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  • Roaring Thunder - Iron Savior
    "IRON SAVIOR - Roaring Thunder (2019) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records Taken from the album „Kill Or Get Killed“, out March 8th, 2019."
  • Roaring Thunder - Running Wild
    "You rule the world, but we don't care You don't impress, whatever you dare We hate your vileness, enough of your lies Flame to our anger, you'll pay the price Your fate is sealed without a doubt Verdict"
  • Roaring Forties - The Go Set
    "Well I met a fervent lady in the splendour of the night, and a harlot is a curse and so began my plight. I am a poor unhappy soul within these walls I lay. And transportation sentenced, I'm going far"
  • Roaring Days - Weddings Parties Anything
    "(Thomas) He stopped to change a tyre out near Warnambool, His Chevy it was all over the road. He pulled into town sometime in the early afternoon, More than a normal travelling salesman, the guitar his"
  • The Roaring Silence - Slade
    "I hear the silence roar, The tiger's silver paw Can rip you to the bone, I roar in silence alone There's a never-ending stream, of never-ending dreams You bring out the gypsy in me, can't you set this"
  • Roaring Boys (Part One) - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Paddy is waiting in Drogheda town For the train to carry him south Another drunken night on the town Messing around The Roaring Boys, the roaring boys It's all the same to the roaring boys They come into"
  • Roaring Boys (Part Two) - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Won't you tell me all your cares and problems Won't you tell me why you look so blue I'll take you into town, yeah, show you a thing or two I know every bar and nightclub Yeh, no two will be the same I"
  • Roaring in the dark - Lynch
    "Kienai you ni kienai you ni itami to koe de kizande yuku Sono saki ni chi wo nagashi utai tsuzukeru koto no imi wo Douka mada owaranai you ni kono mama yami wo nagu you ni Itsunomani konnani tooku e kita"
  • Musing On The Roaring Ocean - Robert Burns
    "Musing on the Roaring Ocean (Robert Burns) Musing on the roaring ocean, Which divides my love and me, Wearying heav'n in warm devotion For his weal where'er he be. Hope and Fear's alternate billow Yielding"
  • Baby Brings Bad News - 22-20s
    "I'm getting sick of everyone I'm with I'm getting sick of keeping positive I'm getting bored of putting on a smile and I've been so good but it doesn't do me no good yeah I've been so good but it doesn't"
  • 22 Days - 22-20s
    "for all of the times I tried to make you see well I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry but I still don't understand who you expected me to be but I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry well I'm sorry for you and I'm sorry for"
  • Why Don't You Do It For Me? - 22-20s
    "well you look so good in your photograph but you never dress up for me yeah you look so good in your photograph but you never dress up for me well I'm your man, why don't you do it for me? yeah I'm your"
  • The Things That Lovers Do - 22-20s
    "if I didn't have a mind we could love like actors do I'd tell you lines you want to hear act the way you want me to we could live behind the screen we could live it scene by scene if I didn't have a mind I"
  • Such A Fool - 22-20s
    "don't you know you're such a fool to keep on acting like you do don't you know you're such a fool to keep on acting like you do you're a fool to play things cool when you've got everything to lose you"
  • I'm The One - 22-20s
    "well you could do better than to treat me like you do you could do better to remember who you're talking to yeah I'm the one you held first yeah I'm the one I'm the one you held first well you could do"
  • Friends - 22-20s
    "trying to find where trouble ends I've found out it's in your friends people looking for success think it comes in cash and Phecks I know dove don't grow on leaves trusting something comes with apease women"
  • Hold On - 22-20s
    "strangers in my back yard selling you beliefs danger in my empire trouble on the streets and I don't want to modernize and I don't want to rearrange I don't want to fix up and I don't want to change hold"
  • Devil In Me - 22-20s
    "well I can't get the devil outside of me, outside of me no I can't get the devil outside of me, outside of me but I hate the world and everything I see everything I see, everything I see and I'll never"
  • Shoot Your Gun - 22-20s
    "spin me some sad story sell me some excuse to help me understand the things you do 'cause the way you treat your lovers well I just can't relate well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight? oh"
  • Say The Word - Weddings Parties Anything
    "(Thomas) Trams pass me out on St. Kilda Road, Drizzle wet and slow, like thinking, Oh oh, take me down into Young and Jacksons We'll do a bit of serious drinking. Lean on bar, hands in the pockets, Drain"

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