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rivers of belief

  • The Rivers Of Belief - Enigma
    "Take me back to the rivers of belief Take me back to the rivers of belief my friend I look inside my heart I look inside my soul I promise you I will return And when the Lamb opened the seventh"
  • The Rivers Of Belief (Radio Edit) - Enigma
    "If you believe in light, it's because of obscurity If you believe in joy, it's because of sadness And if you believe in God, it's because of the devil Take me back to the rivers of belief Take me back"
  • Belief - Gavin DeGraw
    "Belief, makes things real. Makes things feel, feel alright. Belief, makes things true. Things like you, you and I. Tonight, you arrested my mind. When you came to my defense. With a knife in the shape"
  • Belief  - Gavin DeGraw
    "Belief Makes things real Makes things feel Feel alright Belief Makes things true Things like you You and I Tonight, you arrested my mind When you came to my defense With a knife In the shape of your mouth In"
  • Belief - The Mission
    "All I ever need is the truth but I all ever want is affection Masquerade as Jesus Christ and suffer the crucifixion Lips that speak of love eternal come heal my savaged skin Cast aside all thought of revenge"
  • Belief - Nightingale
    "Now I know nothing's what it seems Money talks Now I see religion screams I believe in what I hear and what I see and in myself, the king of my own destiny The angles of heaven, the demons of hell are"
  • Belief - Silence
    "I don't believe in love I can not face the flood I don't believe in love diseases in the mud I don't believe in love vultures drawn by blood I am much too frail for this I can't defy the storm in your"
  • Belief - Gravity Kills
    "Down by your wall I feel awake I am alone accepting my fate I have the answers twisting around me I found the answers of what I should be Down by your all I want you to stay I think of the place that ran"
  • Rivers - Colosseum II
    "Under your wings now, over the worst. Now that the storm clouds have all blown away. Now that the spells have been broken. Feeling the beauty I am seeing today. It was always there. Don't let the rivers"
  • Rivers - Kajagoogoo
    "Have you seen, have you seen the footprints Laying side by side on the sand? I can see they belong to me But I can't identify the pair of the other man Where do they come from? I don't know I just can't"
  • Rivers - New Model Army
    "And so I came to this dream-like place But I can't remember how Our lives just break open in front of us Like pack ice before the bow I followed rivers, I followed orders I followed prophets, I followed"
  • Rivers - Riot
    "Spreading wings across the water Through the oceans that i fly Hearing sounds of sistant laughter Oh my people fall and die I set sail on seas of sorrow I cry fifteen rivers wide I look towards tomorrow"
  • Rivers - Skinny Puppy
    "Skinny Puppy [0:02] Let's get things nice and sparkling clean. [0:07] It's part of the New Way. [0:10] This conversation can serve no purpose anymore... I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take"
  • Rivers - Sugar Ray
    "She's gone And I'm gonna find her It's been so long Yeah I'm gonna find her She's gone away When it goes away I'll dig a hole *4 Wasted and I'm out of patience It's been so long Yeah I'm out of patience She's"
  • My Belief - Konkhra
    "(Lundemark/Murphy) What is my belief you ask stare at me with hollow eyes but I won't even start to shiver Think How I look through empty eyes you can see that I don't care I give a fuck about direction choice"
  • Beyond Belief - Petra
    "We're content to pitch our tent When the glory's evident Seldom do we know The glory came and went Moving can seem dangerous In this stanger's pilgrimage Knowing that you can't stand still You cross the"
  • True Belief - Paradise Lost
    "Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal Closed the room where the last is buried Rise or fall at your master's request You're unable to accept redemption I don't know about a true belief here With the"
  • One Belief - All That Remains
    "can not a man of modern day find truth in what he's learned of all the seventh days a waste a fool for all the lies i've prayed yet i'm strong i'll place no blame although misled i've found the truth this"
  • Beyond Belief - Billy Idol
    "Oh yeah, mm yeah. Show no fear, it's here, babe. I know there, there were tears, babe. Don't hear what they're saying, it will tear you apart. Oh yeah, I know I was so wrong. I shouldn't hurt you, but"
  • Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello
    "History repeats the old conceits The glib replies the same defeats Keep your finger on important issues With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues I'm just the oily slick On the windup world of the"

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