but take another chance tonight Honey stay with me"
  • Fifty-Fifty Clown - Cocteau Twins
    "I feel rewarded on being so ugly, eh Oh, and you're a lone shadow I feel rewarded on being so ugly, eh Smile and face your wife angry His life don't despise what's in eyes He skips so as the seasons To"
  • Fifty-Fifty Chance - Suzanne Vega
    "50-50 chance The doctor said In the cardiac room As she's lying in bed There's a pan on the floor Filled with something black I need to know I'm afraid to ask I hug you I hum to you I've come to you I"
  • Fifty Fifty Chance - Suzanne Vega
    "50-50 chance The doctor said In the cardiac room As she's lying in bed There's a pan on the floor Filled with something black I need to know I'm afraid to ask I hug you I hum to you I've come to you I"
  • Rita Lee - Rita Lee
    "Venha me beijar meu doce vampiroooo Ou ouuuuu Na luz do luar h ahh Venha sugar o calor de dentro do meu sangue vermehoooo To vivo to eterno veneno que mata sua sede que me bebe quente como um licor brindando"
  • For You (Fifty Shades Freed) - Liam Payne & Rita Ora
    "in your eyes, I’m alive inside you’re beautiful something so unusual in your eyes I know I’m home every tear, every fear gone with the thought of you changing what I thought I knew I’ll be yours for"
  • Fifty, Fifty / 50-50 - Les 1001 Vies D'Ali Baba
    "Mme Cassim: Nous sommes des leaders, vous et moi Capitaine: Des soeurs jumelles, des frres siamois On a chacun eu nos fardeaux Mme Cassim: Vous ces crtins, moi mon idiot Capitaine: Quel hasard de se rencontrer Mme"
  • Fifty Things - Dead Milkmen
    "Paul told us all he's gonna have a baby But Jeanie said "Paul can't do that" So Paul got mad and left in a hurry Now Jeanie's sure he forgot his hat I've got fifty things to do But I'll get back to you (and) Somebody"
  • Fifty Four - The Go Set
    "It's a tale of the Fifty Four, a tale of a time gone by. Of a Merchant's declaration, and the blood red run setting in the sky. It's the tale of a people's war, of how things came to be. The dividing"
  • Fifty-sixty - Aliz
    "Pretty sixteen Belle hrone Des sixties Tu te dandines T'es divine Quand tu danses dans les yeux d'Andy Adieu be-bop Plus au top C'est le pop-art Qui te sape A la frappe Pop-corn et hoola-hop"
  • Fifty Sixty - Aliz
    "Fifty sixty N en cinquante, Sexy soixante, Si excitante, Sextasie Candide elle croit, tout ce quAndy Qu'Andy dit d'elle , Quelle est la plus belle De toutes les modeles' "Pretty sixteen Belle hrone des"
  • Fifty Seven - Biffy Clyro
    "the sun shinin, the gleam in ur eye ur beautiful face, ur beautiful face i held her tight, close to my heart i didnt no it wood break, i didnt no it wood break i dont bleve therez a luv nemore, itz all"
  • Two-Fifty - Christopher Walla
    "All hail your imminent collapse. You can fumble your maps, but we're exhausted by the facts. We still believe old Henry's dream: An assembly line, a team; the firebrand, the steam. Who believes it more"
  • Two-Fifty - Chris Walla
    "All hail an eminent collapse You can fumble for your maps But we're exhausted by the facts We still believe old Henry's dream An assembly line, a team The fire brand, the steam Who believes it more than"

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